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Two brothers and a girl whos dating dean winchester go in search of the boys father and the killer of Sarah's sister Jess and Sam's girlfriend and also the boys mom who was killed at the beginning of the story

Horror / Adventure
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Jess calls for her boyfriend sam and she walks around the corner she was wearing a sexy nurse costume and she was adjusting her hat. There was a photo of Sam’s parents on the wall. Sarah Jess’s baby sister was in her bedroom getting ready and she decided to go as a french maid she was almost ready and Jess said to sam “Get a move on, would you?” Sarah headed downstairs waiting for Jess and Sam to join her and Jess shouted upstairs to Sam “We was meant to have left fifteen minutes ago, me and sarah are waiting for you.” She then heads back upstairs and says “Sam, you coming or what?” Sam pokes his head around the corner he was just wearing jeans and a shirt, not a costume and Sam said “Do I have to?” Jess said “Yes!” Then Jess noticed that he wasn’t wearing a costume and said “And what’s your costume?” Sam said “You know how I feel about Halloween.”

At the Halloween party Jess raises a glass as Luis, comes up to the table where sam, Jess and Sarah was and Sam was still not wearing a costume. Jess said “So here’s to Sam--- and his awesome LSAT victory.” Sam said “All right, All right it’s not that big of a deal.” They all clink glasses and Jess says “He acts humble too.”

Back at the house Sam and Jess was sound asleep in their beds and jess shifted position and sarah was sound asleep suddenly there was a noise downstairs that caused both Sam and Sarah to wake up as they was both light sleepers and they left their rooms. Sam noticed . A window is open; and footsteps could be heard he stayed hiding and waits for the intruder to walk pass and on the count of three sam grabbed the intruder and there was some fighting until they both stopped fighting and the guy speaks and says “Whoa, easy tiger.” Sam said “Dean?” Dean laughs and Sam says “You scared the crap out of me!” Dean said “That’s cause you are out of practice.” But sam proves dean wrong that he’s strong and dean was surprised and then said “Or not.” Sam taps Dean twice where sam is holding him. Dean says “Get off of me.” Sam rolls to his feet and he helps dean up, and asks “What the hell are you doing here?” Dean said “Well i was looking for a beer.” Sam looked at him and said “What the hell are you really doing here?” Dean looked at sam in the dark and said “Okay all right. We gotta talk.” Sam said “Uh, the phone.” Dean looked at him and said “If i’d called would you have picked up?” Sarah and Jess come downstairs and Sarah turns on the light and Jess is wearing very short short and a cropped smurfs shirt and Sarah was wearing very short shorts batman ones and a batman vest and slippers as well. Sam and Dean turned their heads in unison and sam said “Jess and Sarah, hey, Dean this is my girlfriend Jess and her sister sarah.”

Dean looks at sarah appreciatively and then Sarah says “Wait, your brother dean?” Sarah smiles, Sam nods and Dean grins at her and moves closer and says “Oh, I love batman.” Sarah still smiled and Jess said “Maybe we should go and change.” They turned around but Dean’s voice stops them and he says “No, No, No, I wouldn’t dream of it seriously.” Dean goes back to Sam without taking his eyes off of Sarah which sam and jess notice but didn’t say anything and then Dean said “Anyways Jess, sorry gotta borrow your boyfriend here, talk about some private family business.” He looked at Sarah and she smiled and said “But, uh, nice meeting you.” Sam simply said “No.” He walked over to Jess and sarah, putting his arm around Jess and said “No whatever you gotta say, you can it in front of these two.” Dean looked at Sam and he said “Okay, Um Dad hasn’t been home in a few days.” Sam said “So he’s working overtime on a Miller Time Shift. He’ll stumble back in sooner or later.” Dean continues looking at Sam and says “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home for a few days.” Sam expression changes and both Jess and Sarah look at him and sam says “Jess, Sarah excuse us. We have to go outside.”

