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Falling Ash, Rising Heat

By Tsukino Iota

Other / Romance

Chapter 1: Shinigami and Tropics

Falling Ash, Rising Heat

"I am talking"

'I am thinking'

"Using telepathy!"

"I is aura user"

Chapter One: Shinigami and Tropics

A lone man stood silently outlooking the azure ocean with his two deep brown eyes, the hood covered most of his face because of the shadows. The man had a Raichu beside him tugging his trouser's leg. The man raised one eyebrow at the ketchup sauce smeared nicely on the trouser leg. They were black and the red made it stand out like a Snorlax in a group of Azurill. Ironically the man was called Red Satoshi or the Shinigami of Battling. A title he earned from his consecutive wins that are recorded since two years undefeated man who was mysterious, polite and had an aura of familiarity about him. He lived alone on a small islet just off the cluster that made up the Orange Islands, thankfully Professor Ivy sends him supplies every month.

Of course, you all knew that Red Satoshi is really Ash Ketchum, the boy who had the naive dream of being the Pokémon Master! Now that boy had grown ever the more darker, more mature and more handsome if you ever got a glimpse of his face. A real heart stopper who could kill any woman with a sharp glance in their general vicinity.

"...time" Ash said simply as the wind blew on his face as he faced Unova wards.

"I guess it's time to face the public again, you managed to avoid 'them', the press, your family and 'her'" Raichu said sighing slightly. The day Ash tried his last League, everything changed for him. Everything. Lost and burnt for an eternity.

Several years ago...Sinnoh League...(his second try)

"Ash is out of any usable Pokémon! Champion Cynthia is the winner!" the referee announced and the crowds cheered not for any of the competitors but for the spectacle they put on for them. Ash's Lucario just fainted before Cynthia's did. They met in the middle of the field and shook hands.

"Congrats Ash, almost did it this time" Cynthia said smiling. She had enjoyed herself in such a close and thrilling battle that could have ended in defeat for her.

"I don't mind the loss, I just enjoyed the battle and the bond I forge between my friends" Ash replied politely and they both laughed. They both shared the same values and the value they share is the true value of Pokémon battling.

Ash went to the room he was assigned for rest and recuperation. He was 16 at this time and he was mentally drained and slightly embarrassed, he never saw Cynthia to be that attractive. He smiled slightly at the thought of them being together. The door opened to reveal his friends minus Brock, Gary and Iris. Ash saw the looks on their faces. He hadn't seen any of them since Kalos when after he trained for 2 years in Rota. His aura skills have improved and he sensed hostility.

"Yeah" Ash said simply ignoring the sensation that hit him.

"We want you to get out of our lives" Misty put simply earning a hit from May. The group had discussed how they should approach this situation and Misty ruined it with the first word she spoke.

"Come again?" Ash said feeling nervous and on edge now as he saw the glimmer of steel being hidden in May's hand and something seemed to build inside him. Something foreign when he addressed or thought about his companions.

"You actually suck, I mean a second frigging time challenging Cynthia and you lost!" Dawn exclaimed glaring angrily at him. The disbelief evident in her statement and expression.

"..." Ash said nothing. He remembered Riley teaching him about a person's true nature. Ash even found his true nature, but it was one he never liked.

"Say something loser" Trip said walking in throwing a Pokeball in one hand, his dirty blonde hair and blue eyes shining in the light provided in the room. All the girls drew slightly closer to him.

"..." Ash kept silent, head lowed to the ground as he let the information flow through his head. SO much had happened in the last few minutes. He wanted out. His brown eyes blazed black and a faint light was produced.

"Now time to depart, rival" Trip said sneering, everyone had surrounded him. All of them about to let loose a barrage of sharp blades. Ash raised his head and everyone saw the glint in his eye and the wave of pulsing energy that knocked them all back into the walls of the room. On the floor groaning they tries to move but couldn't. What they didn't see was the tears running down his face as his emotions were let loose. Grabbing his bag and possessions. He saw a piece of paper.

'No one loves you'

Ash burst out of the room and ran. Not caring for the flashing cameras, press asking questions or the shouts of accusation by the group he once called friends. He ran pass the Sinnoh Champion who tried to reach out to him but just couldn't. Something about the, man had softened her heart.

"Get him! Ash Ketchum attacked us!" Misty shouted. The press turned to them offering blankets and glasses of water, comforting the ones who were crying. Obviously the trauma had been too much for them. Cynthia ran up to the group.

"Hey!" Cynthia shouted.

"Hey, it's Cynthia" Dawn said pointing to the Champion. They all saw the look in her eyes when she interacted with the boy with the Pikachu.

