The Prince's Princess

Chapter 3

Harry stared at the girl as Ginny served tea. Though this woman, Lillian, had Snape's eyes and nose, it would seem that she got her looks more from her unknown mother. Her red hair shocked him a little, as very few people, aside from the Weasley's had that sort of red hair. Her introduction was a shock to him, as he had always thought that with the perils of his job as a Death Eater and spy, along with his heart-break of having the love of his life killed, Severus Snape had remained a bachelor. He waited until Ginny took a seat beside him.

"I'm… pretty shocked to learn that you were Professor Snape's daughter." Harry started as Lillian sipped her tea. He had started calling Snape "Professor" ever since that night, when he had found that Snape was one of the main reasons he was alive.

She shrugged, "A lot of people have told me that. But I was well hidden, and did not come here to England to live or study until recently."

"He hid you?" Ginny asked, pertaining to Snape.

But the woman shook her head, "No. It was my mother who hid me. After I was born, she moved to France to raise me. I studied at Beauxbaton."

But Harry scowled, "But still… I do not know if I should trust you. Why would your mother hide you? Your father could've protected you. He protected me. How can he not do the same for you?"

Lillian sighed, "Believe me, I did not know it either." She put down her tea, "I only learned of my parentage nineteen years ago, when news of Severus'… or rather, my father's death reached the Wizarding community in France."

She put a hand into her jacket and brought out a vial of silvery liquid. Memories, as Harry surmised. He had seen plenty of those that he could never forget what it looked like. "My tale… is far too long to tell you. My mother left me these before her death. I didn't want to view them alone. I wanted someone… anyone… who could see these memories with me. Which is why I thought of you, Mr. Potter."

She took out something from her pocket again, and this time it was a book, written by Rita Skeeter right after Snape's death. Gold letterings emblazoned "Snape: Saint or Sinner?" made him scowl.

"I told Rita Skeeter about that. But it seems she manipulated the whole story." Harry said, as if defensively. But he looked up at her again, "It seems rather late for you to want to know about your father. Why do you want to know about him now?"

Lillian smiled sadly, "My mother died just a week ago, Mr. Potter. And I'm afraid I resented my father, and did not want to know about him. But now…"

"You feel alone." Harry said, "Like there's no one to talk to, no one to care. You're curious as to why he left you, and if he really did love you."

Lillian nodded.

Harry sighed and turned to Ginny, "Think you can get my Pensieve, Ginny?"

Ginny nodded, "Of course." And she left, bustling towards Harry's office.

As she was gone, Harry turned to Lillian again, "You said that it's been 19 years since you have heard of the Professor's death. What have you been doing that you didn't return to London?"

"I am actually teaching Potions in Beauxbaton's." She said and Harry blinked. She smiled and nodded a little, "Yes… I probably got that from my father… though my mother was an incredibly powerful witch as well. She's a Metamorphmagus, but she hardly uses her skills other than to make me laugh."

"One of our friends, Tonks… she was a Metamorphmagus as well. Her son inherited her abilities… but, she died during the Battle of Hogwarts." Harry smiled a little, "She said there were very few Metamorphmagi left… I guess your mother was one of them."

"She was." Lillian nodded, "But, she had no patience with the law. The Auror Office here have always hounded her to apply as an Auror. But I think she just wasn't that adventurous."

"What was your mother's name?" Harry, who was working in the Auror's Department for years, thought that he might've heard of her mother's name from his files at work, which included possible recruits for Aurors.

"Her name was Lianne Delacroix."

Something clicked inside Harry's brain, "Delacroix? I've heard that name from Aberforth. Was she a barmaid for the Hog's Head Inn a few years?"

Lillian shrugged, "She said she was, but she never told me much about it." She lifted the vial of her mother's memory again. "Perhaps… perhaps we'll learn more if we see this."

As if on cue, Ginny returned, carrying a silver bowl with her. "Harry, it seems like your map of Hogwarts is missing." She said as she laid it down on the table before them, "You always kept it on your desk. But it's not there anymore."

Harry sighed, "James must've taken it. I'll talk to him in the morning. Care to come with us through Mrs. Delacroix memory, Ginny?"

But Ginny shook her head, "I know you enough that even I don't come with you, you'll still tell me about it in the morning." She smiled, "I need to sleep early tonight. The kids are heading back to Hogwarts in a few days, so I might head over to Diagon Alley early tomorrow to buy their supplies again." She bent over and kissed Harry goodnight. "I left some tea on the kitchen for the both of you."

Lillian bowed her head in thanks, "Thank you so much for everything, Mrs. Potter."

"Call me Ginny. Everybody else does." And she smiled, "We did not know much about Professor Snape, but we do know that he is quite protective of those that he cared for. Whatever he had done, it must've been for your own good. Please remember that."

Lillian smiled and nodded, "I shall. Thank you again. Bonne nuit, Ginny."

As Ginny left, Lillian poured the contents of the vial… her mother's memory… into the bowl. Afterwards she sighed and looked over to Harry. "Shall we go, Mr. Potter?"

Harry nodded, and Lillian lowered her head towards the bowl, where the Pensive absorbed her into the memory, and he bent down and followed suit.

And this is what they saw.

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