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Harry Potter and the Jedi Chronicles


Young Harry manages to leave all his abuse behind and travels to a far away place where he discovers a great power within himself. He makes a few friends along the way

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - Escape

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there lived a little boy on the planet Earth. His name was Harry James Potter. He was son to James and Lily Potter, both deceased which left poor Harry an orphan. This is his story…

In September of 1986, Harry Potter had just returned home from his first day at primary school. Having turned six on July 31 he was required to enter year one and attend school with his cousin Dudley who happened to be the same age.

His aunt and uncle were supposed to start him a year earlier when his cousin started but kept him out of school all year claiming there was a problem with him. They didn’t think it feasible to keep up the charade any longer so enrolled him with Dudley but a year behind him claiming he should be able to keep up now.

Harry had come to live with Dudley when he was only fifteen months old. The evil wizard Voldemort had killed his parents and he was brought here because his Aunt Petunia was his mother’s sister. That’s about as far as it goes though.

Petunia was always jealous of her sister who was not only prettier, but was a witch too. Petunia had no magical talent like Lily because Petunia was just like their parents who were plain ordinary muggles.

In the magical world, Lily was referred to as Muggle-born since they called non-magical folks Muggles.

Petunia was married to an overly large and obese man named Vernon Dursley. Vernon didn’t like Harry and frequently made that known. As a matter of fact, Vernon knew about Lily and her husband James Potter. He knew that they were magical and he despised everything that was magical.

To him it was unnatural and he was determined to beat that unnaturalness out of his little nephew Harry. He also encouraged his son Dudley to pick on Harry all the time. Dudley gladly obliged and found great joy tormenting his smaller cousin.

Like his father, Dudley was quite large for his age and enjoyed throwing his weight around. If you looked up “bully” in the dictionary, you would find that Dudley matches the description perfectly.

Harry would never be big like Dudley or Uncle Vernon but he was smaller than he should be because his family frequently didn’t feed him and when he was allowed to eat, he wasn’t allowed to eat all he wanted. His growth had been stunted due to malnutrition and the constant need to run for his life when Dudley or Uncle Vernon was after him.

Harry was not completely defenseless though. Being only six years old, he was just not aware enough of his power. Occasionally he had magical accidents that scared everyone in the house, including Harry, because he didn’t understand how these things happened.

One time when he was three years old, Dudley was tormenting him as usual and Harry got very upset. This caused an episode of accidental magic, which threw Dudley a few feet away from Harry. Dudley wasn’t hurt but started crying and drawing attention to himself.

Vernon had seen the incident and became enraged with Harry’s use of magic. He grabbed Harry by the arm and started shaking him and yelling at him at the top of his lungs to never do that again. It’s a good thing that Harry, being magical, was made of sterner stuff; otherwise, Vernon would have likely caused brain damage at the rate he was shaking him. He did manage, however, to break Harry’s arm.

For his trouble, Harry had to spend two days with a broken arm locked up in his bedroom, which was in actuality the cupboard under the stairs. This had been Harry’s place to sleep since he was brought to live with his aunt.

He never cried out about his arm are made any noise to draw their attention. He was too afraid that his Uncle Vernon would hurt him worse. Finally, Petunia decided to take Harry to the emergency room while Vernon was at work. However, when she unlocked the cupboard door and let Harry out his arm was completely healed. Instead, she gave him a little food and put him to work doing house chores.

Today though was a different story, Harry was starting to understand a little bit.

Dudley had been awful to him today. He tormented Harry all day long at school and whenever another kid tried to talk to Harry, Dudley would run the kid off so Harry would not have any friends. Harry had been putting up with this all day long.

Dudley had even got together with his friends and chased Harry so they could beat him up. All five of the boys had caught Harry once but he had escaped somehow. They were not sure how he did it. Another time that day when they were chasing him, he disappeared and they saw him next on the roof of the building.

Harry then started paying attention more to his accidental magic and was wondering if he could manage to do it on purpose.

After they were home, Dudley refused to let up and continued to torment Harry. He would hit him, knock him down, kick him, and call him all sorts of names. Freak was the name he was called most often. Harry was doing his best not to get angry but the more Dudley pushed him the harder it became to control it.

Unbeknownst to Harry his magic was building up along with his anger. When Vernon arrived home, he immediately jumped in and doubled up on the abuse of Harry. It was not long after that Harry reached his boiling point.

Dudley knocked Harry down and into the wall then kicked him in the side of the head.

“Take that you little freak and how about another?”

Dudley started to kick Harry again, this time in the stomach, but Harry put his hand out and said “NO!”

Dudley flew back across the room and slammed into the opposite wall. He slumped down onto the floor unconscious. Vernon hurriedly checked on Dudley and saw that he was still breathing. He then lost it and came at Harry with all the rage he could muster.