"What happened?" Cynthia asked Dawn but Trip was the one who answered.

"Ash attacked us, just because to him...we were 'dead weight'" Trip explained. Cynthia nodded in reply.

"You can't trust him, he is too drunk with pride and naivety" May said shivering.

Cynthia thanked the group, doubt clouding her mind. Something about that story seemed off, but all evidence lead to the fact that Ash may have attacked his friends, turning them against him. Him running off suddenly, avoiding the press, the condition of his friends.

"Ms. Cynthia what should we do about Ash Ketchum?" a security guard asked. Cynthia screwed up her face in concentration. She was reluctant to make a decision.

The protection of her friend or the protection of others. One life to the life of possible casualties, if Ash decided to rampage because of his sudden will to win. As Champion though she had the responsibility of Sinnoh as a whole. Biting her lip, she let loose a sigh.

"Search for him, but bring him to me personally" Cynthia ordered, it was to satisfy both parties. Her and the nation. Once the public is sure of that Ash is in good hands, Cynthia will escape with him to a secluded place on Mt. Coronet.

Ash heard this from behind a pillar in the shadows. Misinterpretting the intentions. His hopefulness now hopelessness. No dressed in a short black cape and hood, dark grey trousers and black shirt with his Pokémon. He left for Pallet Town, to recover the rest of his Pokémon and for a new start.

Now 21, Ash stared out to sea. His hatred still burnt fiercely. Even more so when during his escape, Misty just caught up to him when he flew on Charizard. Ash closed his eyes and stared at the neat grave next to him, a mound of neatly cut grass marking the burial of his beloved Pokémon. Once a disobedient Pokémon had become one of his greatest assets and friends. He remembered how they flew together and when he flew from Charicific Valley to fight Noland's Articuno in the Battle Frontier. Many Charizard's who felt their friend's life end flew to the Orange Islands to pay their respects to their fallen friend and to the loving trainer he talked about, the one with the Pikachu on his shoulder.

Ash sighed deeply. He knelt in front of the grave and prayed to Arceus for his friend's soul in the afterlife. Getting up again he turned back to the small hut he lived in. Opening the door the bare state of the hut was clear. It was a chest for clothes, a mattress with a pillow and blanket for sleep, a chair and table for meals and a rack holding a staff and two scimitars. His knife was always on his person. An Espeon purred as it rubbed it's head against his leg. There was also a Reuniclus floating peacefully in the air and a Lucario meditating in the middle of the room. Most of his other Pokémon, new or old (not many) were in the nearby forest of the islet sleeping or in a small open cove doing the same thing. Many of his old Pokémon were in the hands of Gary, Paul or Professor Oak or Professor Ivy. They vowed to look after them and keep them from any form of danger.

Ash sighed and looked up to the sky. Wondering about other worlds, if they were any to be found. Gulping and letting out a sigh, he pulled out a flyer with the words: Undella Town Invites You, Red 'Shinigami' Satoshi to the Pokémon World Championships!

"I should go" Ash muttered to himself.

"Oh! Undella Town! What a beautiful looking place!" Espeon exclaimed excitedly jumping up to the prospect of a lot of tropical sunshine.

"Undella Town? Unova? I'm in" Reuniclus said flatly.

"...go" Lucario said not moving from his position in the middle of the room.

"Yeah! It'll be a good opportunity" Raichu said smiling. Ash's thoughts were clouded by the words of encouragement to go to this Tournament. Not saying a word he walked over to the rack and slung the scimitars over each shoulder and picked up the staff. Grabbing a small bag, he packed money, his PokeDex and some PokeBalls containing: Mawile, Infernape, Electross, Doublade, Gallade, Sceptile, Beedril and Kingler. He put them in the bag. He grabbed three other PokeBalls and called back Espeon, Reuniclus and Lucario and one final Pokémon with a sticker on it. Throwing it he called out Talonflame.

"I'm ready to go anywhere" the great red bird said, he had heard everything in the Pokeball.

"Undella Town, Unova" Ash said simply and the bird screeched and flapped it's mighty wings to the direction of Kanto...

"No! Unova!" Ash shouted pointing the opposite direction.

"Opps, sorry" Talonflame said grinning sheepishly. If a bird could grin, it is what Talonflame was doing now.

Meanwhile in Sinnoh...

