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By Red Valentinos

Erotica / Humor

Eric Neko Delko

Eric woke up feeling unusual. He wasn't sick,but he did feel different.

Sighing with annoyance,he got up to go look in the mirror in the bathroom.

''...What the...H! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!''Eric screamed.

Horatio stirred from his sleep and looked at Eric as the Cuban came running out of the bathroom.

He smiled at first,but then he just started laughing.

Eric had two black ears sitting on his head,followed by a tail with fur that was standing on end.

''I'm not complaining. I think it's cute.''

''I don't wanna go to work like this!''

''You made me go,now it's your turn.''

''You didn't work,I got you hopped up on catnip!''

''You still dragged me out to the car. It counts.''

''Does not!''

''Does too.''

''No,it doesn't!''

''Whatever. You're still going.''

Eric sighed.

He sat down on the bed,and soon the sight of his tail twitching caught his eye,and he began to paw at it. And then he remembered the bandage wrapped around his own tail.

''Uh,Eric,I wouldn't-'' ''-YEOW!''

''...Here we go,again.''

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