The Prince's Princess

Chapter 8

But the darkness didn't brighten, and both Harry and Lillian became confused.

"What's going on?" Lillian whispered, "Why is it so dark?"

"I don't know." Harry said, "I think this part of the memory has been tampered with. I don't know by whom though."

They stood together for a while, and soon something near them brightened. Harry and Lillian went towards the light, and they soon found themselves in front of a mirror. But instead of showing their reflection, they were shocked to find Snape in it.

"Lillian." Snape whispered in adoration, "My daughter…"

Lillian's eyes widened, "Father…"

"If you can see this, then this means only one thing." Snape started, his robes billowing by an unseen wind in the mirror, looking exactly like he did 19 years ago to Harry, "This means, that both your mother and I are dead, or dying. Please, forgive us for not telling you the truth about us. We did it for your own safety."

Tears began falling from Lillian's eyes, as Snape spoke again. "There are… a few things I would like to tell you, a few truths that you should know. One of them is that I really did love you… both of you." At this, Lillian sobbed, "The last time I met your mother, before she Obliviated me, I told her this. It was because of her that I lost my love for Lily Evans, and I grew to love your mother more than I loved Lily. And you… my daughter… I loved you so much too. I had an album of you since your birth, and album I also kept in my possessions. If I had died, then your mother may have it. Please find it, and let it be a memento for you, from a father who loved you and cared for you from afar."

"And second, please understand why I asked your mother to Obliviate me." Snape continued, "Lord Voldemort is a formidable adversary, perhaps even more powerful than I am. If he had accessed my memory and found out about the two of you, he would've killed you outright. I do not know if Harry Potter has the power to kill him, but as a precaution, I had myself Obliviated so that no one… the Death Eaters or the Dark Lord himself, cannot find you. This is the only way I can protect you. This… mission that I have to protect Harry Potter, it is still about Lily. But, I continued this to honor Lily Evans, my best friend… as your mother Lianne became the love of my life. I swore, both to Dumbledore and to your mother, that I will protect Lily's son as well, in honor of our friendship. "

Lillian nodded, and Snape smiled warmly, bringing about a loving change in his face, "My daughter… I am proud of you. Your mother has told me about how brilliant and smart you are in Beauxbatons, and I am so proud of you. I hope that you grow up in peace, because the peace you are experiencing now… it is because of us… the people who fought against Voldemort, who wanted a better future for our families to live in. You are named not only after your parents, but also after the woman who gave her life to protect the only person who can liberate you from the evils of Voldemort. Remember to honor us, your parents, the Potters, and everyone who fought to give you that peace that you so cherish now. I know for a fact that you are as honorable as your mother, and I am sure that you will always remember our sacrifice for you."

Lillian sobbed again, and reached out towards the mirror, touching the outline of her father's face. "Father…" She whispered, "I love you…"

Snape smiled, and surprisingly, he lifted his hand, and placed it on the exact place where Lillian hand was on the mirror."Ma petite princesse…" Snape whispered in French, and Lillian laughed despite your tears. "Remember, your father loves you. Your mother loves you. We both love you, and we will watch over you in wherever place we will be. We love you."

Lillian sobbed, "Always?"

Snape smiled again and nodded, "Always."

Lillian's tears fell again and she leaned against the mirror, near the reflection of her father's chin. Harry watched as Snape seemed to lower his head, and kiss Lillian by her forehead. He had been right, Snape was capable of good. And that his sacrifice was not only because for him, but also for his daughter. Harry swallowed, and lowered his head to honor the real hero of the Battle of Hogwarts…

And Lillian's father.

Soon Lilly and Harry took to the air, and soon their consciousness left the Pensieve. They were back in Harry's house, sitting with the Pensieve in between them. Lillian's eyes were red, but she was glowing with happiness. She smiled at Harry, and sniffed, but she nodded to him. And Harry smiled back.

Lillian has finally gotten her answer.

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