Cynthia packed her bags to go to Undella Town, as an ex-Champion she was determined to win as many battles as possible. Now her occupation was archaeology and finding the truth of the ancient world. Already meeting some legendary Pokémon. She even travelled to Rota to learn about the Tree of Beginning and the origins of the legend of Mew and Sir Aaron. She even learnt how to use Aura while she was there, now her aging and date of death were prolonged. She smiled. She needed time to search for the true nature of Pokémon and the creation of the world and the real events of legend. She had met Kyorge in Hoenn after she left Rota, Moltres in Kanto, Virizion in Unova, Raikou in Johto and Giratina in Sinnoh. She felt extremely lucky to have uncovered their events of their legend and found that much of what they told her to be the same as the human legends written on murals, told by mouth and written on old scrolls.

"You still wonder about him" Lucario said softly, her voice full of understanding.

"Yeah, 6 years since we last met" Cynthia sighed.

"You'll meet him again...and tell him your 'true' feelings about him" Lucario added hiding a smile with her paw and was smiling wider when Cynthia's face went a bright red and when she turned to her with a look of horror.

"Wh-wh-wh-WHAT?!" Cynthia exclaimed.

"Kekekekeke!" Spiritomb said laughing gleefully, his trainer was finally off balance. The cool, calm and collected Cynthia off balance because of an old romance.

"Shut up Spiritomb!" Cynthia shouted desperately.

"Denial means you DO like Ash Ketchum" Spiritomb teased with his maniac smile.

"Ms. Cynthia, the plane is about to depart in an hour" a servant said politely.

"Okay! I'm coming!" Cynthia shouted back. Recalling her Pokémon she headed out with her bags and wondered about who she might be up against in the Tournament ahead.

Undella Town... Note: Ash is going to be referred to as either Ash, Red, Satoshi or Shinigami.

Ash had landed just outside of the town and Raichu wasn't very happy about the lack of sleep he had that flight, or the in-flight services...which there was none.

"No ketchup sachets" Raichu sighed sadly.

"Don't worry, Professor Ivy had book me a villa thankfully when she heard about my departure from my islet" Ash replied to his friend as he took off one of the scimitars and placed it on his waist instead so his friend could sit happily on his shoulder without a hilt sticking up his ass.

Ash walked into town and even with his cold demeanour couldn't do anything but smile at the colour life in the town. People everywhere, sunbaking, training, playing in the cool tropical ocean or just sightseeing, the Tournament had attracted many people. As he walked through town to head for the Pokémon Centre many stared at him in wonder. He was wearing very hot looking clothing for the tropics of Undella and also at the scimitars that were on his person. Weaponry wasn't allowed to be in public.

"Halt! You are under arrest" Officer Jenny said forcefully. Ash merely took out his wallet and showed her a card.

"I'm allowed to carry such things on me" Ash replied. The card was issued to every Rota Aura Guard, this allowed them to avoid some laws.

"I see, Mr. Satoshi. You must be participating in the upcoming Tournament" Jenny said. Ash smiled.

"Got in one Officer. But thanks for your concern for the public" Ash said bowing slightly continuing his walk to the Centre.

'Good luck to you too...Ash Ketchum' Officer Jenny thought silently. She was an Officer and her job was to unmask criminals and that man who claimed to be Red Satoshi was unmistakably Ash Ketchum but she did nothing. That boy had stopped many criminal activities and the lie that was told six years ago didn't hold up to her.

Ash knew that Jenny had identified him, he had saw the light in her eyes of the face on the card. He smiled, at least some people still believe in the old self that was once Ash Ketchum. Arriving at the Pokémon Centre, he walked in and people stared at him.

"That's the legendary Shinigami" one woman whispered.

"Holder of over 200 consecutive wins" another man said in awe.

"He even looks like a reaper of death" someone muttered darkly.

"I am here for the Tournament being heard here" Ash said simply.

"I will need the invitation sent to you, if you have one so you can avoid the preliminary rounds for the sign-ups and your PokeDex or any form of identifaction" Nurse Joy replied smiling not flinching or backing down at the scary looking figure before her. Ash nodded and handed the invitation and PokeDex.

"Okay Shinigami Satoshi, you will be fighting in the knock out rounds in two weeks and the villa you had booked is just nearby just go that away, you can't miss it" Nurse Joy said.

"Cheers" Ash said grabbing the key that was on the bench as well as his PokeDex. He turned around and a tennager about 15 hit his chest and he staggered back holding his nose. Black hair, glasses, red shirt, brown shorts and sneakers. Max mothertrucking Maple.

"Ow! Watch" Max said slowing down considerably at the end as he saw the figure peer down at him. Only seeing the two brown and sharp eyes clearly made max flinch but not as much as the person he bumped into. Shinigami.

"Hmmm? No I apologise, I didn't expect a small boy to be in my turning circle" Ash replied.

"Hey! What did you do to my brother?!" May shouted angrily.

