The Prince's Princess

Chapter 6

The scene changed again, and pretty soon they were in a room with a giant window over-looking the Eiffel Tower. Lillian gasped, "This…. This is my home."

"Nice." Harry said as he took in the scenery, and the comfortable living room. There was a leather couch, and a wooden rocking chair by the fireplace, with Lianne sitting on the rocking chair, knitting. There was a picture on the mantle of the fireplace, and upon closer inspection, Harry realized that it was a picture of Lianne and a 10 year old Lillian. Harry pointed at the picture and, Lillian smiled.

Suddenly, the fire in the fireplace turned green, and Severus stepped out. He stepped on the white cloth that Lianne had lain on the floor and looked up to her. She smiled, "Welcome to France, Severus."

"Thank you."Severus said as he looked around. "I am lucky enough to have the Ministry allow my Floo here to France."

Lianne shrugged, "You do know that I've still got connections to the Ministry even though I'm here right?"

Snape smirked, "Privileges of being a barmaid?"

Lianne laughed, "Perhaps." Snape settled down on the couch as Lianne laid down her knitting.

"Where's… my daughter?" Snape asked quietly.

But Lianne smiled. "Lillian is at school. She'll be coming home this afternoon, so you still have time to go back to Hogwarts before she sees you."

The man sighed, "This feels wrong." Snape said, "I am her father. I should be here looking out for the both of you."

"If you stay here, you will break my heart even more." Lianne said sadly, but she smiled. "You do know that this was my condition, Severus. The money you provide us is more than enough. I was able to enroll her to a Muggle school, and I already passed her requirements at Beauxbatons. She'll be receiving her letter next year."

But Snape focused his eyes on Lillian's picture, just between Harry and Lillian, who stood in front of the fireplace to watch them. "She grows up so fast…" Snape said wistfully.

Lianne looked at the fireplace too and nodded, "Yes. She does."

"You told me her second name was Severianne." And Snape smirked, "A combination of our names?"

"I couldn't think of a better name." Lianne laughed, "I would've named her 'Severus' too if she had been a boy."

"Speaking of boys…" Snape said soberly, "Lily's child is in Hogwarts now."

Lianne's smile faded and she whispered, "Harry Potter."

Harry's eyes widened. So they both knew about him, then he chuckled, "Turns out I'm quite famous in France too, huh?"

Lillian smiled, "The Boy Who Lived. Yes, you were pretty famous here too."

But Lianne spoke again, "So, he's eleven now. Is Albus happy that the boy finally came to his school?"

But Snape scoffed, " The whole Wizarding community in England is ecstatic." He leaned back again the sofa, and a dark look came to his face. "Lily and James' son. James' brat, rather. The boy is as arrogant and pig-headed as his father. I have no patience for him."

"But you did give your word to Albus to protect him." Lianne said.

"Yes. I did." Snape answered, "But the Dark Lord is gone. So he needs no protection from me."

But Lianne sighed, "Severus…"

"I know, I know." Snape said, "The Dark Lord might return. But I do not think I have the capability of taking care of the boy. I might kill him myself, if he proves he's just like that Potter man. He looks way too much like his father that it takes everything I have to not strike him."

Lianne smiled sadly, "Severus, he might look like James, but from what I've heard, he has Lily's eyes."

At this Snape became subdued, "Yes… yes he does."

"Then I think… your anger with James is getting the best of you. But…" She laid a hand on Snape's arm, and Snape looked at her as she smiled gently, "Harry… is Lily's son. Always remember that. Protect the boy for her, and not for James. And I am sure, though you might resent the way he looks like, the love you have for Lily will make you choose the right decisions."

Snape looked down at her hand, and grasped it with his. He looked at Lianne, and strangely, smiled gently at her, as if to ease her worry. It was the kind of smile that warmed his usually cold demeanor, and Harry couldn't help but smile along. It was a kind of smile that made him wish that Snape would smile like that more often during the time he lived. "I'll try to do that, Lianne."

Lianne leaned over, and like a wife thanking her husband, she kissed his cheek, "That's all I could ask for."

Harry heard someone sniff, and he looked over to Lillian, who had tears falling from her eyes. He reached over and touched her shoulder, "You okay?"

Lillian nodded and wiped away her tears, "Yes, I am fine." She looked over to Lianne, who was smiling, as Snape told her stories about his recent accomplishment, such as successfully making a new potion.

"My mother really did love him." She said, smiling at her parents, "My father may not love her as he did your mother, but he had great affection for her."

Harry felt a wavering in the memory and nodded to Lillian, "I think there's something more to see."

Lillian nodded, and the scene before them shifted.

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