(Jess’s PJ outfit)

(Sarah’s PJ outfit)

In the stairwell after Sam changed into a hoodie and jeans and he said “I mean, come on you can’t just break in, middle of the night and expect me to hit the road with you.” Dean said “You’re not hearing me sammy, Dad’s missing and I need your help to find him.” Sam said “You remember the poltergeist in Amherst? Or the devil’s gate in Clifton? He was missing then, too. He’s always missing, and he’s always fine.” Dean stops and turns around which causes sam to stop as well and dean concerned says “Not for this long, Now are you gonna come with me or not?” Sam simply said “I’m not.” Dean looked at Sam and asked him “Why not?” To which sam replied with “I swore i was done with hunting. For good.” Dean looked at Sam and said “Come on, it wasn’t that easy but it wasn’t that bad.“Dean starts walking down the stairs again and Sam follows and Sam says “Yeah When I told Dad, I was scared of thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.” Dean stops at the door and looks at sam and says “Well, what was he supposed to do?” Sam said “I was nine years old! He was supposed to say, don’t be afraid of the dark.” Dean looked at Sam surprised and said “Don’t be afraid of the dark? Are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark, You know what’s out there.” Sam said “Yeah, I know but still. The way we grew up, after mom was killed, and dad’s obsession to find the thing that killed her.” Dean glances outside and Sam continues “But we still haven’t found the damn thing, so we kill everything we find.” Dean said “We save a lot of people doing it, too.” There was a short pause and then Sam said “You think mom would have wanted this for us?” Dean just rolls his eyes and slams the door open.

There was a short flight of stairs from the door to the parking lot, Dean and Sam climb it. Sam then continues his conversation and said “The Weapon training, and melting the silver into bullets? Man, Dean we were raised like warriors.” The crossed the parking lot to the impala and got in and Dean looked at Sam and said “So what are you gonna do? You’re just gonna live some normal, apple pie life? Is that it?” Sam looked back at Dean and said “No, Not normal safe. Dean said “And that’s why you ran away.” After that he looks away from Sam and said “I was just going to college, It was Dad who said If I was gonna go I should stay gone, and that’s what I am doing.” Dean sighs and looks at Sam and said “Yeah, well Dad’s in real trouble right now. If he’s not dead already, I can feel it.” Sam remains silent and then Dean continues “I can’t do this alone.” Sam simply said “Yes you can.” Dean looks down and says “Yeah, well i don’t want to.” Sam sighs and looks down thinking, then up and says “What was he hunting?” Dean opens the trunk of the impala, then the spare-tire compartment it’s an arsenal and he props the compartment open with a shotgun, and digs through the clutter and he said “All right, let’s see where the hell did I put that thing?” Sam curiously asked dean “So when dad left, why didn’t you go with him?” Dean still looking through the compartment said “I was working my own gig, This, uh, voodoo thing down in New Orleans.” Sam asked “Dad let you got hunting by yourself?” Dean looked over at sam and simply said “I’m twenty six dude.” Dean pulls some papers, out of a folder and dean said “All right, here we go. So dad was checking out this two-lane blacktop just outside of Jericho, California about a month ago, this guy.” He hands sam one of the papers and says “They found his car, but he vanished. Completely MIA.” The paper is a printout of an article from the Jericho Herald, headlined “Centennial Highway Disappearance” and dated Sept, 19th 2005; it has a man’s picture, captioned “Andrew Carey MISSING.” Sam reads it and glances up and says “So maybe he was kidnapped.”

