The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 16: Interlude

"When I woke up, I was in a hospital." Alex said, as she stared at the wall. After recalling her parent's death, she wanted to cry and grieve for them, but through the years, the hurt had dimmed down, and she knew that Vaas would be annoyed and probably kill her if she had cried. "Kidd… was my father's friend; he was working with my father about the case. When he heard about what happened, he rushed to the hospital and decided to take me in. He was always in his gym or working somewhere, so he had a bunch of nannies take care of me until I reached fifteen, after which I started taking care of myself… with his money, of course."

Vaas was silent, staring at her with weird… almost compassionate look on his face. "That's a tough way to become an orphan, hermana."

Alex scoffed before smiling a little, "I never told anyone about it. I didn't want anyone to pity me. Even Kidd, when he would try to comfort me when they died… I told him not to. He finished the case, anyway. He told me the man was killed during a prison brawl a few years back. And now, I've told you."

Vaas smiled, making the skin around his eyes and cheeks wrinkle, and for a moment, he looked adorable, like he was happy that she had told him her story. She felt a warmth creep up her neck as his smile seemed to change his face. The manic pirate disappeared, replaced by a normal, handsome man. "And now we share a secret, no?"

She stared at him for a while, before smiling back, "Yeah… I guess we do. Now it's your turn. Tell me about your family."

At Alex's question, Vaas face turned dark and he scowled at her, making the pirate in him reappear, "It won't be pretty, hermana."

"Normal people would cringe at my story. And I doubt that you'd ever have to bathe in your parent's blood." Alex said, her smile fading and scowling back at Vaas, "I already told you my story. It's only right that you tell me yours."

The pirate king stared hard at her, before huffing out a breath, "You're prettier when you're smiling, hermana."

Alex blinked, and she felt her cheeks grow warm at Vaas' compliment, but she shook her head, "Don't change the subject, Vaas."

Vaas waved his hands and nodded, "Okay, okay, hermana. I'll tell you my fucking story. But you'd better not tell anyone or else…"

Alex clicked her tongue and pantomimed a gun to her temple, the same way he often did. Vaas blinked when he saw it, mainly because it was his thing… his habit, but it looked good when she did it. It was like being… beautifully threatening. "You shoot me in the head. I know. I won't tell anyone, Vaas."

Vaas huffed a breath, before he leaned back, crossing his arms and looking up in the ceiling like he was thinking, "Let me see… it started twenty years for me, too…"

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