Accidental Darkness

Chapter 7: Reborn

Clara’s POV

When I woke up, all I could concentrate on was the burning sensation in my lungs and throat. I needed to breathe, but no matter how many breaths I took, I still couldn’t get enough oxygen. I lifted my head slowly, and looked around me. It was night time and I was in the middle of a dark alley. It smelled musty and damp and I could taste the mildew in the air. I realized all this in less than a second, but I couldn’t remember why I was here. Then suddenly everything came flooding back. The boy in the parking lot. The day before that. Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh, no. This can’t be happening. Not me. Even though the day before, if that’s even how long ago it was, I’d agreed to become the monster that I was now, the reality only hit me now. I felt as if I’d jumped into a pool, stomach first, all the wind knocked out of me. I realized the inevitable truth, and I could barely bring myself to think it. I was a vampire. Something that I didn’t even know existed not so long ago.

All of the sudden, I heard a door slam shut, and my neck snapped up. I could smell exactly what I needed right now. I could hear the crunch of the person’s shoes on the sidewalk. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I sprinted toward the man, the fastest I’d ever ran. He looked at me for a split second, stunned. He tried to stumble away, but he was no match for me. I grabbed his head and moved it down, exposing his neck. He gave a loud gasp before I sank my teeth into his neck naturally. The pleasure of it was like heaven. I’d finally gotten what I needed. I kept on drinking, getting stronger with every gulp. After what felt like less than a second, I’d drained him dry. I’d killed someone. After I’d gotten what I needed, I checked his pulse. He was still alive, but just barely. I then did something that came naturally to me. I grabbed his hand, and I erased his memory of the “incident”. I left him where he was, hoping someone would find him there, and get him the help he needed.

When I stood up, I wasn’t sure what to do. Where should I go? The first person that came to mind was Alec, but I didn’t know where he lived. I then thought of going to Nevar and Serena. They were the only ones who would know what to do. So I decided that that was where I would go. It was really the only place that I could go. I decided to go to Serena’s house, because hers was the closest.

When I came out onto the street, I knew where I was. It was only a two minute walk to Serena’s house. I started running there, using my new strength. It took me about half a minute to get there. I walked up the stone walkway, then up the steps onto the porch. I raised my hand to knock on the door, but it opened before me, and I saw something that I’d never thought I’d see.

Alec’s POV

“Tilt your head back,” said Serena. I moved my head back.

She had an old looking bottle in her hand. She took the cork out, and before she poured it into my mouth, she said something that sounded like a foreign language over it. She then poured a drop of the mixture into my mouth.

It tasted like mint mixed with mothballs. A very disgusting mixture. I almost gagged on it, but she made me choke it down.

My head then felt suddenly very clear. Like everything had opened up. And I felt very calm.

“Now, do you know where Clara is?” Nevar asked me.

“No,” I said.

“He’s lying!” Serena yelled.

“Don’t be stupid. It’s called a truth serum. Not a lying serum,” Nevar said.

“Well do you know who took her?” Serena asked hysterically now.

“No. I have no idea where she is, who’s she’s with, or what happened to her,” I said.

“Well then why were you at our school?” Never asked, an edge of hysteria creeping into her voice too. Oh god, I’m in a room full of loonies.

“I just was at her school because I needed to check if she was safe, and to make sure she wouldn’t tell anyone about the Night World. Are you happy now?” I asked.

“I can understand why you wouldn’t want her to tell anyone about the Night World, but why should you care if she’s safe?” Serena ranted.

“No reason,” I said, looking at the ground.

“TELL US THE TRUTH!!!” yelled Serena.

After she said that, I’m not sure if it was the truth serum, or if it was something I just wanted to get off my mind. But at that moment, I said something that must have been deeply buried in my subconscious, under many, many layers. But nevertheless, I said it.

“Because I love her!” I yelled back at her.

They were both so shocked that they didn’t move, and were stunned into silence. So was I, except that I’d just realized that I’d stood up.

“Well,” Nevar gulped, “That changes things.”

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