The Adventures of Harry Potter and Ron and Some Others

Chapter 6: A Terrifying Confrontation

Grimble the Centaur watched the trio of four from the behind the cover offered by the twisted trees of Dumbledark forest. He stood steadfast and silent, watching, waiting and wondering why his forest home had been given such a poor name. Dumbledark Forest.

Christ. It was as though some ignoramus had just taken Dumbledore's name and replaced 'dore' with 'dark'. Disgraceful.

But there were more important matters at hand.

The half-giant, Hagrid, accompanied by three scrawny children, was invading his forest, no-doubt in search of the girl whom his tribe had captured and eaten earlier in the week. From the looks of it, it would take a vast army of their most hardy centaur warriors to defeat the children's magical battle spells and robust servant.

He would have to think of a more diplomatic way to deal with these heroic warriors.

Fortunately, Grimble was one of the smartest centaurs available. He had already devised a cunning plan to lure them into the jaws of a terrible trap. By parlaying with the tiny children, he would convince them to follow him to the centaur camp by offering a glorious feast of bacon. Before they could reach the bacon however, they would fall prey to a hideous dragon which had agreed to help Grimble in exchange for a glorious feast of bacon. It was a brilliant, yet costly plan. His tribe had been hunting wild pigs for three months to prepare enough bacon for the feast, and they were thoroughly exhausted. His mind deviated to the tribe for a moment, and a tear rolled down his face.

He wiped it away briskly with a cloven hoof. There was no time for weakness. Grimble emerged from his hiding place and galloped forward to meet his enemy.

Ron, catching wind of an approaching presence, turned in surprise.

"'arry!" Squealed Ron, "it's one of them Centaurs wot we've been after!" Ron readied a Make Friends with Animals spell. Much to his surprise, Harry and Hagrid continued walking, seemingly unperturbed by the impending confrontation. Panicking at the Disco, Ron dropped his cheap, two-dollar store wand on the ground where it instantly blended in with other sticks and the lush undergrowth.

"Bollocks." Said Ron. It occurred to him that Harry Potter was probably listening to his large digital music collection on his Iphone at an unsafe decibel level and was unable to hear him. Hagrid was most likely lost in his own thoughts, perhaps thinking about dinner.

The centaur loomed before him, it's piercing red eyes staring into his very soul.

It was up to Ron to deal with the monster himself.

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