Dean said “Yeah. Well, here’s another one in April.” He tosses down paper every day he mentions and continues “Another one in December ’oh-four, ’oh-three, ’ninety-two, ten of them over the past twenty years.” He takes the piece of paper off of Sam and picked up the rest and put them back in the folder and continues “All men, all the same five-mile stretch of road.” Dean pulls a bag out of another part of the arsenal and he still continues “It started happening more and more, so Dad went to go dig around. That was three weeks ago, I hadn’t heard from him since, which is bad enough.” Dean grabs a handheld tape recorder and says “Then I get this voicemail yesterday.” He pressed play on the recorder and it was John and he said “Dean...Something big is starting to happen...I need to try and figure out what’s going on. It may...be very careful, Dean. We’re all in danger.” He presses stop and then sam says “You know there’s EMP on that?” Dean was impressed and said “Not bad, Sammy. Kinda like riding a bike, isn’t it?” Sam shakes his head and then Dean said “All right, I slowed down the message down, I ran it through a gold wave, took out the hiss, and this is what I got.” He presses play again and woman is speaking and she says “I can never go home....” Sam says after dean stops the recording “Never go home.” Dean drops the recorder, puts the shotgun down, stands straight, and shuts the trunk, then he leans against it and sam stands next to him and dean says “You know, in almost two years I’ve never bothered you, never asked for a thing.”

Sam looks away, sighs and then he looks back and says “All right, I’ll go I’ll help you find him but i got to be back first thing Monday morning, just wait here.” Sam turns and heads back into the apartment and sarah comes walking out and she changed her clothes and stood next to dean and said “Wow, is this your car, if i’m correct it’s a 1967 Chevy Impala?” Dean looked at Sarah and was impressed and asked “Wow, yeah it is how did you know?” Sarah said “My dad use to teach me alot about cars and the types of models, it was our little hobbie together, but he passed away a few years back cancer.” Dean said “Sorry to hear that, you two must’ve been pretty close?” Sarah said “Yeah i was more of a daddy’s girl than mummy’s girl, so i was thinking maybe i could go with you guys it’s just so boring here nothing to do and i’m 19 years old so no one can say I can’t.” Dean smiled and said “Well i’m alright with you coming with me as long as you tell your sister and she’s fine with that.”

(Sarah’s outfit)

Sarah went back inside of course dean checking her out and sam came out and said “What was that about?” Dean said “She wants to tag along, I said I’m cool with it as long as Jess is alright and before you say anything she’s old enough to make up her mind.” Sam looked at him with a look but didn’t say anything she left it up to Jess and sarah came out ten minutes later, with a bag and Jess wasn’t that far behind and said to Sarah “I want you to call me every day and behave and listen to what Sam and Dean tell you otherwise, you’ll be straight back here.” They had a close relationship every since they lost their dad a few years ago and Sarah said “Of course I will pinky promise, I love you.” They hugged and Jess said “I love you too sweetie.” Jess then looked at Dean and Sam and said “Please take care of Sarah she means alot to me.” Of Course they promised that they would look out for her, dean put her bag in the boot and she gave Jess one last hug and got into the car and she let sam and jess have some alone time. Jess said “Please just whatever you are doing come back in one piece please.”

Then Dean asked Sam “So what’s happening monday first thing?” Sarah didn’t say a word and Sam said “I have this....I have an interview.” Dean looked at Sam confused and said What a Job interview?Skip it.” Sam looked at Dean and said “It’s a law school interview, and it’s my whole future on a plate.” Dean looked at Sam and said “Law School?” Dean smirks and Sam looks at him and says “So we got a deal or not?” Dean looked at Sam and Sarah looked at both of them and Dean says nothing.

It was night time in Jericho, California and on centennial highway The Eagle Of Death Metal’s “Speaking in Tongues” plays and A young man named Troy, is driving down the highway talking on his cellphone and he’s talking to a girl named Amy and he says “Amy, I can’t come over tonight because I’ve got work in the morning that’s why....Yeah Okay, I miss it and my dad’s gonna have my ass.” Suddenly there was a high pitch noise and Troy sees a woman dressed up in white standing on the edge of the road she’s moving like she’s dancing; she flickers and for a moment she’s gone troy then says to Amy “Hey, ah, Amy let me call you right back.” He hangs up the phone and the music continues “I got this feeling and it’s deep in my bah-tay, It gives me wriggles and it makes my rump shake I said ho! Tory tries a few times to turn off the radio, but strangely nothing happens and the music continues and he pulls up next to the woman and her dress is torn in a few places and stops, leaning against the shotgun seat and troy says “Car trouble or something?”