"No sis, it's fine" Max said, he had heard of Shinigami and he hated the group he was travelling with. He missed Ash and Pikachu.

"I accidently bumped into him" Ash replied, he was within an inch of drawing his scimitars but that was a bad idea, any form of violence may lead to bloodshed.

"Apologise you bastard!" Dawn shouted angrily.

"I already did" Ash replied.

"We didn't hear it!" Misty shouted.

"Oh for the love of Giratina!" Ash exclaimed angrily.

"Please stop! Shinigami Satoshi already apologised and it was really my fault in the first place" Max exclaimed almost begging.

"I'm not fine with it" a familiar and overly cocky voice said.

'Oh for fuck's sake!' Ash thought angrily. Now Trip was involved in this.

"Hmph!" Ash grunted sweeping past the group only to be stopped by a single hand, Trip was glaring straight into Ash's pissed off eyes. Ignorance and arrogance were the triggers setting off what would be the full-on battle will be.

"A battle, three-on-three, winner does what the loser wants" Trip said setting out the conditions for a battle. Ash thought for a second before nodding in consent.

"Done" Ash said gripping Trip's hand.

"I'll ref, if ya want" Lt. Surge said loudly from behind. Making Trip and the group jump, Ash stayed neutral.

"That would preferable" Ash said shaking the muscular man's hand. Lt. Surge had been passing by to see the challenge and was interested immediately. Nothing like a battle to get the blonde haired, hard muscled, military man's blood boiling in interest.

There was a field out back behind the Pokémon Centre. Trip and Ash stood on opposite ends already both parties were picking out their chosen three Pokémon.

"This is a three-on-three battle with Trip from Nuvema Town and Shinigami Satoshi! This will end when one trainer forfeits or loses all three Pokémon!" Lt. Surge announced and both competitors nodded. "Mega Evolution is allowed and...BEGIN!"

Ash drew his staff and spun it around in a demonstration of skill and power before slamming the bottom end of it into the ground in front of him. The group sniggered at the stupidity of the performance but Lt. Surge saw the reason, on the top there was a steel spike with a rainbow orb with a steel orbit. This was Shinigami's Key Stone, the Mega Staff.

"Serperior let's fight!" Trip shouted (don't know Trip's actual battle cry, so forgive me, as times change and so do people).

"Reuniclus ready yourself!" Ash cried throwing the Pokeball. Both Pokémon appeared. Trip's mighty and prideful green serpent and Ash's multi-celled psychic hitter.

"Serperior use Leaf Storm!" Trip ordered immediately.

"Reuniclus Calm Mind" Ash said calmly.

Serperior summoned a swirl of wind and razor sharp leaves and fired it in Reuniclus' direction. Reuniclus just meditated and emptied his thoughts and boosted his Special Attack and Special Defence. The Leaf Storm just blew by him, it was as if Reuniclus was enjoying the nice cool breeze provided by Serperior.

"Reuniclus Fire Punch" Ash said and Reuniclus' hand erupted in flames and he rushed Serperior.

"Serperior counter with Leaf Blade!" Trip said without thinking. The two moves collided but Fire Punch nullified the Leaf Blade.

"Now use Psyshock!" Ash said triumphantly and without moving Reuniclus allowed floating rocks covered in psychic energy to slam into Serperior, making it faint.

"Serperior is unable to battle! Victory goes to Shinigami!" Lt. Surge announced. The group of 'friends'were shocked by the easy and quick victory Shinigami had just achieved. Reuniclus has a low Attack, Defence and Speed but to move like it did, was astonishing.

"Serperior return" Trip said gritting his teeth.

"Reuniclus thank you for your efforts" Ash said also recalling his Pokémon.

"Bisharp let's fight!" Trip shouted calling out the Steel/Dark-type Pokémon. Body covered in blades. This aggressive Pokémon saw it's chance to dominate the field.

"Doublade hack and slash!" Ash said calling out the Steel/Ghost-type Pokémon. The two swords held their sheaths with pride. As you can tell ash has some unique battle cries depending on the Pokémon he uses.

"Bisharp use Night Slash!"

"Doublade use Iron Defense!"

Doublade focused and a steely light surrounded it and the high boost in defence was made. Making the Night Slash barely scratch Doublade.

"Doublade now use Shadow Ball" Ash ordered. The group laughed. A Ghost-type move was useless against a Steel-type and a Dark-type! Plus Doublade's Special Attack wasn't high. Doublade fired multiple Shadow Balls to the spectator's shock. Bisharp was lost in dust and smoke, only to reappear damaged.

"What?" Trip exclaimed surprised.

