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Second Choice.



Jungkook and I...

It was quite complicated.

We were nothing but at the same we were something that I could never name.

In a way, we both were in a mutualistic relationship. In which, he would seek comfort in me and I got to be with him.

Just like that night, every night in a week or so...i would get excited for his arrival at my window.

At first it wasn't like that. I had clearly remember that day, when we were paired for some project. We had a small discussion about the topic at the school and then we decided to do the rest of the work at my house.

I had never have a guy come over my house so i was super nervous but it had felt good studying with him.

I couldn't remember..how or when we stopped studying and were sleeping in each others embrace.

I still feel giddy about it but it felt good.

He and I both, felt it.

And he decided to come over every once in a week and we would cuddle, watch movies and enjoy each others embrace.

He could have maintained a friendly relationship with me at school but he chose to just ignore me at all costs.

I had never questioned him about it.

Cause those who have girlfriends don't seek comfort in a third person.

Not to ruin their relationship and to maintain what we had...i had never spoken to him about it.

Not even told him my growing feelings for him.

It was just....i felt happy whenever he would look at me, laugh with me, embrace me...lay on top of me and cuddle me to death...

These were some moments i would cherish till death but then again,

It hurted so bad whenever he would walked past me without even sparing a glance.

It would feel like I didn't exist. Or, when he would laugh with his girl and kiss her or claim her Infront of the whole school.

Y/n blinked as all those flashes of the past months, they spend together returned back in her memory. Her soul overwhelmed with emotions as tears brimmed in her eyes.

A whole week, she had no clue where or when Jungkook was going to come to her...

She was so worried about him.

Now that he was here, in her room, standing, she couldn't help herself, leaped on to him and snatched a hug.

Jungkook was shook at first but hesitantly placed his hands over her back.

He felt her warmth and immediately losen up...as if someone had poured a bucket full of cold water over him.

He closed his eyes and hugged her close...her presence only, had calmed his nerves.

Y/n tightened her grip on his waist and squinted her eyes close, as if he would go away any second.

Jungkook chuckled at this, "what's with you?" He softly tangled his fingers in her hair.

Y/n slightly turned her head up from his chest and tried to glare at him but failed, "where were you last week?"

She unlocked her arms from him and stepped back, expecting an answer,

"Ah..." Jungkook sliced back his hair and moistened his lips, his mind finding the right words to say, "I had to take Jennie to her grandparents..."

Gulping, Y/n turned her back towards him and switched on the TV,
"Couldn't she go on her on?"

Sighing, Jungkook kicked his shoes as if it was his own room and slumped on the bed,

"Yeah...she could. But you know, how responsible and caring of a boyfriend I am? She asked me to which I agreed."

Y/n laughed at that, siting beside Jungkook, she searched through the netflix,
"Of course. Whatever makes you sleep at night."

Jungkook chuckled as he said next, "snacks?"

Y/n lied down, crossing her arms over her chest, her head resting on the head board and eyes on the TV, "Second drawer."

Jungkook skipped towards the drawer and pulled out a bunch of snacks, not even surprised as to how did Y/n know about his favourite snacks...when he didn't tell her never.

It was always like this, Y/n taking care of the small details about him...it would always makes him smile.

He went to lay down beside y/n as he opened a packet of potato chips and munched on them, "well..." He ate a chip and gazed at y/n, "you didn't mind...me being not here?"

I did.

Y/n stirred at the question but didn't look at him and wore a unbothered look,
"No...why would I?"

"Sure." Jungkook smirked slightly.

Y/n huffed and rolled her eyes, clicking furiously on the remote in her hands,

"Well, did you miss me?"

"No.." Y/n looked at him teasingly but he only laughed at her,

"That's why, the moment I stepped into your room, you clutched on to me like a koala?"


"Do you want to die?" Y/n glared at him to which he only smiled, gazing at the obvious blush on her face.

Cute. He thought.

Jungkook put aside the packet of chips and hugged her, nuzzling into her neck, his breath hit her neck as he spoke, "don't worry..."

He brought his lips towards her ear and whispered, "you can miss me all you want...I don't mind."

Staring at her frozen form, Jungkook only smiled wide and placed his face back into her neck.

Only he could do this to her.

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