Second Choice.


❝if only....❞ •°•°•°•°•° Why can't you see me in the same light you see her? Why can't you be with me like you be with her? Why can't i call you mine like you call her yours? Why can't i love you like she do? Why can't i be your first choice? Once a Second choice.....always a Second choice.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Straightening her back over her seat, she tried to shake off the thoughts by slightly combing her fingers through her hair.



He usually comes at exact 7:50am...

where is he now??

Sighing in a large breath, I agressively scratched my fingers over the desk.

Then I averted my gaze towards the window through which the sun rays were coming and illuminating my desk.

Still no sign of him.

Biting my lower lip, I glanced upwards and met with his sight.


My heart swarmed with loads of butterflies and I smiled to myself. He hadn't took a single glance in my direction but that's fine...its always been like that.

And then i was suddenly happy.

He managed to bring that kind of happiness to me, in which you want go in a garden, in sunlight between the flowers and you twirl between the beds of flowers, without caring about anything or anyone.

If only school was over early!


Smiling at myself in the mirror, i brushed my hair.

Do i smell good?

My skin is glowing?

My hands should be more soft.

I opened my moisturizer bottle and applied a gentle amount on my hands and let it absorb.

"All done..." I clap my hands together smiling.

Its been a week.

"Oh shit- what time it is?" I threw myself over my bed and check my phone..


What the fuck!!

I shuffled along the bed and fastly smoothened my sheet and smelled my breath. Chocolates. Perfect.

Flattened my ironed hair, with my hands for the last time.

My heart skipped a beat as i heard some shuffling, outside my window.

He is here.

He is here...

"He-he" Resting my hand over my chest only to feel my heart beating loud and fast, I whispered to myself.

Jungkook is finally here.

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