"You neglected the fact that Bisharp has an extremely low Special Defence and you didn't prepare for it" Ash explained.

"Now end this with Sacred Sword!" Ash shouted. Doublade's blades glowed white.

"Bisharp use Aerial Ace!" Trip shouted desperately. The two moves met.

Doublade was posed horizontally while Bisharp collapsed.

"Bisharp is unable to battle, victory goes to Doublade!" Lt. Surge announced.

"Damn it!" Trip exclaimed recalling Bisharp. He was losing way too easily. Ash recalled Doublade using aura this time to thank it. The reason why he didn't use aura to communicate during this battle because he wanted just a pure easy defeat without the chitchat.

"Grrr, Jellicent let's fight!" Trip growled in frustration.

"Lucario show them the strength of aura!" Ash cried.

A blue jellyfish with a mayor-like moustache appeared and the blue and black jackal appeared. The difference was that there was scar covering his right eye, making it more scary looking. On his right paw was a bracelet with a Mega Stone embedded in it.

"Okay Lucario let's do this!" Ash shouted swiping the Key Stone on the orb of his staff. The Key Stone began to glow as did the Mega Stone embedded on Lucario's bracelet. A mysterious energy engulfed Lucario and it burst revealing a new Lucario. Mega Lucario. Red now streaked through his body and a ivory coloured vest appeared flowing in the breeze.

"Lucario use Shadow Claw" Ash said.

"Dodge and use Will-o-Wisp!" Trip said.

Jellicent fired a ghostly and nasty looking flame, while Lucario rushed forward with a paw with shadowy claws. Ash smiled. He knew what Trip was up to use Will-o-Wisp to induce a burn status to hurt Lucario over time and lower his Attack then use Hex whose power doubles when a Pokémon has a status condition.

"Extreme Speed while using a dual Shadow Claw!" Ash shouted. Lucario was about to get hit by the Will-o-Wisp when it disappeared and was right in front of Jellicent and used a Cross Chop-like Shadow Claw. It a special combo move Ash liked to call Ghost Claw because Lucario moves like a ghost due to Extreme Speed while attacking using a Ghost-type move: Shadow Claw. Jellicent fainted. Trip and the others had their jaws swinging low on the ground. It was such a fast battle that in fact it was only 6 minutes since they started.

"Jellicent is unable to battle, victory goes to Mega Lucario! Trip has no Pokémon left, making Shinigami Satoshi the winner!" Lt. Surge announced. The spectators had grown and they cheered for the hooded figure.

"Oh, by the way my victory, and my order to the losing party is...don't talk to me again" Ash said ominously. The turned to leave only to bump into a blonde beauty in a blue shirt, denim shorts and sandals. Her gray eyes full of intrigue and wonder. Ash sighed. Again. It happened again! He turns to leave and bumps into people. Maybe he should stop turning and just walk backwards instead.

"That was amazing! What a quick but skilful battle!" the woman said her eyes glittering in excitement.

"Err, you are?" Ash asked.

"Cynthia Shirona, surprised you don't recognise the ex-Sinnoh Champion" Cynthia said holding out her hand. Ash took it and shook it. Surprised. Cynthia hasn't really changed but he was alone for some years without any form of media so his initial thought was: Oh Cynthia's daughter!

"I'm Red 'Shinigami' Satoshi" Ash introduced himself shaking the hand.

"Hey! It is her!" Raichu exclaimed.

"I know that" Ash replied.

"Whatcha talking about?" Cynthia asked.

"Nothing just, WAIT WHAT?!" Ash exclaimed surprised and shocked by Cynthia's sudden arrival into the aura conversation Raichu and he were having.

"I can communicate as well using aura, I spent some time in Rota. Aura Guard" Cynthia explained smiling.

'Damn it, may make private conversations a little difficult around her' Ash thought worried.

"Anyways, I must get to my villa" Ash said taking out the key to the villa and spinning it on his finger. Cynthia noticed the key and smiled.

"Let me take you there Shinigami, I am guessing you haven't been to Undella Town before?" Cynthia asked.

"I have, some years ago but it has changed" Ash admitted.

"Then come on!" Cynthia said smiling. Leading the hooded figure to where they need to go.

'Can my luck get any worse?' Ash thought depressed.

"Here we are! My own private villa!" Cynthia announced opening the door. Cold air was let out and Ash felt slightly annoyed because he knew Cynthia used the villa for visiting Gym Leader, Champions and Elite Four members but now she was a normal trainer. Meaning, that they were alone...together. Raichu sniggered and Ash silently cursed his luck.

Meanwhile, Professor Ivy was praying for Ash's good health. As she had planned.

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