The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 12: The Two Giants

Vaas nodded and stood up again, waving at the crowd, "Bring out Lupo!"

Kidd returned to the middle of the ring just as Alex watched as the crowd parted again, and she gasped. 'Lupo' was a very… very tall man, almost seven feet tall, with muscles bulging out of his shirt and looking as threatening and scary as Vaas. He fisted his hands and howled, flexing the muscles in his arms and torso, the crowd cheering at his cry for blood. His hoarse yell made her shiver, but as she looked down at Kidd, the man was actually grinning, cracking his knuckles and making a battle stance.

Vaas returned to his chair, and he pulled on Alex's chain, making her sit beside his legs. She sat down the blood-encrusted floor again, wringing her hands as the two combatants circled each other. Kidd's face was full of concentration, while that of Lupo was more like a look of blood thirst. And then, the larger man charged.

He threw his fist out, trying to get Kidd's face, but he merely ducked out and swung out both of his arms like a sledgehammer, getting the giant in the face. Lupo growled in anger, and tried to hit a punch again, but Kidd ducked and hit him again. Alex watched them, and was shocked to find Kidd laughing, as the taller and larger Lupo tried to get him.

Lupo was able to grasp Kidd by the shoulder, and he brought the man's face close to his, growling out at him. Kidd surged forward, hitting his head against Lupo's, making him let go of the military man and dropping him. Kidd raised himself up, and threw out a leg to kick Lupo at the back of the knee, making the giant kneel, after which he threw out his leg again, and kneed Lupo in the face.

The crowd booed as their champion went down, and Alex hugged her arms around Vaas' chair leg, clutching at her chain. She watched ad Kidd seemed to wrap his hand around his shackles before bending over Lupo's prone body, and punching him.

Kidd barraged the bigger man's face with chain-enforced punches, and she could feel herself getting elated as her friend punched away, Lupo's blood was flying and splattering Kidd's shirt red. But the bigger man yelled and hoisted himself up, throwing Kidd away from him. Her arms tightened around the chair leg unconsciously as Kidd fell to the dirt.

Lupo charged at Kidd again, picking him up the floor, wrapping a big hand tight on her friend's neck and leg, before lifting him up, intending to break his back. But Kidd twisted, making the giant let go of him, and in one smooth movement, Kidd wrapped his chain around Lupo's neck, his arms bulging in an effort to choke the man.

The larger man struggled hard against Kidd's assault, but Kidd held on, tightening the metal, and soon Lupo sank down to his knees. Kidd grinned and growled, twisting his arm and the chain, and a bone-shattering crack echoed through the camp, silencing Vaas' troops.

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