The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 14: The Definition of Insanity

Even though she was no longer chained, Vaas ordered Jose to guard her back in the hut, telling her she's not allowed to come out until the things she needed from Hoyt were delivered, and that no one was allowed in except himself and Jose. With nothing to do, and with only Jose allowed entering, she spent most of her days sleeping.

On the rare occasion that Vaas entered the hut, she stayed awake to make sure the pirate didn't do anything with her. He would open her door and look at her for a while, before grinning and closing the door again… after which she would hear him turn on his TV. She cringed when she heard the obscene sounds of a porno movie playing, and she almost growled when she heard Vaas groaning and grunting… realizing that the insane pirate was jacking off in the other room.

But Vaas' grunts of passion made her shiver and grow warm, and she thought she heard him curse out in Spanish as he jacked himself off to orgasm, his groans of release penetrating through the thin wall of their hut. She would hear his rough breath and him putting his clothes back again. She bent low and covered her face in her knees as she waited for the pirate to leave.

Four nights later, Vaas entered her room, and she sat at the corner of her bed, staring blankly ahead, as if daydreaming. Vaas took a chair and sat down near the bed, keeping an eye on her, before putting his hands on his chin and smirking at her.

"Alex…" He started, and she looked up at him, "Have I ever told you what the… definition of insanity is?"

She stared at him in shock, before silently shaking her head.

"Insanity…" Vaas continued, "… is… doing the exact, same fucking thing, over and over again, expecting shit will change. That is crazy."

"But the first time somebody ever told me that, I don't know… I thought they were bullshitting me, so boom…" He pointed his fingers like a gun again and put it on his temple, "I shot him."

A shiver ran down Alex spine again, and the pirate continued, "The thing is, okay? He was right. And then I started to see it everywhere I looked… everywhere I looked, all these fucking pricks… everywhere I looked, doing the exact same fucking thing, over and over and over and over again. Thinking 'this time, it's going to be different'."

Alex blinked, surprised to see a philosophical side to Vaas' unstable and crazy personality. She thought about it, realizing it was true. She lived her life the same way everyday… getting up in the morning, working for Nigel, occasionally going out with friends, but all the same… she did same things over and over again.

Vaas hid his lips in his hands, but she could see him smirking, "Reminded you of everything, eh, hermana?"

Alex looked up at him, "Yes… it sounds exactly like my life."

The pirate smiled again, before spreading his arms, "You see. And we're doing it now. You not looking at me. Me looking at you. We've been doing it for four nights now. So now, hermana…" He stood up and brought the chair closer to her bed. "We going to do things different, no? Ever played 'Questions'? I ask you a question, and you answer, and then you ask a question, and then I answer."

She looked up suspiciously, "The last time I played a game like that, I almost got raped."

Vaas' brows furrowed, "I didn't ask you a question that time, hermana."

She sighed, "It wasn't you."

Vaas nodded absently, "Okay. Then that is my first question." He looked seriously at her, "Who tried to fuck you, Alex? And don't lie. I'll know if you were lying." He said, taking out a pistol and holding it loosely in his hand, "Or else…" He brought the gun to his temple, and clucked his tongue.

Alex stared back defiantly at him, "Nigel and Gunther."

Something flashed in Vaas' eyes, but just as Alex was about to ask what it was, it faded, and the pirate king smirked at her, "Okay, your turn."

Alex racked her brain for something to ask the pirate, but she blurted out the first thing she thought, "Are you going to try and touch me again?"

At this the pirate laughed, "Depends on you, hermana. You keep looking at me like that, and I just might. Now my question is, do you want me to touch you again?"

She blinked at the pirate's question, before a frown entered her features, "No."

Vaas grunted, "We'll see about that, hermana." He opened his hands, "Okay. Your question."

"Who are you, really?" Alex asked, and Vaas smiled.

"Oh? So you want a proper introduction, hermana?" The pirate king bent over in a mock bow before opening his hands, "I am Vaas Montenegro. Pirate, former Rakyat, and king of this fucking island. I am twenty seven years old, but I kill as quickly as your papi Kidd. I will fuck who I want, when I want… and that includes you, hermana. So you'd better be careful where you lay your pretty little eyes, because one wrong look and I fuck you until you scream my name."

She blinked and looked away, staring at the bed sheets instead of looking at Vaas, making the pirate laugh. "My turn, do you have family?" Vaas asked.

She kept her eyes on the bed as she answered, "No. I was an only child, and I was orphaned at a young age. Kidd has been taking care of me since I was nine. Do you have family?"

"I have a fucking sister." Vaas said, his voice growling a little, and Alex looked up at him to see his face wrinkled with fury, "And I will put a bullet into her fucking skull." He pantomimed a gun to his temple again and clicked his tongue. "Just like that. Now for my question, what happened to your parents, hermana?"

Alex frowned, "If I told you I don't want to talk about it, would you shoot me?"

"Yes." Vaas said without stopping, waving the gun in front of her. She sighed; she really hated talking about what happened twenty years ago… before she even met Kidd. She never told anyone, not even her closest friends about what had happened to her. And it annoyed her at the fact that some insane pirate was about to know her story.

"Fine then… it all started twenty years ago…"

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