There was a long pause until the woman finally spoke and said “Take me home?” Troy who was a gentleman said “Sure, get in.” The woman who is barefoot, climbs in and closes the door behind her. Troy asks “So where do you live?” The mysterious woman said “The End of Breckenridge Road.” Troy drove off to the destination that she gave Troy and he asked her “Are you coming from a Halloween Party or something?” He looks at the girl and sees that her dress is very low-cut and he notices, stares and laughs nervously and he says “You know a girl like you really shouldn’t be alone out here.” She looks at him mournfully, seductively and pulls her skirt up over her thigh and looks at Troy and she simply says “I’m with you.” Troy looks away the mysterious woman takes troy’s chin and turns his face to look at her and she asks him “Do you think I’m pretty?” He shakes his head and stares straight at her cleavage and he couldn’t say a word all he could say was “Uh...huh.” She then asked him “Will you come home with me?” He simply says “Um, hell yeah!”

They arrived at an abandoned house and Troy was confused and the mysterious woman and she says “I can never go back home.” Troy said “What are you talking about? Nobody even lives here, where do you live?” He turned to see the passenger sit empty and he looked around and couldn’t see the mysterious girl, so he cautiously got out of his vehicle and says “That’s good, joke’s over okay? You want to leave?” He got no response so he slowly walked towards the house and said “Hello? Hello? There’s a picture of the Women and her two children inside the house, the picture is covered in dust and that was enough to freak troy out and he ran back to his car and drove away he looks behind him--no one’s there--then in the rearview mirror the mysterious woman is in the backseat troy yells again and drives straight through a “BRIDGE CLOSED.” Sign he stopped halfway across the bridge, he screams and there’s blood splatted on the window of the car.

The following morning Sam, Dean and Sarah was at a gas station, whilst sam was sorting out the gas sarah and dean headed inside and then a few minutes came out with food and drinks sarah went over to sam and got him a drink of water and some food which he appreciated and hey got into the car and sam was going through dean’s cassette tapes and says “I swear man you’ve gotta update your cassette tape collection they’re at least a dozen cassettes on sam’s lap and Dean looks at Sam and says “Why?” Sam holds up every tape that he names starting with “Black Sabbath? Motorhead? Metallica?” Sarah said “Come on these are legendary bands dean was impressed and said “Well, house rules Sammy.” He pops the cassette tape of Metallica in the player and looks back at Sam and says “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” Dean drops the Metallica box back in the box of tapes and starts the engine. Sarah just looks outside the window admiring the view and at the front Sam looks at Dean and says “You know, sammy is a chubby twelve-year-old.” AC/DC “Back in Black” begins to play and sam says “It’s Sam,okay? Dean looked at sam and said “Sorry I can’t hear you, the music’s too loud.” That causes sarah to smile and of course noticed in the mirror and he smiled and still looked at the road.

Sam was finished talking on his phone and said “Thank you.” He closes his phone and looks at dean and says “All right, so there’s no one matching dad at the hospital or morgue, so that’s something I guess dean glances back at Sam and then back at the road. At bridge ahead of them, there are two police cars and several officers sarah was also looking at them and Dean said “Check it out.” Dean pulls over and they take a long look before Dean turns off the engine. Kid Gloves Music’s “My cheatin ways.” begins to play Dean opens the glove compartment, and pulls out a box full of fake ID cards with his and John’s face on visible ones include FBI and DEA and he picks one out and grins at Sam and he says “Come on.” Sarah decided to stay in the impala when the boys got to the lead deputy, deputy jaffey, he leans over the railing yelling to yell down to men in wetsuits, who was poking around in water, “You guys find anything?” The divers shouted up to the deputy “No! Nothing.” Jaffey turns back to the car in the middle of the bridge. It’s familiar, its Troy the blood gone another deputy, deputy Hein, is at the driver’s side looking around inside the car.

