The Prince's Princess

Chapter 7

They were back in Snape's dungeon, and Snape was on the floor, pacing. A few moments later, the Hogwarts clock chimed, and Snape's fireplace burned green.


Lianne stepped out, wearing jeans and a white shirt, with a handbag. She looked like an ordinary Muggle to Harry. "What is going on?! I just received your letter. I just came from the grocery with Lillian… Oof!"

Suddenly Snape strode forward, and hugged Lianne to his chest. "The Dark Lord…" He whispered against her hair.

Lianne's eyes widened and she pulled back from Snape, "He's back?!"

Snape nodded as he grasped Lianne's shoulders. "The Potter boy told us everything. He's back, and he's killed a student. Diggory… Cedric Diggory is dead. Potter said that the Dark Lord is back and has a body. Albus had ordered me to return to being a Death Eater to spy on them."

Lianne's face seemed shocked, but she shook her head and looked down on his arm, "Your… your arm… is it…"

Snape nodded, and he raised his sleeve to show her his arm. The Dark Mark burned black against Snape's pale skin. Lianne looked at in shock, and gave a small whimper. "Severus… are you…"

When he nodded, Lianne's face crumpled, and she cried. Snape came forward and hugged her.

"Listen to me." Snape said as calmly as he possibly could, but both Harry and Lillian could see that he was trying as hard as he can to maintain his composure. "You must not write to me. You must not contact me in anyway. Stay with Lillian in France, and do not come here to England until The Dark Lord is dead. You must understand this. This is for your own protection."

"But what about you?!" Lianne cried against his robes, "He will kill you, Severus! Run away with us! You can stop being a double-agent!"

"I cannot run, Lianne!" Snape said, "Karkarov tried to run, but I heard that he is dead. Voldemort himself killed him. No, I cannot run. I must help Dumbledore finish this. We must help the boy to kill him."

Lianne pulled back, "But what about our daughter?!"

At this Snape's face softened, "You have raised her well enough without me around you both. You can do this. But you must understand. They cannot know about you. You must hide, Lianne. I lost Lily to him, I will not lose you or our daughter as well."

She nodded, and clutched Severus. "Yes. Okay, we'll hide."

Snape nodded, but he still held her. Then quietly, he said, "There is… one more thing you need to do. But we will not like it."

Lianne looked up at him and Snape took her chin gently and whispered, "You must Obliviate me, Lianne. Obliviate my memories of you and our daughter."

At this Lianne pushed him away, "NO!" she cried vehemently, "NO! I WILL NOT DO IT!"

Snape sighed, "Lianne…"

"NO!" She said again, "You wish to forget about me or our daughter?! Are we that a threat to you, Severus?! Why is there a need to forget us when you are an accomplished Occlumens!?"

"Because The Dark Lord is an accomplished Legilimens, Lianne!" Snape cried out, "I do not want to do this as well, but you must understand. If he tries to get in my head, and I am unable to block him, he will find out about our memories… my memories! My memories of a daughter. My memories of a woman. My memories of the two of you! And if he finds out that you are my family, he will kill you both. And I… I cannot bear it."

Lianne looked at Snape, her eyes red with tears, and she kneeled down the carpet in front of Snape, clutching his robes in desperation, "Severus… please… don't…"

Snape kneeled down before her and held her again, more gently this time, and ran a hand through her hair. Lianne buried her face into his robes, still sobbing. "When I survive this…" he swallowed, as if he knew that would never survive, "When I survive this, you can lift the enchantment yourself, and we can live in peace with our daughter. I will make you move back to England, and we will live in my home, and be a family."

Lianne sniffed, "I would like that, but let's not live in Spinner's End. Your house there is awful."

Snape chuckled, "We'll find a new one then, or we can live in Hogsmeade. You can go back to being a barmaid if you like."

Lianne laughed against his robes, but she sniffed again as she raised her head to meet Severus' gaze, "But what if… what if you don't survive? What then?"

Snape looked at her sadly, "I have already named you and Lillian as the heirs of my vault in Gringott's. And… "He hesitated, before standing up, and pulling Lianne with him, "There is something more I want to do…"

He lifted Lianne in his arms, and walked towards the private quarters of his dungeon. As the door closed, the scene vanished.

And Harry and Lillian were plunged into complete darkness.

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