“Stop, Uncle Vernon. I will not let you hurt me anymore,” pleaded Harry.

Vernon ignored his plea and continued advancing on Harry. He reached down to grab Harry by the hair of his head when Harry yelled “NO” again with his hand raised toward his Uncle Vernon.

Vernon flew across the room just like Dudley and crashed into the wall next to his son. He also slumped to the floor unconscious. Luckily, he did not land on Dudley.

Petunia had come in from the kitchen due to the noise and came in just in time to see Vernon fly across the room and hit the wall. She ran over to him and then saw Dudley laying there too. She looked over at Harry with a look of anger that suddenly changed to fright when she saw him.

Harry was crying and starting to glow. The walls were rippling like a mirage around him. She saw objects suspended in mid-air. There was a vase of flowers on a small table next to Harry that flew up in the air and flipped over so the water and flowers were pouring out, only they had stopped, and the flowers and water were no longer moving.

Harry continued to get brighter and brighter until she could not stand to look at him anymore. She turned her head away and heard a loud explosion. Some debris hit her behind the head but not hard. When she turned her head back toward Harry, she discovered her wall and ceiling were both badly damaged. There were scorch marks everywhere and there was a hole in the ceiling.

In addition, a large section of the wall was completely destroyed. The vase and flowers along with other debris from the explosion was suspended in the air, completely still as if frozen. Suddenly, all the suspended objects continued in their movement and crashed to the floor. Petunia then realized that her nephew was no longer in sight.

Harry Potter was gone.


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, had just completed having dinner with the students on their first day of classes and was heading back to his office. When he was close, he heard an alarm going off. He hurried in and discovered that it was an alarm for Privet Drive where Harry Potter was living.

Evidently, there had been a very strong magical power surge at that residence. Dumbledore called Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall quickly and then sent his patronus to the ministry to get their attention too. He then notified some old Order of the Phoenix members and told everyone to meet at number 4 Privet Drive, Surrey.

McGonagall came through his door.

“Minerva please take over while I am out. There has been a large surge of power where Harry Potter lives. He is the only magical person that lives there so it was either him or the Death Eaters have found him. I have notified the Ministry and the Order to meet me there. I will be back as soon as I can.”

“Of course, Albus. Do be careful.”

“As always, Minerva.”

Dumbledore left and walked outside past the Hogwarts gates before apparating to number 4 Privet Drive. When he arrived, he found some ministry aurors already there. Petunia was in hysterics because she could not wake Vernon or Dudley. She was also afraid that Harry would return and do more damage. They were trying to calm her down.


She looked at Dumbledore and he entered her mind using Legilimency. She immediately fell asleep. The aurors laid her down on the couch.

“Well, that should calm her down for a bit,” said Dumbledore. “What happened here?”

“We don’t know that yet Headmaster,” replied Auror John Dawlish. “We haven’t been here long and most of our time has been spent trying to calm down Mrs. Dursley. Thank you for nipping that in the bud.”

“No problem, John. Have you seen Harry Potter?”

“No, sir. Why would Harry Potter be here?”

“Because that is his aunt and those two are his cousin and uncle. He lives here and I strongly suspect he is the cause of the magical surge. Quite a bit of accidental magic, wouldn’t you say?”

“Accidental magic? How old is this kid now?”

“He turned six this year.”

“And he did this at the age of six?”

Some Order members had arrived and were listening in. Mad-Eye Moody hobbled in next.

“Apparently, since he is the only magical being at this residence. When my alarm went off I knew it was either Harry or the Death Eaters had found him. There are no signs of Death Eaters but there appears to have been a small person sitting over there where most of the damage occurred. See how the explosion and scorch marks are going away from that one spot? Judging by the look of Vernon and Dudley they were either caught in the blast or were taken care of before that.”

“You think Harry did this Albus?” asked Moody.

“It sure looks like it. Why don’t you have a look with that eye of yours and tell us what you see, Alastor.”

Mad-Eye used his magical eye to look at everything. He agreed with Dumbledore that a small person was in that spot where all the explosion and scorch marks came from.

Remus Lupin came back down the stairs and reported an all clear. No one was upstairs.

“I suppose we should wake them up and ask a few questions,” said Kingsley Shacklebolt.

“Wait, let me see what I can find out first,” replied Dumbledore. “Things look a little suspicious to me.”

Dumbledore walked over to Vernon and opened his eyelids. He peered into them and used Legilimency. What he found was very disturbing. He saw what Vernon had been doing to Harry and what he allowed Dudley to get away with.

He searched further back and saw the incident with the broken arm and Vernon bodily throwing Harry into the cupboard under the stairs. He saw Vernon physically and verbally abuse little Harry time after time, repeatedly. He saw Dudley knocking Harry down and kicking him in the head. He also saw Harry send Dudley across the room, then do the same to Vernon when he attacked.