Hein said “No sign of a struggle, no footprints, no fingerprints. Spotless, Its almost clean.” Dean and Sam walk into the crime scene like they belong there and Jaffe was talking to Hein and he said “So, this kid Troy, he’s dating your daughter isn’t he?” Hein simply said “Yeah.” Jaffe then asked “How’s Amy doing?” Hein said “She’s putting up missing posters in town.” Dean said “You fellas had another one like this just last month, didn’t you?” Jaffe looks up at Dean when Dean starts talking and straightens up to talk to him and asks him “And who are you?” Dean shows him his badge and said “Federal marshals.” Jaffe looked at both of them and said “You two look a little young for marshals, aren’t you?” Dean laughs and says “Thanks, that awfully kind of you.” Dean walks over to the car and continues “You did have another one like this, correct?” Jaffe walked over to dean and sam and said “Yeah that’s right. About a mile up the road. They’ve been others before that.” Sam got involved and said “So this victim, you knew him?” Jaffe looks at Sam and simply nods and says “Town like this, everybody knows everybody.” Dean circles the car looking around and he then says “Any connection between the victims, beside they’re all men?” Jaffe looks at dean and says “No. Not as far as we can tell.” Sam asks “So what’s the theory?” Sam walks over to Dean and Jaffe says “Honestly, we don’t know. Serial murder? Kidnapping ring? Dean looks at Jaffe and says “Well, that’s exactly the kind of crack police work, I’d expect out of you guys.” Sam stomps on dean foot and says “Thank you for your time.” Jaffe watched Sam and Dean leave and Dean smacked Sam on the back of the head and Sam was confused and said “Ow! What was that for? Dean said “Why’d you step on my foot?” Sam looks at Dean and says “Why did you have to speak to the police like that?” Dean looks at Sam and stops him and says “Come on, they don’t really know what’s going on. Its just the three of us and if we are going to find our dad we’ve got to get to the bottom of this thing ourselves.

Sam coughs and dean looks over his shoulder and he turns around it’s Sheriff Pierce and two FBI Agents and the sheriff said “Can I help you boys?” Dean replied “No, Sir, we was just leaving.” As the FBI agents walk past dean he nods at each of them and says Agent Mulder, Agent Scully as Dean and Sam was passed the sheriff, who turns to watch them go. The three of them arrived at The Marquee on the highland movie theater read “EMERGENCY TOWN HALL MEETING SUNDAY 8PM BE SAFE OUT THERE.” A young woman is tacking up missing posters with troy’s face and the caption read “MISSING TROY SQUIRE.” Dean, Sam and Sarah approach her and dean says “I’ll bet you that’s her.” Sam simply replies “Yeah.” The three of them walked over to the girl and said “You must be Amy.” Amy looked over and simply said “Yeah.” Dean said “Yeah, Troy told us about you, we are his uncles and this is he’s aunt I’m Dean, this is sammy and this is Sarah.” Amy looked at the three of them confused and said “He never mention you?” Amy started walking and the three of them followed and Dean said “Well that’s troy, I guess we aren’t around much we’re up in Modesto.” Another woman called Rachel walks over to Amy and a hand in her arm and looks at Amy and asks “Hey, are you okay?” Which Amy said “Yeah.” Then Sam said mind if we ask you a couple of questions?” Another missing poster of troy squire flaps in the breeze.

