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I'm Right Here

By maseklau

Adventure / Romance

51 Hours Left

"Every simulation has been run. Every system modification has been made. The hard and simple fact is that in 51 hours, life on the Ark will no longer be possible."

Find your peace, Jaha had said. Abby didn't even know what that meant. As she stared down at the dead girl on her table, she knew peace was not possible for her, not while her daughter was on Earth and she here on the Ark.

Jackson had left rather abruptly after the death, she had let him. He should be with his family. She didn't have one, not here. She cleaned up and left Ark Station Medical. She figured she would head home to Alpha Station and die among pictures of Clarke, pictures of Jake.

The halls were empty, she assumed everyone was with their families, spending what little time they had left with those they loved. She would do the same. She was nearly back to her rooms when she was startled by a voice.

"I can't stare at those screens anymore; Sinclair wanted to be with his wife anyway. There was no point." Abby turned to find Marcus Kane leaning against the pipe on the wall. He held a clear bottle with clear liquid inside of it, she had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't water in there. He took a swig of it and pushed himself off the pipe, taking a few steps toward her. "Want some?"

What the hell, she thought, we're dying anyway. She took the bottle from him, their fingers brushing, and drank some. It didn't taste bad, for moonshine.

"Are you okay?" He asked, looking at her closely. He always seemed to be reading her and she had grown used to it, but now, he didn't try to hide it.

"Why would I be okay?"

"Fair point." He said with a nod. He took the bottle back from her and took another drink of the moonshine. "Where are you headed?"

"Home." She looked at him for a moment before turning and walking down the hall. He didn't follow her and she realized that it pained her, him not taking the initiative and making the first move. There was only 48 hours left on the Ark, she had wasted 3 in surgery. She wasn't going to waste anymore. She turned back to Kane and said, "Why don't you come with me?"

Halfway through a sip of moonshine, he lowered the bottle and coughed a bit on the alcohol. "What?"

She fought the urge to smile and said calmly, "I thought I wanted to be alone, but I don't. Not now." She paused before meeting his eyes. "Please, Marcus."

Kane wiped the liquid from his lips with his arm and looked at her for a moment, unsure. Finally, he said, "Okay."

They walked silently down the hallway and along another before they reached the Griffin home. Abby unlocked the door and led the way into the very white room. All Alpha Station homes looked the same. She suddenly wondered what Kane's house looked like, realizing she had never been there. He had been here many times, to watch old sports games with Jake, sometimes Jaha too, or bring Council news to her when it was urgent.

Kane felt at home in the very clean room and sat down on the couch, setting the bottle of moonshine on the table in front of him. He watched as Abby moved around the room, looking for something. She came over to the couch with a bottle of amber colored liquid.

"How about some real alcohol, huh?" She asked, handing the dusty bottle to him.

"What is it?" He asked, popping open the top and taking a whiff. He cringed away from it.

"Whiskey from Earth." She said, looking at the faded label. "There's no time like the present."

"Isn't this supposed to be drunk on Earth?" He asked quietly, still having not taken a sip.

"If that were the case, we should have sent it with the kids." She said bitterly, taking it from him. She raised it to her lips and drank several large gulps, relishing in the burn as it went down her throat. He looked at her in surprise.

"Abby, I know you're upset, but this—"

She set the whiskey down next to his moonshine and turned toward him on the couch. "How could you possibly act like you know what I'm going through? My daughter's down there! I'm never going to be able to apologize now."

He nodded, remaining silent for a moment. She thought he wasn't going to respond, but he was Marcus Kane and he always had something to say. "Clarke will understand, she'll forgive you. It just takes time. It was only a year ago and she was put in solitary confinement—"

"Because of you—" She shouted.

"Because of the Council," he snapped, "which you were on too! You can blame me all you want for Jake's death, if it makes you feel better, but the true fault lies with you, Abby."

She shook her head sadly. "I thought I could trust Thelonius. I thought he would talk Jake out of it. But, he killed him."

"We voted on it, Jaha didn't do it alone." Kane reminded her. She looked at him, curiosity on her face. He clarified, "I won't have you dying and being upset with him too."

She took his hand and said, staring at the back of it, "I'm not upset with you."

"No?" He was amused, clearly he thought she was.

"I'm not," said Abby quietly, running her thumb over the back of his hand. "Believe it or not, I rarely am." He laughed and a smile pulled at her lips. "We argue, yes, but we have differing opinions on what's best for everyone. That's all."

"That's all. You say that as if it's a small matter." He was definitely amused now. "But I know we've never hated each other, Abby. Far from it."

"Oh? What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know what it means." He left it at that as he leaned forward on the couch to reach the alcohol again. He picked up the whiskey and raised it to his lips, murmuring, "Let's see what this is all about."

