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Alone {book 1}


Cassidy Mills a 5,000 year old vampire visits her home town and desovers her soulmate. She gets tied in with the Scooby-doo gang.she uncovers the truth of mystic falls. {the vampire diaries} {the originals{ Season 3-?

Action / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Cast+Chapter 1

{Melissa Benoist as Cassidy hills}

{Joseph Morgan as klaus Mikealson}

{Daniel gillies as Elijah Mikelson}

{ian someholder as Damon Salvatore}

{Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore}

{Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert’ n Katherine. Pierce}


I put the last of my clothes in my rose gold set of suitcases. Today was the day I’m going back to mystic falls. I got my compelled driver to get my bags and things while I said goodbye to my neighbours. I used to date there son Adam but he cheated on my with his sister Emily I know right disgusting I killed them both. I got in the limo that was waiting for me. I adopted a kid when I first moved here for a new start his name was Liam but something came after him and ended his life. I saw the mystic falls sign I was hit with deja vu. When we arrived in town square I was getting a li of stares from a few and side eyes and glances from others. We came to a stop and saw massive building. It was my house that I had some of my people build. It was a four story home. My moving trucks weren’t here yet so might as well explore town. I got back in the limo and told the driver to go to mystic grill. Once we arrived I told him go find a place to park while I walked in I saw him I saw my soulmate. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Our eyes connected for a second until someone came up to me.”hi I’m Damon.Damon Salvatore.” A guy with raven black hair told me. “Hi I’m not intresed

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