Dumbledore released Vernon and walked over to Petunia. He didn’t see physical abuse per se but a lot of verbal abuse and rationing of food. He saw her open the cupboard after two days and her amazement when she noticed that Harry’s arm was completely healed. She then fed him a very small portion and put him to work doing house chores at the ripe old age of three.

He then moved on to see what she saw before Harry left. This was even more distressing to Dumbledore. A six year old, even if he is Harry Potter, should not be experiencing power at that magnitude. It looked like Harry was losing control of his magic and there was quite a bit of it. He also seemed to be effecting time.

Very unusual.

Dumbledore released Petunia and walked over to the window to think for a minute. He was struggling within himself. The aurors and Order members present were waiting to see what he had to say.

“How could I have been so stupid?” he asked then turned to the aurors.

“Wake them up, an Enervate should do it. They have been abusing Harry Potter and it’s made me sick to see how they’ve treated him. I find it hard to believe that his own family could treat him this way but they have. No wonder he exploded. He lost control of his magic and he has quite a bit it seems. They deserved it and even more. They need to be arrested and questioned under veritaserum. Dudley will need to be put in another home where hopefully he will be given a better example.”

“Yes sir. We will take care of it.”

“I have to find Harry,” said Dumbledore. “I just remembered I have a tracking charm on him that I put there when he was a baby so I should be able to locate him. Thanks for your help everyone.”

“Should I come with you, Albus?” asked Lupin.

“No, Remus. I have caused this mess by putting young Harry here thinking he would be safe with the blood ward, but I never thought he would be in such danger from his own family. They’re monsters. I should have seen that before now. I was too trusting. I hope he can forgive me. I will let you know after I find him and make sure he’s okay.”

“Alright, Albus. I’ll be waiting to hear from you about Harry. I may not be his godfather but I’m the closest to it he’s got.”

Dumbledore concentrated for a few seconds to get a bead on Harry. After a minute, Dumbledore opened his eyes very wide in shock. “I can’t find him! There is no trace of him anywhere!”

“What?!” asked Remus.

“Wait…perhaps in the magical explosion his tracking charm was removed. The charm was also five years old. It may not still be on him. We will need to check with the Unspeakables to see if they have a way to trace him.”

“I’ll go with you Albus. We have to find Harry. James and Lily will come back from the grave and murder us if we’ve lost their son.”

“Indeed, meet me at the Department of Mysteries, Remus” and Dumbledore apparated away. Remus Lupin followed right behind him.

Earlier at Privet Drive…

Harry just wanted to escape and get as far away from here as he could go. He knew if he were still here when Uncle Vernon woke up, he would experience a whole lot of pain and would be lucky if he was able to survive this time.

He saw his aunt look at him angrily then her expression changed to that of being scared. He wondered what that meant. He then saw that he was glowing and something was building up inside him that he couldn’t stop. He watched as the house faded in and out a couple of times. He saw the walls rippling around him and objects suspended in the air. He felt things slow down as if time had come to a stop.

He kept wishing that he could just escape and continued concentrating on getting as far away from his uncle, aunt, and cousin as he could. He wanted to go to a place where they would never find him. He was wishing these things when his magic reached the point where he could no longer hold it in.


Harry’s magic released from his body and exploded out into the house at number 4 Privet Drive. Wood, plaster, and other debris flew everywhere. Harry felt himself being squeezed and flying faster than he could imagine.

The Department of Mysteries…

Dumbledore and Lupin met at the Department of Mysteries and were let in to see Saul Croaker and Broderick Bode, two high-ranking Unspeakables. Dumbledore had requested them personally. They were lead back to Croaker’s office where Bode joined them.

“Albus, what a pleasure to see you again,” began Croaker, “but if I’m right you’re not here for old time’s sake. What can we help you with today?”

“Saul, Broderick,” Dumbledore said nodding to the two Unspeakables, “let me introduce you to my colleague, Remus Lupin.”

“Yes, we are familiar with Mr. Lupin but this is the first time we have had the pleasure to meet.” Both Croaker and Bode nodded their heads to Lupin in greeting. Lupin responded in kind.

“I’m afraid I have a bit of an emergency, Saul. Harry Potter is missing and we need help finding him. I put my own tracker on him when he was a baby, just before I handed him over to his mother’s sister. That tracker may have been removed because I can’t get a reading at all on him.”

“Tell us exactly what happened, Albus,” said Bode. “We need to have as much detail as possible to better help you.”

“I can do one better” replied Dumbledore “but let me preface it with explaining what happened before that.”

Dumbledore went on to tell them the events of the evening and what he had discovered. He told them how Harry had been abused by his own family, and then he asked for a pensieve so he could show them what he saw in Vernon and Petunia’s memories.

