The Adventures of Harry Potter and Ron and Some Others

Chapter 2: A Dire Circumstance

Harry sighed and switched off his Xbox 360. If what Ron was telling him was correct, then Hagrid wanted to see him at Hogwart’s, the magic school, (where they learn magic). He cast his mind back to the last time he had returned to Hogwarts, bright-eyed and eager, a young student of the arcane arts. He thought of all his old friends: Ron, Snape, and maybe some others. Would they have changed? Would they still remember him - Harry Potter, the teenage ragamuffin? And what of Dumbledore?

“’arry you daft blighter,” Ron shook him from his musings, “You look like you’ve seen a bleedin’ dementor. Get a leg on, we don’t want to keep ‘agrid waitin’”

Harry shook his head and returned to the present. Ron was staring at him blankly.

Oh how he wanted to stick his magical wand square in Ron’s neck.

But that would have to wait.

“Before we go Ron, I have to ask you something…” Harry hesitated, clearly embarrassed.

“Wot?” said Ron.

“I haven’t heard from Hermione for months…I just wondered,” Harry looked down, avoiding Ron’s vacuous gaze, “how’s know...doing?”

Ron looked away, just long enough to reveal that something was wrong. “She’s fine ‘arry,” he said, attempting to be cheerful, “let’s go see Hagrid.”

They zipped up their leather jackets and mounted their broomsticks. Harry took special pride in the fact that his broomstick was better than Ron’s. If Ron was jealous, he tried not to show it. But Harry secretly knew that Ron would fly over to Harry’s house every night and sit outside in the cold, peering through the window, trying to get a glimpse of Harry’s broomstick. That was why he always looked so tired.

The journey to Hogwarts was a wonderful spectacle, filled with adventure and amazing sights that no mere muggle would ever get to see. Harry cast a Hasten Time spell so the whole thing was over in mere seconds, much to Ron’s irritation.

At last Hogwart’s School of Wizardry loomed before them, looking just as Harry remembered from his youth one year ago. “It’s beautiful” he whispered in awe as tears streamed down his face.

“Look! There’s ‘agrid now, the great bastard,” Ron pointed down to a large figure signalling them from the ground, “Lets land and see what he wants.”

“Hagrid!” cried Harry. He set his broomstick down in a hurry and bounded over to hug his big, bearded friend. Harry hadn’t seen Hagrid for quite some time, but he would never forget all that his old friend had done for him over the years. Hagrid too was always happy to see Harry, though he tried not to show it for fear of being laughed at by Ron. They shared a brief moment before Hagrid cleared his throat and frowned.

“Harry, I’m afraid we’ve happened upon a dire circumstance.”

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