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Schiamachy ~ kol Mikaelson


The Gilbert twin that has died numerous times

Romance / Other
Paige O'Neil
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Prologue ⭐️

Adelle's head felt like it was going to explode as she started choking on the water in her lungs. She looked around the car that was encased in water, and she saw her Dad, Grayson Gilbert, slamming his arm against the window. The brunette looked over at her twin sister, Elena, as black spots filled her vision.

Elena looked over at Adelle, fear in her eyes, and their hands met just as their father's hand clasped over their intertwined ones. Elena looked at him in fear, and Adelle's hand suddenly went limp, floating in the water.

Elena's eyes widened as she screamed in the water, grabbing her sister's hand, trying to wake her up as Adelle's eyes stayed open, her heart having stopped beating.

The next thing Adelle remembered was waking up in the hospital, and gasping for air, finding a breathing tube down her throat. She looked over to her left to see Elena asleep as she leaned on the bed, their hands intertwined.

Adelle shoved her sister's shoulder, and Elena shot up, sobbing as she saw her twin sister's eyes open.

"I thought you were gone!"

Adelle would later learn that she had been dead for eighteen minutes.

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