The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 18: The Stolen Kiss

Alex continued to watch Vaas as he paced the floor of her room. He had stood up after speaking about his sister, raging as he punched the chair away, and she remained quiet. She could see that like her, Vaas kept his anger concerning his sister for the longest time. She suddenly understood why he was the way he is. Like her mother said when she was younger, he had let the black wolf inside him win. He fed it so well that he turned into this… a man who was angry with the world after they told him to kill his loved ones.

Vaas was staring at her now, the rage still evident in his eyes, and she sighed, "That's a tough way to become an orphan, hermano."

The man blinked, realizing that she said the same thing he told her, and he smirked before laughing out loud. "Well, fuck you, hermana. You had it worse."

"Shut up. We had it worse. I doubt anybody else would have that kind of life." Alex said, relaxing a little bit, releasing her arms from hugging her knees and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Vaas huffed, but he was smiling, "Yeah. Fucked up world we live in, eh?"

Alex nodded, still looking up at Vaas, and pirate sat down at the floor in front of her. "Well, I answered your question, hermana. It's your turn."

She thought for a while, but they were interrupted with a knock on the door, "Vaas!" She recognized Jose's voice. "Hoyt just called. He said the stuff for Alex has arrived."

Alex blinked, remembering what she was supposed to do, and looked down at Vaas. The pirate king's hard look returned at his face as he stood up. "Okay! Fuck off, no? I'll be there in a minute."

Vaas looked down at her, before bending over, "What was your question, hermana?"

She swallowed, "What happens now?"

He smirked, "What happens now is… with the stuff you asked for arriving, we're going to get the money from those fuckers no? Nigel and Gunther… we going to clean out their account, no? Would you like that?"

Something inside Alex seemed to growl with pleasure at the thought that the two men who almost raped her would be punished by this man, and she nodded. "Yeah. That would be great."

Vaas grinned, the skin around his eyes and cheeks wrinkling again, before he reached out. Alex cringed a little, but she was shocked when the pirate lord merely ran a hand on her hair, before tilting her head up from her chin. "Now, my last question… exactly how old are you, hermana?"

"Twenty-nine." She replied, "Why do you ask?"

"Because I'm twenty seven… and it just happens that I'm into cougars."

Alex blinked, before Vaas grabbed her head roughly, tilting up her head, before he bent over and kissed her roughly on the lips. She felt his tongue reach out and taste her, his breath hot at her cheek. She raised her hands to push the pirate away, and he did, making him laugh. She felt her face become warm again as she scooted against the wall again away from him.

"You're pretty when you blush, hermana." Vaas laughed as he backed up towards the door, "You turn the most adorable shade of rojo when you blush, no? Anyway, I get your fucking stuff, yeah? Then you get their fucking money, every fucking cent… and then we're going to have a little fun here on my island no?"

Vaas left her room, chuckling as he went, leaving Alex on her bed, blushing.

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