The Winchester's And I


Sam and Marleigh have been friends for a couple of years, they both met in college and have been good friends since. When Sam comes into town and brings something with him which causes Sam to go into hiding, leaves Dean to take care or Marleigh. Spending all of their time together ends up having Dean and Marleigh fall for each other, follow Sam, Dean, and Marleigh on their crazy adventure;

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Work has been a pain in my ass, it always ends up with me staying up late and having a rough morning the next day.

I wish I could get a better job but living in a small town does not bring me very many options.

Hopefully one day I will get to move to someplace nicer, I did go to college for a science degree but it did me no good.

Now I have the dreams of becoming a baker but with the kind of money I am making it's not happen anytime soon.

I have been up for an hour thinking about random things. I look over at my clock to see it's nine PM, I let out a sigh as I sit up. I pick up my phone as it vibrated on my nightstand.

It’s a text from Sam Winchester, it has been a long time since I have last heard for him. I open at the text and smile a little.

‘Hey Mars I’m coming through town at 12 and was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite to eat and catch up?’

‘Hey, I would love to. Does Blues Dinner sound good?’

’Sounds amazing, I will see you at 12. I can’t wait to see you again.”

I Smile as I read his text, I get out of bed and take a shower. After my shower I put on a pair of jeans, combat boots, and a black cropped t-shirt that said girl gang in big red lettering.

My eyes land on the clock and it was ten so I still had some time left. I opened up my laptop and started to look for a new job.

After an hour and a half I closed my laptop and put on a jacket, I got into my car and drove to Blue’s Dinner.

When I got out of my car my eyes landed on Sam who was waiting for me outside. When he saw me he smiles too and we walked over to each other and hugged.

“Wow Sam it has been such a long time, I have missed you.”

“It really has been a long time Mars.” he said as he softly pulled out of the hug.

Mars is a nickname he had made up for me. I walk with him into the Dinner and we both sit down across from each other.

“So how has life been?” I said as I ran my fingers through my long black hair.

“Well I have been on the road with Dean most of my time, right now he is being a pain in my ass. What about you, how have things been for you?”

“He is your brother, it’s his job to be a pain in the ass Sam. My degree has gotten me nowhere so I am working at Moon’s Dinner right now till I can find something else.

“You’re a smart girl Marleigh, I know you will find a better job.”

“I sure hope so.” is all I could say, I was hoping to find a better job but who knows what will happen.

We end up staying at the dinner for two hours just talking and enjoying our food. After paying the bill we both walk outside, I look over a him and smile.

“It was really good seeing you Sam, I just wish we could see each other more.”

He smiles and pulls me into a hug “I know I wish we could see each other a lot more too, Maybe we could meet up again after things cool down in my life.”

“I hope so,” I said as I pull out of the hug “I should go I need to get ready for work.”

“Alright see you around.” I gave him a small wave as I get into my car and drive away. I really did miss Sam but he was with family, family always comes first in my mind.

I let out a sigh as I pull into my driveway, I walked up to the house and locked the door behind me.

I have heard a lot about Dean but has never seen him with my own eyes. From what I have heard from same he seems like a Jackass but then again they are brothers.

Maybe I would get to meet him one day but I already knew it was never going to happen. I changed into my work uniform, which was a short black skirt, plan black shirt tucked in, black tights, and a pair of black high top converse.

I still had about an hour to kill so I watched some TV, after the hour went by fast I got up to go to work and slowly walked down the stairs.

Work for me was nothing to be happy about but it did pay my bills. I was just happy that I was not living on the streets or back with my parents.

I never had a good relationship with my parents,so they were my very last option. But sooner or later the job will stop being enough and I would have to find another place to live.

I get into my car and just sit there for a couple more minutes, I wish I could just call in sick but I know my work would not be very happy with me.

Now thinking back to my visit with Sam I had always thought he hated his brother. I do not see why he would spend so much time with him after everything I had heard.

But sometimes things can change which is not a bad thing, family always stays with you but friends don’t. That is something I had to learn the hard way, I just hope whatever is going on with his that he is doing ok with his brother.

I left to work not knowing what this visit with Sam Winchester would bring me.

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