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What If 1: Pokémon Villains rise a child


The villains of the Pokémon series: Guzma Archie Cyrus Giovanni Maxie Lysandre Ghestsis All them found baby girl in basket that was surrounded by legendary and mythical Pokémon as they look at the villains and they run away or disappears from view. Giovanni picks up the baby girl up realizing that the hair is pink and the eyes are blue as the clear oceans so they decided to name her Margo Guvanni... she graduates elementary to colleges for engineering and art.

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Margo Guvanni Information

Hair color: pink

Eye color: blue

Personality: kindhearted, loyal, and protective

Likes: sweets, books and music

Dislikes: seeing Pokémon hurt and abusers

Pokémon: Zeraora, Buizel, Luxray, Woobat, Scorbunny , and Lucario

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