Accidental Darkness

Chapter 5: Discoveries

Clara's POV

“Have you ever noticed my name?” asked Nevar.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. Was every one going crazy today?

“You remember when we were kids and we’d always joke around about how my name in reverse spells raven?” she asked.

“Of course I remember. But what does it have to do with what you're going to tell me?” I asked. I was getting kind of worried. Time was ticking and my best friends were saying ridiculous things.

“Everything. I’m a shape shifter. I turn into a Raven so that’s where my name comes from. Usually our names are a little more creative, but my parents liked the name,” she explained.

Oh no, no, no. This cannot be happening to me. The day I find out that supernatural creatures are real, is the same day I find out that one of my best friends is shape shifter. Could this day get any better?

“And I’m a witch,” said Serena, plain and simple.

“And we already know what’s happening to you. We know the signs. And there is another alternative,” Serena said, staring at me with her big, green eyes.

“I don’t know what you're talking about,” I tried weakly, not knowing how much more of this I could take.

“Don’t even try to deny it. We know the truth,” Nevar said, eyeing me down.

“But there isn’t another way!” I cried out, just realizing that I was crying.

“Yes there is, but there isn’t much time left. You shouldn’t be so quick to trust people,” said Serena, looking impatient. Nevar gave her a look.

“Serena is a very powerful witch. She will be able to reverse the doings of your transformation. But we have to hurry before it is too late,” Nevar said.

“She can?” I asked weakly.

“Yes. So can I have your permission? Even if you say no I’ll still drag you,” Serena said. If I wasn’t so close to dying, I’d laugh.

“Yes, “ I said weakly.

“Then we’d better hurry,” Nevar said.

They practically carried me into her bedroom, where the healing would begin.

Alec’s POV

I was sitting in my car, waiting a block away from her house. I was going to wait until she got out of her house then swing by, so that she’d know to follow me.

As I was waiting, I was thinking. What had I gotten myself into? Was it really worth it for some human girl? And one that I didn’t even know? I’d heard about some other vampires who had done that. But they did it because they claimed to be soul mates. And here I was, about to do it to a girl I didn’t even know. One that had beautiful chestnut brown hair, and vivid blue eyes that looked liked the moon shone in them.

I shook my head. I couldn’t think about that. Couldn’t even dream about that. I knew what the consequences were.

So I tried to think of other things. But there really just wasn’t that much to think about. My life was dull. The only reason I’d taken the bet was to try and have a little more fun in my life. Ha, that was the exact opposite of fun. But then this human girl comes into my life, and suddenly my life is like a bad soap opera. I would never take a bet again. No matter how tempting. Well, except maybe the lottery. But besides that, no betting.

I looked at the clock on the dashboard. It can’t be taking her that long. She should have been here by now. I decided that I’d better swing by, just to tell her to get moving.

So I drove by her house, only to realize that her car wasn’t there. She should have been here already. I looked in my rear view mirror to make sure that she wasn’t already behind me. She must have gotten stuck or something. But then I couldn’t hide the truth any longer. She’d run away. How could I have been so naive? She probably thought that I was just some lunatic, and she’d just pretended to agree with everything I said.

But you don’t care, I reminded myself. That’s right. She can be a living corpse if she wants to. But what if she told someone about the Night World? What if she just slipped it in conversation with her Night World friends? I'd be done for sure. I can’t let that happen. But what can I do? If I go up to her, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t call the police on me. Not that they could do anything. But I couldn’t risk exposure.

I know. I'll just stop outside her school and wipe her memory of me quickly, not that she has much time left. But just in case she’s a human miracle, I’d better go see her, just to make sure. But why did I keep having the feeling that that wasn’t the only reason I wanted to see her?

When I got to my apartment fifteen minutes later, I banged the door shut and went over to my couch. I was staring at the ceiling when the phone rang. I went over slowly to pick it up.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey! Did you break yet?” the person asked. It was Ben, one of the guys still in on the bet.

“Because if not, we're the only ones left! Can you believe it?” he kept going on.

“Yeah,” was all I said.

“Yes! I mean, too bad for you, but I won! When did you cave?” he asked me, trying to conceal his excitement which, so far, wasn’t working out too well.

“Last night,” I said. As if I needed to be reminded of this again.

“Hey! Well at least you came in second,” he said.

“Whoop di doo,” I said.

“Hey, cheer up. Better luck next time. Well, I’m out to feed,” he said, and I heard a click on the other end.

Next time? I’d make sure there was never another one for the rest of my life.

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