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The Pharaoh's Daughter

By Brianna A Watson

Romance / Drama


Rosalie Ashlen Watson is an adopted Princess of Upper Egypt. She meets the Pharaoh of Lower Egypt, falling in love quite quickly. Despite her father's warnings, she is drawn into him because he is the only clue that she has to her deceased, biological mother.




There was a royal family in, both, Upper & Lower Egypt. Pharaoh Yami, Queen Yugi, & Prince Heba lived in Lower Egypt. While, Pharaoh Akhnamkanon & Prince Atem lived in Upper Egypt. Atem's mother died after he was born. So, he's kinda lonely.

Prince Heba is only 5 summers (A/N: Summers means years in Ancient Egypt... Don't get it, but I'm willing to stick to it.) old, but he wants an younger, or older, sibling.

So, he would love to have someone to look up to...

But, what the little Prince DOESN'T know... Is that his wish might come true...

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