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A Pirate's Life


"Trust me, this ain't the life for you, Princess." - Hoseok You've spent so much of your life sheltered from what you truly wanted. So many people wanted to tell you that you couldn't have what you desired, but now that you were an adult, you were fed up with it. You were'nt just going to roll over and do what was expected of you. Who cares if you had a country watching you, you never wanted it anyway. There was a bigger plain out there, ready for you to explore. You just needed to escape. Hoseok X Reader X Yoongi ©EasilyAddicted11 2020

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The morning was peaceful around the palace grounds. Guards stood at their posts, unbothered by the birds that constantly chirped as they enjoyed the garden. People in the town were waking up for an early start, eager to make their earnings for the day so they could feed their hungry families. Whilst the town was filthy and full of people, the palace was a glorious sight to behold, with marble floors and stone coloms, gold trimmings and crystal chandeliers. It was the perfect symbol of royalty. It seperated itself from the town, not just with distance, but also with class.

The head butler was making his rounds through the large building. He had so many people under him that he had to keep in check, the Queen would definitely keep him on his toes. He had already gone around to wake up the staff, check on the maids, debrief the gardeners, organise the tutors, plan the menu for the day, tell the cooks, and sent an errand boy to go shopping. And it wasn't even half past eight yet. Now it was his job to wake the Queen and Princess from their slumber so that they may start their day as well. The thought of having to wake the Queen was not one that he looked forward to. The Queen had quite the temper on her, and he often feared for his life when he was ordered to do a wake up call for her. The last head butler was thrown in jail just for waking her a few minutes before what she specificically asked. He gulped at the very thought, perhaps he would wake the Princess first.

He made his way down the shiny halls. By the looks of it, the maids had polished the floors before going to bed; they were so clean that a reflection could be seen. He did his best not to scuff them with his shoes as he walked. While he made the long trek through the palace to the Princess' chamber, he made sure he was still presentable. He pushed his oiled up hair back harshly, fixed his white gloves that were falling a little loose on his hands. He adjusted his tail coat as well, making sure it sat right on his body. Of course he had become a little ruffled from all the jobs he had been doing that morning, but he knew he could never address his employers looking in such a state, however minute it was. By the time he had finished touching up his appearance to be impecable, he had finally reached the Princess's chamber.

Two armed guards were stood to attention at her grand doors. Their armor was big and bulcky, metal plates covered as much of them as possible. They looked like they were ready for war, but instead they were destined to watchover a door. Their spears were held stiffly at their sides closest to the door, just in case they had to quickly block someone's entrance or exit. They also had their swords attached to their hips, sheathed until required by them, which would probably never happen with their asigned job. On their fronts, a cloth bearing the coat of arms of the royal family was drapped over their chest piece, branding so everyone knew who they belonged to.

As the head butler approached them, they tried to stand up a little straighter than before. They had spent all night standing like that, their bodies were aching and sore, but they knew they had to push through it if they wished to keep their jobs. The butler acknowledged the two with a nod and stopped in front of them.

"How is she?"

"There was no movement inside the room all night, she stayed asleep," one of the guards explained proudly. f course they wanted some praise for a job well done, but they were never going to get that.

"Good, now open up." The two guards grabbed a handle each and pulled the grand doors wide open for the head butler. He entered the chamber that was fit for a Princess. White stone and marble made up most of the room,with a few gold trimmings here and there. A fireplace was at the back of the room, the rim covered in soot after having a fire going in it all night. He noted that he would have to ask the maids to clean that up, perhaps a chimney sweep as well. In the center of the large room was a grand bed covered in the finest sheets a person could ask for. They were so thick, it took two maids just to carry them, but anything for royalty. The bed was surrounded by a sheer curtain that drapped from the roof and down around the edges of the bed. It gave the sound sleeper more privacy, she was a young lady after all.

The head butler stopped at the foot of the bed, slightly being able to make out a lump in the middle of the bed. He cleared his throat to announce himself, he didn't want to startle the poor girl out of sleep. "Princess, it's time to get up now." He waited for a reply, she usually woke up straight away, a graceful smile on her face as she thanked him and asked for breakfast. But she didn't move, not even a slight twitch. "Princess, you have to wake up now." Again, he waited but there was no reply. He started to become worried, it wasn't like the Princess to not wake easily. "Princess, your mother won't be happy about you sleeping in." No reply.

The head butler sighed, worry consuming him. He knew it was innapropriate to draw back the curtains whilst the Princess wasn't up, however he had to make sure that she was okay. He carefully pulled the light material away from the bed and made his way around to the head on the bed. "Princess please, you must wake u-"

As he reached the head of the bed he stopped. Stuffed under the blankets was a pillow, tucked in tight so no one would notice. The Princess was nowhere in sight. The head butler started to shake, not again. He quickly ran out of the chamber, composser forgotten about. "The Princess is missing! Sound the alarms!"


As the bells started ringing across the town, everyone stopped to find out what the commotion was about. They couldn't remember there being a celebration, nor was the clock hitting the hour yet. Guards started rushing through the town on horse back, fearful looks on their faces as they shouted the news. The Princess was missing! As the town's people all heard the news, it quickly became dismissed gossip. This wasn't the first time, and it probably wouldn't be the last, that what they thought. The Princess was always running off to God knows where, but they would always find her again and take her back to the palace. None of the town's people really felt worried either, they didn't exactly have a great love for the royal family, especially the Queen. If the Princess never came back, would they care? Probably not, it meant there was no heir to the thrown which meant the Queen had no blood successor, she would have to hand the thrown over to some other aristocrat.

Even if there were people who wanted to help, they couldn't. No one knew what the Princess looked like in the first place. The Royal family was always so private, and the Princess especially was never allowed to come into town, escorted or otherwise. They had nowhere to begin, except for maybe her clothes. Surely, the clothes of a royal would stick out to people.

As the guards road through the town, they started grabbing women on the street, they harshly threw them around as they examined their faces, trying to find the Princess amongst the crowd. Many cried out as the guards gave no regard for their strength on the weaker. Men yelled out for them to treat them gentler, but all it earned them was a beating from other guards.

In a little alley, covered by the dark, a lone figure stood in the damp space to watch what was happening with disgut. Their body shrouded in a black cloak, their face thoroughly covered from sight, they were clearly trying to hide. They watched the royal guards throwing people around, ripping women's clothes off of them to 'get a better look at them', they could feel their blood boil at the treatment they were giving. This was exactly why they ran away, they refused to be apart of the system anymore. Instead, they were going to help tear it down, once and for all.

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