Inside the diner the five of them sat at a booth Dean, Sarah and Sam on one side of the booth and Amy and Rachel on the other and Amy said “I was on the phone with troy. He was driving home, He said he would call me right back, and...he never did.” Sam said “He didn’t say anything strange, or out of the ordinary?” Amy simple shakes her head and says “No. Nothing I remember.” Sarah noticed amy’s necklace and said “Nice Necklace.” She holds the pendant she’s wearing a pentagram in a circle, and looks down at it. Amy said “Troy gave it to me. Mostly to scare my parents.” She laughed and continued ---with all that devil stuff.” Sarah laughs a little and looks down, then up causing dean to look over at her and she said “Actually, it means the opposite. A pentagram is protection against evil, Really powerful. I mean if you believe in that kind of stuff.” That surprise both sam and dean and dean remove his hand from behind Sarah and leaned forward and said “Here’s the deal ladies. The way Troy disappeared, something’s not right. So if you’ve heard anything...” Before he could finish his sentence Amy and Rachel looked at each other and Dean asks “What is it?” Rachel looks over at the three of them and says “Well, it’s just...I mean, with all these guys going missing people talk.” Dean and Sam speak in Chorus “What do they talk about?” Rachel says “It’s kind of this local legend. This one girl? She got murdered out on, Centennial like decades ago.” Dean and Sarah look at Sam who watches attentively, nodding. she continues “Well, supposedly she’s still out there.”

Sam just nods and rachel continues the story she says “She hitchhikes, and whoever picks her up? Well, they disappear forever.” The three of them looked at each other.” The three of them was in the library sarah was on a computer looking into this and the boys was on a computer together arguing and then Sarah says “Guys I’ve got something you might want to check this out.” They both get up and walk over to Sarah and she reads what is on the screen ” A local woman’s drowning death was ruled a suicide the county Sheriff’s Department said earlier today, Constance Welch 24 of 4636 Breckenridge Road, leapt off Sylvania Bridge, at mile 33 of Centennial Highway and subsequently, drowned last night. Deputy J.Pierce told reporters that hours before her death Ms Welch logged a call 911 emergency services. In a panicked tone, Ms Welch described how she found her two young children 5, and 6 in the bathtub after leaving them for several minutes. She reported to the complex, “what happened to the children was a terrible accident and it must have been to much for the wife, our babies were gone and constance just couldn’t bare it,” said her husband Joseph Welch. “Now I ask that you all please respect my privacy, during this trying time.”

Sam and Sarah was done talking to Joseph Welch unfortunately dean had got himself arrested so he couldn’t go with them and Jessica left Sam and Sarah a few messages and before all that they found a room where John was staying under a different name and of course they found the place where the girl jumped and possessed dean’s car which didn’t end well. Sam and Sarah was in the impala and Sam’s phone went off and sarah answered it for him as he was driving and she put it on loud speaker and Dean said “Fake 911 phone call? Sammy, I don’t know, that’s pretty illegal.“To which sam simply said “You’re welcome.” Dean said “Listen we got to talk.” Sarah said “Hey dean sorry to interrupt but we got some news that we need to tell you, it turns out Joseph was unfaithfully, we are dealing with a woman in white and she’s buried behind her old house, so that can’t be your dad’s next stop.” Dean said “Sarah, would you shut up for one second? Sarah continued and said “I just can’t figure out why your dad hasn’t destroyed the corpse yet.”

Dean said “Sam, dad’s left Jericho.” That confused both of them and then sam said “What, how do you know?” Dean said “I’ve got his journal.” Sam surprised says “He doesn’t go anywhere without that thing.” Dean said “Yeah, well he did this time.” Sam then asked “What’s it say?” Dean replied “Ah, the same old ex-marine crap, when he wants to let us know where he’s going.” Sam replied “Coordinates, Where to?” Dean said “I’m not sure yet.” Sam said “I don’t understand, I mean what could be so important that Dad would just skip out in the middle of a job? Dean, what the hell is going on?” Sarah looks up and shouts “SAM WATCH OUT.” He looks up and sees the woman in white and brakes his car and sarah drops the phone and the car goes right through Constance and he bring it to a halt. Dean shouts “Sam? Sarah?” When he didn’t get a response he got worried. Constance was in the car in the front passenger seat and she said “Take me Home.”

