The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 17: Where He Began

"I was a Rakyat once, hermana. A fucking tribe boy. I lived with my parents and my fucking sister in this island. We were a typical Rakyat family, even though my mother was Spanish/ Rakyat woman, the people of the town loved her. They all loved my fucking parents because they were so fucking great."

"It was peaceful, you know? Too fucking quiet. The only time we had any problems was if some fucking carnivore animal got into the village. That was it. The parents of the kids, including mine… they trained us boys. Trying to turn us into men. Do you know how they fucking trained us, hermana? They'd make us kill the animals. I killed a tiger once, you know. It was fucking great. My father loved it, said I'd make a great fucking warrior like him and his fucking bloodline."

"My sister, Citra… she was smart, you know. She studied the shitty Rakyat ways, the fucking Rakyat religion. The people thought she'd be the next priestess after my mother, and that we'd be a fucking powerful team… the bullshit priestess and her fucking warrior."

"And then one day, hermana, one day… my mother died. The people don't know why, but I did. Citra… that fucking bitch… she killed her. She poisoned her water with some fucking thing she whipped up herself from studying plants. My father didn't know about it. He thought that she just got sick. So he moved on. And the fucking people chose Citra to be their next priestess."

"But me… I began hating my fucking sister. She killed our mother just to get her fucking throne and her fucking temple. But she wanted more. She wanted to fucking rule all of Rook Island."

"So this one day, right? This one day after I come back from hunting, Citra was at the temple. Just fucking standing there, with her fucking disciples. And then she tells me, 'Vaas, the time to take our place has come.' And she showed me our father, fucking bleeding all over the damn temple. She attacked him, stabbing him all over until he was weak from all his wounds. He got her good a few times though… gave her a fucking black eye. But he was dying. He was weak. And that was what she wanted."

"So this bitch turns to me, no? And she goes, 'Do you want to take your place, Vaas? Then kill your father. He is a threat to our rule.' The fucking disciples say it was the Rakyat way… when a warrior is near death, they should granted fucking mercy… like it was the right fucking thing to do. I couldn't do it, but Citra… she fucked with my head. She called me a coward, a weakling, not a warrior."

"There was a time I would do anything for my sister… I mean the first time I ever killed was for my sister."

"Not enough for her. No no no no no, please… you see the thing about our loved ones, right? Our FUCKING LOVED ONES! They come and they BLINDSIDE you every fucking time! So they say to me.. they say 'Vaas! Vaas… who THE FUCK is it going to be?! THEM OR ME?! ME! OR THEM! Haha… like they fucking think that I need to make a fucking choice."

"So I fucking kill my father, right? He's dying anyway. And then Citra tries to undress me. And I was like, 'what the fuck are you doing?!'. And she says… she says… she wants me to impregnate her, to give birth to a supreme warrior who will lead the Rakyat. The fucking bastard would have my strength and her brains. But I fucking had it, no? Citra… she was a bitch. I couldn't stand her face; her fucking preachy ways… she just wants the fucking island. So I fuck up her face, no? I punched the fucking lights out of her and left. The fucking people wanted me to stay and rule with her. But no no no no please. I don't fucking want to stay in that fucking village anymore. So I fucking left. I found Hoyt when I was wandering around the forest for myself. He told me… he told me, he got power, no? He can help me take over the Rakyat. Kill them all after everything that Citra and her fucking followers did. And he gave me money, and drugs… and I fucking loved it."

"You ever been to the south side of the camp, hermana? I keep my fucking trophies there; you know… heads of the fucking rejects. But there's a special one there, no? A very special fucking pole… a nice, shiny fucking pole… for my sister's head, you know. It's perfect for her. Maybe I come show it to you sometime."

"And there you go. That's my fucking story, hermana. Now shut the fuck up about my family, no?"

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