The Prince's Princess

Chapter 4

It was Christmas Eve in Hogsmeade, and yet, there was one shop that was not as festive looking. The Hog's Head Inn was still dark and gloomy, but a single light can still be seen in the window. Harry looked around for Lillian, and he saw her behind him, taking deep breaths. She gulped and nodded to him.

They headed over to the Inn, passing through like ghosts on the closed door. In the darkness of the inn, a single light flickered at a table, with his old Professor, Severus Snape, sat, his head bowed over the table and a woman with dark red hair had her hand on his arm. Snape was shaking, and then they both realized he was crying.

"Severus…" The woman with red hair said soothingly, "It is not your fault."

"Yes, it is." Snape said his voice muffled on the table he slowly straightened, and they both say tear tracks on his cheeks, his eyes red and swollen. "I told He-Who-Was-Not-Be-Named of the prophecy, and he killed her. He killed… he killed Lily…"

"Severus…" The woman, Lillian's mother, Lianne said again, and Snape downed his glass. Lianne sighed, "You've had too much to drink, Severus. You must stop."

But Severus merely banged his glass down, staring angrily at her, "You are here because you are a barmaid, woman. I want to drink. It's your job to make sure my glass is always full."

Lianne scowled, "I am also your FRIEND, Severus. We have been friends since we were in Fifth Year…"

"The year that arrogant toe-rag made me call Lily a 'Mudblood'." Severus muttered.

Lianne scoffed, "That was your fault, Severus. You have too much of a temper."

"And you are too much of a meddlesome barmaid to complain!" Severus shouted angrily, "Now fill up my glass."

She sighed, and filled his glass again with firewhiskey, before muttering a Refilling Charm at the previously empty bottle. "I do not understand you. You come here to drink and be miserable, you say. And yet you ask me to sit here, to listen to you, to serve you… and yet you treat me like this." She shook her head and headed to the bar to get some rags. "You treat me like a servant instead of a friend, Severus, and quite honestly it's taking all of my patience."

There was a moment of silence, and Severus groaned, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He said again, almost crying. "I've been a horrible friend to Lily and now I am a horrible friend to you. Is there anything I am good at? Will I always be evil… like him?!"

He banged his glass again in anger, "I want to kill him… I want to murder him myself. But that boy… Lily's child… he killed him even without even knowing what magic is!"

Lianne gazed at Severus again, before heading to him, standing beside him, and laying a hand on his shoulder. "No, Severus, you are not evil. Merely… misguided. Professor Dumbledore gave you an offer to protect Lily's child, and you have taken it. I'm sure he can guide you the right way… your path of redemption."

Snape hiccupped, thoroughly drunk now, "Albus said I should protect the boy… that the Dark Lord will return."

"If Dumbledore believes that, then maybe he will. We don't know who his brain works, Severus, but if he says he's going to come back, he will."

Suddenly Snape captured Lianne by the waist, and buried his head in her stomach. Lianne's eyes widened in surprise and was about to push him off, but Snape let out a sob.

"I killed Lily!" Snape shouted in despair, "I killed her! I'll never see her again! I'll never hear her voice again!" He sobbed even harder, "Oh… Lily! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry!"

A fresh wave of tears and sobs ripped through Snape again, and beside him, Harry heard Lillian sniff. He looked over to her to see tears fall from her eyes as she watched her parents before her. He looked back at Snape, only to see Lianne run her finger through the man's thick- yet oily – hair. She comforted him this way for a few minutes, before Snape's hand fell, and he slept, buried in Lianne's stomach. Lianne looked at him sadly.

She pushed him away a little, and took his arm. "Come on, Severus. It's time to go home."

The scene changed, and Harry and Lillian stood outside a room in a dark house. Lillian was tucking a groggy Snape into a shabby looking bed.

Lianne laid the man down gently, but Snape was still whimpering. "Lily.. I'm sorry."

Harry saw a tear fall down from Lianne's eye. "Severus… I wish I could help you. But I don't know how…"

"Bring Lily back." Snape sobbed again, still in his drunken grief, "I want Lily back…"

Lianne covered her mouth with her hand and turned away, turning directly to Harry and Lillian. Even though they know they were invisible to her, it looked as if she was looking straight at them. Then suddenly, her face… her body… changed. Harry gasped a moment later, because Lianne had turned into his mother.

"Mon Dieu…" Lillian muttered when she saw her mother change. Lianne then turned again, and headed back to Snape's bed.

'Lily' went back to Snape and touched his face, "Severus…"

Snape looked up, and saw Lily. In his drunken stupor he had forgotten that Lianne was a Metamorphmagus. Instead, he believed that it was the real Lily standing before him. He smiled despite his tears and touched her face. "Lily…"

"Go to sleep… Sev." Lily spoke, "It wasn't your fault. Go to sleep."

But Snape pulled her towards him, "Stay with me, Lily." He whispered against her hair.

"Severus…" Lily whispered, and suddenly, Snape kissed her, still clutching her in his arms. Their kisses were fervent, that it embarrassed both Lillian and Harry, and they both turned away.

The scene changed again.

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