The Prince's Princess

Chapter 5


They were in the Potions dungeon of Hogwart's and in his rage, Snape swept his arms across a table top, breaking vials and instruments he used for his Potions class. Behind him, Lianne flinched, clutching her stomach.

"This must be the moment my mother told him about me…" Lillian said beside Harry, who nodded.

"I used you?" Lianne said incredulously, "You were the one who pulled me towards you, Snape."

Snape was still furious, he was still bent upon the table, "If you didn't like it so much, why didn't you pull back? I could've let you go, instead you used your Morphing abilities on me!"

"YOU WERE IN PAIN!" Lianne shouted now, "You were in so much pain that it hurt me as well, Severus. I am your friend! I am your ONLY friend! I had to help you in some way! Did you really think I expected this?!"

"You haven't answered my question!" Snape rounded again to her, "WHY DIDN'T YOU PULL AWAY?!"

There was a moment of silence, before Lianne answered, "Because I didn't want to."

Snape looked at her again, and stepped back, too surprised to speak. Lianne smiled lovingly, but her eyes were watering with tears. "I love you, Severus Snape." She declared, "You… are brave and honest and smart and… even if you think you're evil, you're not. You are a good man. You hide behind the pretenses that you are capable of evil, but deep inside, you know what is right and wrong, and you fight for it. You are courageous. And I love that about you. I have always loved you, Severus… even before our fifth year."

But Snape raised a hand, "No." He said simply, "I cannot do this. No."

Lianne's eyes widened in shock, "Wh… what?"

Snape took a deep breath and straightened. He strode towards Lianne and when she was near, he took bother her hands in his. He looked straight into her eyes and muttered, "I can't. I don't. I don't love you like that, Lianne."

But Lianne closed her eyes and pulled her hands away, "Of… of course. It'll always be Lily."

But Snape pulled her towards him, "I am such a bloody rotten friend." He said, "I let my bestfriend and love die, and now that I have a new friend, I got her pregnant. I am that messed up, aren't I?"

Lianne nodded, and held on to Severus, "Yes. Yes, you are, Severus."

They pulled apart and Severus muttered, "How long?"

"Three weeks." Lianne whispered, pertaining to how long she had been pregnant. "I performed a spell to confirm it. And I went to a MediWizard to find out how long it has been."

Severus pulled out his wand, and pointed it at Lianne's stomach, "Revelare Graviditate…" He whispered, and when he raised his wand to his eyes, the tip of it was green. She really was pregnant.

"I am sorry." Severus said regretfully. "I cannot love you like that, Lianne…"

"I know." And with this the tears fell down from her eyes, "I know that it'll always be Lily."

But Snape took her hands, "What can I do, Lianne? What can I do to help?"

But she shook her head, "You cannot help, Severus." She shrugged, "I'll raise this child on my own. You do not love me like Lily. I know that. I can still be your friend. But as for raising this child, I think she will be in too much danger. You are a double agent, Severus. Both sides can easily kill you. And I know for a fact that Lord Voldemort will use us against you. Or he will kill us himself."

"The Dark Lord is gone." Snape said, "That Potter child killed him."

"But Albus knows that he will return, and when he does, he will find us, Severus." Lianne said, and she smiled sadly, "And besides… it will be rather hard for a girl to grow up without loving parents."

Severus cringed, "You know I will not be like my father, Lianne."

"I know that." She said, "But, I know for a fact that you do not love me like Lily…"

"But I can change." Severus said, his eyes becoming determined, "I will raise the child with you."

"And you will always gaze at Lily's picture." She said, "And when the time of the Dark Lord's return, his Death Eaters will catch us, torture us, or else kill us outright, especially if he finds out you're a double-agent."

"If he returns, I will hide you both myself. But while he is not around, I will care for the both of you." Snape said.

At this, Lianne's eyes watered again, "Then I will be the one who can't bear it."

Snape gazed at her, seeing her sadness, and finally he understood. He nodded, "Then… then allow me to support you both." His arm swept across the dungeon, "I have my salary here in Hogwart's. I can provide for the two of you. At least do me this honor, Lianne."

She smiled and nodded, "Okay, Severus."

Snape and Lianne hugged each other again, and tears started falling down Lillian's tears fell down from her eyes.

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