Sam said “No!” Constance glares and the doors lock themselves both sam and sarah try to unlock them but without any luck and all of a sudden the car started driving all by itself, they keep trying to unlock the doors but constance is in the back with sarah who’s still trying to get the door open and constance starts flickering. The car arrives at the house and she stops and the doors unlock and sarah gets out and so does sam but constance is already on his lap and sam says “Don’t do this.” She flickers and her voice is sad she says “I can never go home.” Sam looked at Constance and he said “You are scared to go home.” and then she says “Hold me, I’m so cold.” Sam said “You can’t kill me i haven’t been unfaithful, I’ve never been! Constance said “You will be. Just hold me.” She kisses sam as he continues to struggle, reaching for the keys she pulls back and disappears, a flash of something horrible behind her face as she vanishes he looks around for a moment, then he yells in pain and yanks he’s his hoodie open and he see that there are five new holes burning through the fabric, matching to Constance’s fingers: she flickers in front of him her hand reaching into his chest all the while this was happening sarah didn’t know what to do she freaked out screaming for her to stop but she wasn’t listening and dean joins sarah and she feels more comfortable and she points him in the direction of where sam was and he he fired some shots and then Dean shoots at Constance shattering the window in the process and Dean keeps shooting her when she appears and finally Sam has control of the car and he says “I’m taking you home.” He crashes the car into the house and straight away dean and sarah ran to check on him calling his name he replies and says “I’m fine I think.” Dean said “Can you move?” Sam said “Yeah, help me.” With the help of dean and sarah they helped him out of the car.Whilst that was happening Constance picks up up a large framed photograph seen where she brought Troy here, the woman is constance and the children are presumably hers. Dean and Sarah helps Sam out of the car and dean says “There you go.” Dean closes the car door, they all look around and constance sees them and drops the picture frame. A bureau scoots to Dean, Sarah and Sam trapping them against the car, Constance looks around scared. Water begins to pour down the staircase, She goes over and at the top of the stairs was a boy and girl from the photograph and they are holding hands and they speak in chorus and say “Mommy you’ve come home to us.” Constance looks at them distraught, suddenly they are behind her, they embrace her tightly and she screams her image flickering in a surge of energy still screaming Constance and the two children melt into a puddle in the floor, The three of them shove the bureau over and go and look at the spot where Constance and her children vanished.

They arrived back at Sam’s house and they parked their car and Dean still frowning Sam gets out first and leans against the car and says “Call me if you find him?” Sarah gets out of the car after him and Dean nods and then Sam says “Maybe I can meet up with you later huh?” Dean says “Yeah all right.” Sam taps he car and gives sarah and dean time to talk to each other and before they did dean said “Sam.” He turns around and said “We all made a heck of a team back there.” Sarah smiled and Sam said “Yeah.” He headed inside and Sarah said “Well that was interesting not going to lie also scary at the same time so ghosts are real?” Dean looks at sarah who’s leaning in the window “Yeah, they’re among other things you never know i might tell you someday about them, i meant what i said to sam we are the dream team.” Sarah smiled and said “Yeah we did, see ya around dean.” She goes around the other side and gives him a kiss on the check and goes around had heads inside, turns her head around and sees dean one last time and they waved at each other and he drove off.

Unfortunately in sam’s apartment a fire had started sam looked up and saw Jess on the ceiling burning and so did Sarah and they both screamed and shouting for Jess and crying and dean came running back inside the house and grabbed both of them out of the house, of course neither of them wanted to leave, but unfortunately it was too late. A little while later the fire truck arrived and took the fire out sarah was completely devastated that she lost her only family member left and she was with sam and dean and she didn’t speak neither did sam as they was both in complete shock and Sam drops a shotgun in the arsenal of the impala and simply said “We’ve got work to do.”

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