He took a drink and looked pleased with the result, taking several more. He smiled as he said, "Now this is how you die."

She bit her lip, fighting what she wanted to do. Finally, she said, "Are you sure? Wouldn't you rather do something else?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Like what? What's better than getting drunk at the end of the world?"

She smiled and pulled her hand away from his, he was prepared to protest the loss of contact. She stood and grabbed the moonshine, walking away. He called, "Abby, where are you going?"

"Come see."

He found her in the bedroom, sitting on the bed, already divested of her boots and jacket. She took a drink of the alcohol. He held the whiskey and nearly dropped it on the ground. He whispered, "Abby, if this is because we're about to die…"

She shook her head. "Don't talk about it, okay?"

He nodded and walked toward her, setting the bottle on the nightstand. He reached for the moonshine and Abby handed it to him. She scooted over on the bed and he kicked off his boots before climbing into it.

He was surprisingly tender as he pulled her toward him and wrapped an arm around her, cradling her face with his other hand. His thumb ran along her jaw and he looked at her, taking in every inch of her beautiful face. She looked right back at him, unabashed by his gaze. She placed a hand on his arm, curling around his bicep.

When his lips finally made contact with hers, she realized that he had thought about doing this before. The way he kissed her wasn't rushed, he didn't want to dive right into the good stuff. He wanted to cherish this moment, learn what each centimeter of her lips felt like and what every part of her mouth and tongue tasted like.

She reached for his jacket, unzipping it most of the way before his hand stopped her. He breathed, "Abby, we don't have to do this. Not unless you actually want to."

"Shut up, Marcus." She said, swatting his hand out of the way. She pushed his jacket off his shoulders. "You talk too much."

He laughed and she tossed aside his jacket, already reaching for the hem of his shirt. "Abby…"

"I said shut up, Kane." She snapped. He fell against the bed, surprised. She sighed when he wouldn't look at her, his jaw set firm. She pushed herself up and still, he didn't meet her eyes. She peeled off her shirt and climbed on top of him, straddling his waist, it got his attention. He looked at her finally and she ran her hand up his chest, curling it around his neck. "I'm sorry, Marcus."

He gave her a slight nod and she took that as a good sign. She leaned down and planted a kiss on his lips. He grabbed her hips and slid his hands up her body, toward her bra. She gripped the hem of his shirt again and this time, he didn't protest. She raised it over his head and he tossed it aside. She planted kisses along his torso as she reached for his belt, making sure to control her breathing. Going too fast would be detrimental to their already failing health.

Kane unclasped her bra and flung it aside before running his hand over the newly exposed flesh. She ran her hand over his heart and felt that he wasn't overexerting himself, not yet at least. Good, it meant they could go longer. Abby unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants open. His mouth met hers briefly before it found her neck. Her hand was creeping toward his boxers when the P.A. system crackled to life.

"Councillor Kane, Sinclair, and Dr. Griffin, report to Earth Monitoring immediately." It was Jaha's voice over the system.

Abby sighed and looked down at Kane, her hand stilling. He put both hands on her hips, holding her where she was.

"Fun's over, I guess." He said with a sad smile on his face. He reached up to brush a strand of hair out of her face before leaving his hand there on her cheek, cupping it.

She nodded and placed a hand over his, smiling into it. "This can't take long, meet me here after?"

He nodded. "Of course." He leaned up and kissed her fiercely, not caring about overexertion or the thinning air. She pulled away, out of breath.

"We have to go," Abby said, resting her forehead against his. He nodded, running his thumb along her jaw. She kissed him once more before pulling away and searching for her clothes.

Kane was dressed long before her, just as put together as when he arrived even with his hair put back in place. He held the whiskey bottle and took a long drink of it — it was nearly half gone. Abby — dressed — walked over to him and took his hand. His eyes darted to the contact and raised an eyebrow.

She said, "If I'm going to die, I want you by my side."

He smirked. "I always knew you had a soft spot for me."

"Shut up, Marcus."

"Nice of you to join us, Councillor, Doctor Griffin." Thelonious Jaha said as they entered Earth Monitoring. Kane still held the bottle of whiskey and Abby still held Kane's hand. "Are you drunk?"

"A little," Kane admitted. "What's the emergency?"

Jaha just shook his head, eyes on the clasped hands. "I expected the two of you to go out with some class."

"Leave it alone, Thelonious." Abby warned, staring hard at him. "You said, 'find peace,' we all find it in different ways."

Jaha nodded. He looked at Sinclair who walked over with schematics. The Chancellor said, "Well I hope the two of you can live with what you've done and that you've saved some of that whiskey — we're going to Earth."

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1. 51 Hours Left
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