The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 15: Where She Began

Police Officer John Alexis Steele couldn't help but sigh as his ocean blue eyes watched his daughter sleep on her bed, her teddy bear clutched tightly on her arm. She looked so beautiful, with her blond hair… so like her mother's… fanned down her pillow as she slept. She had a peaceful look in her face, her blue eyes moving underneath her lids as she dreamt. It tore him apart, seeing that the peace on her face was only possible when she sleeps. Because when she's awake and watching him pull out of the driveway in his patrol car, she's often biting her lip with worry, her brows furrowed in fear.

"Is she asleep?"

John turned around, seeing the girl's mother, clutching her robe around her chest as she stood beside him and watched their daughter sleep. Kathleen Myers-Steele… his wife… was just a plain housewife, but he loved her dearly. He reached out an arm and wrapped it around her shoulders, "Yeah. She's sleeping."

Kathleen sighed and rubbed her forehead, "She was watching the news, you know. Waiting for you to appear."

"I know. I'm sorry I worried you." John said, kissing his wife's forehead, her silver blonde hair smelling like lavenders, before running a hand through his head, messing his auburn hair, "But we're so close in this case. So damn close. I want to get this asshole before he hurts anyone else."

Kathleen nodded, "I know you do. I can't stand sleeping at night knowing that maniac is roaming the streets."

John smiled down at his wife, "Tell you what? When we're done with this case, we're going to take a family vacation. How does Hawaii sound to you?"

His wife smiled brightly, before smirking and kissing her husband, "That sounds like a date."

He grinned as the doorbell rang, and he let go of his wife. "That must be Kidd. He probably has something new about the case."

"Okay. Maybe you should go get it. He'll want to talk to you privately, after all." Kathleen said, and John smiled down at her, kissing her cheek, before running down the stairs. Kathleen watched her husband run, before sighing.


She turned around to see their daughter, Alex, sit up from her bed, looking worriedly at her. She smiled at the child and saw down near her. "Sweetheart, you should be sleeping."

"The doorbell woke me." The girl said, "Mommy, is that Mr. Kidd? Is he talking to daddy again?"

"I don't know, sweetheart. It probably is." Kathleen said, and Alex looked up at her mother again, before pouting her lip.

"Mommy, why are there people like that man on TV? The one daddy is catching."

Kathleen blinked at the child's question, before smiling again, "Well… sweetheart… sometimes, things happen to people, you know? It makes them confused or angry. It changes them. Do you know the story of the two wolves?"

Alex blinked and shook her head, and Kathleen continued, "Well, they say that inside each person there are two wolves fighting each other… one black as night, the other white as snow." She smiled as Alex's eyes widened as she listened intently to the story. "The black wolf represents the bad in us. He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, lies… and ego. The white wolf represents the good in us… he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The two wolves fight each other inside every person… inside you, and inside me… inside daddy… inside that man who killed a lot of people in the news."

The little girl's brows furrowed, "But Mommy, which wolf will win?"

Kathleen smiled tenderly at her daughter before stroking her silver-blond hair, "The one you feed, Alex. The wolf you feed is the one who will win."

The girl's brows knit in concentration, trying to understand her mother, and she blinked, "Does that mean that bad man fed his bad wolf?"

"Yes, I'm afraid he did, sweetheart." Kathleen said sadly, "I'm afraid he did-"


She stood up as John shouted, and sprinting down the stairs, not knowing that Alex had jumped up from bed and followed her. They rushed downstairs to find John struggling with a man, the living room trashed as they battled. As Kathleen entered the living room, the man turned and a loud bang filled the room, and Kathleen collapsed on the floor. Alex screamed.

"NO!" John cried out as his wife fell to the floor, blood pooling at the carpet as his daughter cried and ran to her mother, trying to shake her awake. He punched the man, before he took the man's arm and twisting it. The man yelled in pain, and John knocked the gun from his hand, bouncing off the floor. John threw another punch, but the man ducked and ran away from the living room, opening the kitchen door.

John panted as the man ran off, but as he looked down at his crying daughter, he rushed towards them, lifting up his wife's body. He looked down at her face only to see that the man's bullet had pierced through her head, and that she was dead.


He looked up to see Alex's face was bloodstained, as her mother's blood sprayed on to her, and tears streaking down her face as she cried. His own tears fell from his eyes as he reached out for his daughter, but something silver flashed in his vision, before Alex was sprayed with blood.

The man had gotten a knife from the kitchen, crept up on John, and slit his throat. His eyes widened as his blood sprayed on his daughter as she stared in shock at her father. John's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell limp on top of his wife, dead.

Alex stared at the bodies of her parents, unable to blink or make a sound in shock. She looked down at her shaking hands, seeing the red blood of her parents, and her vision darkened. She looked up at the man… the man who killed her parents… as her whole body shook in fear.

The man grinned down at her, his white teeth flashing, his pale face speckled in her father's blood as his wide, brown eyes looked down at her in glee. "Hello, girlie."

Fear went up her spine, and her breath seemed to stop, before everything faded to black… and she felt nothing.

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