“I want to show you what I saw in their memories. I want you to see the magic young Harry Potter used, and I want you to especially pay attention to what he does at the end. Keep in mind you will see some terrible abuse by these people on poor little Harry. It’s shocking to say the least.”

The men nodded in acceptance.

Croaker waved his wand and a pensieve floated over to his desk. Dumbledore concentrated for a second, put his wand to his temple, and drew out a silvery substance that he placed into the pensieve. Croaker waved his wand again and the memory displayed on a blank wall like a movie screen.

All four men watched the abuse and cringed each time, even Dumbledore who had already seen it once. They especially cringed when they witnessed Vernon break little three year old Harry’s arm and throw him bodily into the cupboard under the stairs. They found great joy when they got to the part when Harry sent his cousin across the room and into the wall. They found even more enjoyment when he did the same to Vernon.

Dumbledore paused the memory.

“We are moving onto Petunia’s memory now. You saw the magic Harry used against his cousin and uncle. It was very powerful wandless magic. Now see what happens next and tell me what you think.”

Dumbledore started it running again. The men watched and saw what Petunia witnessed until she turned her head. The memory ended after the explosion and Petunia’s second look when Harry was missing.

“Oh, sweet Merlin!” exclaimed Bode. “Did you see that Saul? Did you see that? Tell me you saw the same thing I did. It is unbelievable!” Bode was obviously excited.

“Yes, Broderick. I saw exactly the same as you did. This is a remarkable discovery. The fact that young Harry is only six years old makes it that much more incredible. The power he displayed was nothing short of awesome!”

“Okay, I realize that I’m the one in the dark here,” said Lupin, “but could somebody fill me in on what you guys are talking about. I recognized all the power but what exactly does that mean other than he is extremely powerful?”

“Remus,” replied Dumbledore, “what Saul and Broderick are so excited about is what I suspected when I first saw the memories. Harry is such a powerful wizard already that he is at mage level and it appears he is not only a very powerful mage but a time mage as well. The rippling effect and the suspended objects indicate that.”

Remus Lupin sat down hard in a chair provided. He was having difficulties taking it all in. Dumbledore stepped over and patted his friend on the shoulder.

“Now, how can you help us find Harry?” asked Dumbledore. “He must be confused, frightened and in need of some care.”

“Follow me,” said Bode. “We have just the thing to locate Harry.” Bode ran into a subordinate as they were walking and sent her to fetch something for him.

“What if Harry died in the explosion?” asked Lupin.

“That is not likely,” replied Croaker. “Harry is a time mage. The explosion was caused by the release of his magic when he could no longer contain it. His own magic will not hurt him at all. The explosion could have but as you could see everything that was damaged was flying away from him because of the force of the explosion. Harry left. Plain and simple.”

“And you will be able to find him?” asked Lupin.

“As long as he is still on this planet, we will find him,” said Bode.

“He would still be on the planet. How could he ever leave the planet?” asked Lupin.

Bode and Croaker just looked at each other knowingly.

The Unspeakable that Bode sent to bring him something showed up about the same time they did to a special room in the Department of Mysteries. On a desk was a large globe of the earth. The Unspeakable handed Bode a file folder and a vial of what looked like blood. Bode showed everyone the vial.

“This vial of blood belongs to Harry Potter. What we are about to do is one of the reasons we collect a vial after magical babies are born. We then preserve the blood along with their file. This globe is an object we use to locate wizards and witches. It requires that we have some of their blood. There are some wizards and witches out there that we don’t have a vial of blood for. They slipped through the cracks, were not born in St. Mungos, etc. Any number of reasons, all the way up to Voldemort having an insider destroy some of his Death Eaters’ vials.”

Croaker took over. “Broderick will place just a small drop of Harry’s blood into a hole at the top of the globe. After about one minute the globe will have a light appear in the spot Harry is currently.”

Bode placed the one drop of blood into the hole at the top of the globe. Suddenly the globe started spinning. It would spin real fast one way then stop and spin very fast the other way. It shuddered then started spinning again. It started spinning even faster and then reversed direction quickly. After a minute, it shuddered again and then just stopped.

Everyone started looking for the light to appear but no light ever did.

“What does this mean?” asked Dumbledore.

“Simple,” replied Croaker. “This device is never wrong. It can even pinpoint the grave of someone who died, to a corpse or even a portion of a corpse, buried or not buried. It is that accurate. Knowing all this, I firmly believe Harry Potter did not die.

“As a time mage, he has the ability to go pretty much where or when he wants. He could go to a different time, an alternate universe, or even a different dimension. Granted as a six year old, he is not likely aware of or have the control to do all of that.

“However, he does have the power and there is no telling where or when he could have gone, especially since he likely left on accident only wishing to get away from that family that has abused him for so long. I imagine he wanted to get as far away from them as possible.

“What does this mean, you ask?

“The answer is Harry Potter is no longer on our planet.”

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