The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 11: Deathmatch

Vaas led her out of the hut and into the center of the camp, the collar rubbing her neck raw as the pirate tugged at it to make her move with him. She had no choice but the follow, and the men around the camp continued to leer at her.

He led her up what looked to be a stage, which had dried blood on it. Alex swallowed the nausea down and looked around, realizing that the area below the stage looked like a ring, with several of the men surrounding it, cheering and yelling Vaas' name. Vaas sat down a wooden… throne; I guess you could call it, pulling on Alex's chain.

"Sit, hermana." Vaas said, pointing at the floor and pulling the chain again. She glared in hatred at him before folding her legs and sitting down at the dried blood on the stage.

Vaas raised a hand and flicked his fingers forward, and Alex watched as the crowd parted, ragging someone behind a chain. She gasped, her heart twisting in pain, as Kidd emerged. Dried blood coated his arms and torso, where cuts and bruises could be seen. His lip and nose was bleeding, his left eye swollen. His wrists and ankles were shackled, but his stride remained strong. He looked very beaten up, but when he saw Alex at the stage, seeing she was at least alive, he grinned, his teeth red with blood. She smiled encouragingly at her friend, her fingers balled into fists in anger at the pirates.

Vaas raised his hand again, and the men silenced. He stood up, "So hermanos…" He started, "Hoyt said that this old fucker…" He pointed at Kidd, "Is going to be part of our little camp now."

The men booed and yelled curses at Kidd, but he remained standing, looking at Alex. Vaas raised a hand again, "So… we're going to fucker a chance. He says he's former military, so… how about we find out how tough he is, no?"

The men cheered again, and Vaas waved Kidd forward. The men guarding Kidd pushed at him, and he stepped in front of the stage. Vaas kneeled at the stage and looked down at Kidd.

"So… the rules, old fucker…" Vaas said, "No guns, no knives. You fight with your fucking hands, but you fight to the death. You finish your opponent, or he finishes you, you got that?"

Kidd glared up at Vaas, before grinning, "Deathmatch eh? I'd like that. But I got one more condition… a prize if you will."

Vaas scoffed, "Your life ought to be a prize enough if you win this, hermano." But he shrugged, "But, I'm feeling generous. What else do you want?"

Kidd raised his arms and pointed at Alex, making her blink, "Our freedom. We stay here, with you, but no more chains or ropes or cages. That's all."

Vaas' brows furrowed as he took in Kidd's words, before looking back at Alex. She looked up at him, surprised at Kidd's request, but she swallowed and glared back at him, clutching the collar on her neck. The pirate king stared hard at her, before smirking. He looked back at Kidd and waved a hand, "Okay, hermano. I'll take that. But I have a condition, too."

Kidd and Alex looked at each other in surprise, and the older man looked up at Vaas, "And what's that?"

Vaas grinned evilly as he bent over nearer to Kidd, "If my boy wins and you lose, then you, hermano… will watch me as I fuck the hell out of this woman." Kidd's eyes widened in fear at Vaas' words, and the pirate king put a finger on his temple, "After which I'll put a bullet through your fucking skull, take your head and mount it on a pole."

A shiver of fear ran down Alex's spine at Vaas' conditions and she looked at Kidd. But the older man merely grinned, "Agreed."

She gasped as Vaas smiled at him and nodded, and she scrambled along the floor nearer to Kidd, "Kidd…!"

But the man merely grinned at her, "Don't worry, kiddo. We'll be alright." He spread his arms out wide and smiled at Vaas, "Let's get this on, shall we?"

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