The Prince's Princess

Chapter 9

Lillian and Harry, along with his family stood outside the house, the sunrise lighting up the neighborhood. Lillian had spent the night with the Potters but she said she had to return to France to look for her father's photo album.

"Will you visit us again?" Harry's youngest daughter Lily Luna, asked, pulling on Lillian's coat. Lily liked Lillian because of her red hair, that reminded her of her own mother. The two of them frolicked in the garden while Ginny left for Diagon Alley, and baby-sat the three children while she was gone. Harry smiled when he remembered that the two of them were named after his mother, who sacrificed herself for their future.

Lillian nodded, "Perhaps when I come back from France, I will visit, oui?" She then hugged the small child before turning to the two boys. Even James and Albus liked her, mainly because she tutored the two for an hour about Potions, which made them understand the basics of Potion-making better. Lillian turned out to be an efficient teacher and soon, James was able to understand his subject.

"And you two…" She said, messing up the two boys hair and smiling, "Try to not get into trouble alright? Be good and do your homework."

The two boys nodded and hugged her, and she placed a kiss on both their foreheads. James blushed a little as Lillian stepped in front of Ginny and Harry.

"You will be heading for France?" Ginny asked. Like she predicted, the moment they both woke up, Harry told Ginny about Lillian's parent, and she cried in happiness too that Lillian was able to find her answers.

"Oui." Lillian said, "I will look for the photo album that my father said he had in my mother's belongings, and perhaps, when I am ready, I will announce to the people that I was Severus Snape's daughter."

Harry laughed, "Rita Skeeter will have a field day with that." And he nodded, "But your father was a great man, and you should be proud to have had him, even though you hardly knew him. It was because of him that I have this life, and so do you."

She nodded, "Yes, I know."

"By the way…" He said, pointing at Albus, who had now began playing with Lily and James in the garden, "Do you know what Albus' second name is? I named him after the bravest men I ever knew."

Lillian's eyes widened, and tears formed in her eyes, "Severus."

Harry nodded, and Lillian laughed, "Then… I hope he will be great, like the men you named him after." She wiped the tear that almost fell down her eyes, and smiled. "Well, I must get going."

She hugged Ginny first, and then shook hands with Harry. "When you come back from France, do try to visit us on Sundays. We have a family picnic every Sunday, and I am sure everyone will be happy to meet you, Lillian."

"Yes, of course, I will." She stepped back and bowed, "Farewell."

Harry, Ginny and the three children waved goodbye at her, and she waved back. She turned to look at Harry again, smiling peacefully, her Snape eyes glowing with happiness, before turning on the spot, and Disapparating.

Harry sighed as Lillian's dark red hair faded away, and turned to Ginny. He looked at her as the sun kissed her skin, and made her red hair possibly even redder. He knew that if it weren't for Professor Snape, he would've never had all these years with Ginny and their children. He felt happy that Lillian was able to find her answers, and once again, his respect for Professor Snape's sacrifice grew, and he felt honored to have met the daughter of a true hero.

Ginny looked up at Harry and noticed him staring at her, "What?"

But Harry merely smiled, and kissed her forehead, and said, "I love you."

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