The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 19: Professor Kidd

The next day, as Vaas said, the stuff she needed were set up in one of the tents a little ways off Vaas' hut. The pirate lord had wanted it to set up in their hut, but the computers she had asked for couldn't fit in her room, so the pirates set it up in a tent with a wide clearing nearby, near the edge of the forest. It displeased him, Alex noticed, and the pirate lord cursed at his men before getting rid of the reject captives savagely, making Alex shiver at their sounds of pain and begs for mercy, before a shot would ring out the camp, followed by Vaas' maniacal laugh.

Jose accompanied her from Vaas' hut to the tent, and Alex looked around again. As Vaas had said, in the clearing opposite of the tent, there were poles with various heads on them, stinking and with flies swarming around their decomposing eyes. The one pole that Vaas said was reserved for his sister's head stood at the very center of the poles, towering above others, the bamboo cleaned and trimmed. Jose told her that the people who Vaas killed were those who he considered worthless, those who had no one to pay the ransom.

"You are lucky you are so smart, nona." Jose said, "Or else your head would be in one of those poles."

Alex swallowed, "Yeah, I owe that to Kidd, actually. He made sure I got the best education." She looked around the camp to look for the man, "Where is he, anyway?"

"Oh, Mr. Kidd?" Jose said, pointing at the kitchen tent, "He helps out with the cook in the kitchen before he teaches us. He is really good, you know." Jose looked a little forlorn, "Vaas… he makes sure that we're just as ruthless as him. And Mr. Kidd, he's a great fighter and teacher. I'm not really… good at fighting."

"I actually find that surprising." Alex admitted, "Why?"

Jose shrugged, "I don't know. Vaas trained us to fight and shoot, but sometimes, my hits are a little ways off, or my bullets don't hit. I've been training hard with Mr. Kidd, though."

She shrugged, "I would've thought that Vaas was the kind that killed people like you, Jose."

"Oh, he is, nona." Jose said, and Alex blinked, "I've seen several of our soldiers killed by Vaas himself. He really doesn't like people who disobey his orders or steal from him or take what is his…"

"Hey, Alex!"

Alex and Jose turned around to see Kidd running towards them, a group of soldiers walking behind him. At the sight of the elder man, Alex's face split into a grin and she opened her arms. The elder man grinned back and scooped her up, spinning her in a circle in a bear hug before putting her down.

"It's good to see you, kid!" Kidd said as they walked towards the clearing, the men behind him starting to settle down in crates, chairs or on the ground in the clearing. "Vaas finally let you out of that hut eh? I've been wanting to see you for days!"

"Well, I'm out, but under guard." She said pointing at Jose "Is it time for your combat classes then?"

At this the elder man laughed, pointing at the men around them, "Yep, these boys need some training' yeah? Some of them can't hit the broad side of a barn with a rocket launcher. But they're shaping up. I kind of missed it you know… teaching people to fight."

"Mind if I watched?" Alex said, "You did promise to teach me, you know."

Kidd bent over and winked, "I promised to teach you to kill. And I'll do that. But I think it would be a good idea if we showed these boys just exactly how capable you are, right?"

Alex grinned wickedly, before nodding. Kidd winked again before heading to the center of the clearing, while she and Jose moved to the circle, where one of the men… the one she recognized as the one grabbing his crotch at her when they went to Hoyt… stood behind her and started staring at her ass.

"Okay, you maggots!" Kidd shouted at the circle, "Today we're going to continue our lesson at CQC… close quarter combat."

Alex smiled as she looked at Kidd, seeing the look on his face saying that he was enjoying teaching the men around him… like an excited preschool teacher with her students. Growing up, she knew Kidd was like her in some way. While she loved her work at giving information to her clients at Nigel's library, Kidd loved teaching everything he knew about combat to people who really wanted it. She looked around, seeing Vaas' men watching the man with concentrated look on their faces, taking in every word he was saying, when her eyes collided with familiar eyes on the other side of the circle.

Vaas stood at the back, his arms crossed on his chest, staring hard at her. His position made the muscles in his chest and arms bunch out of his shirt, and Alex stared at them. She had to admit, Vaas' physique was pretty intimidating… and hot. Throughout her life, the men who courted her never looked as… dangerous as him, and something about that danger in him made her stare at him.

Vaas moved, spreading his stance, and Alex looked back at his eyes. He was staring hard at her, smirking, and she blinked. He pouted his lips, smacking them as if giving her a kiss, before biting his lips and looked down… at his crotch. His eyes burned with what looked like lust, and she felt her face burn hotly. She diverted her gaze back to Kidd, seeing Vaas grin delightedly in her peripheral vision.

"Any of ya'll remember what I told you before about CQC?" Kidd asked, and Jose nodded.

"You said to go for their weak points." Jose answered, and Kidd clapped his hands, "Good kid! Yeah, use your opponent's weak points. Remember, the body moves a certain direction. If you move it to the opposite of that direction, it'll cause them pain, and that's the moment you can attack their ass."

"Oh? Use their weak points, eh?" The man behind her said, leering at her, "Something like this?"

The man shoved his hand roughly against Alex's ass, grabbing her crotch, and she reacted. In a blink of an eye, she turned, and using her elbow, she pushed it forcefully into the man's face, squishing his nose and cracking the cartilage. Even Jose, who stood beside her, never saw her movement, and he stared in shock as the man cried out in pain and fell to the ground, clutching his broken nose.

"STUPID BITCH!" The man cried out from the ground, and Alex stood back as she stared accusingly at the man. She looked up at Kidd, who nodded proudly at her and then to Vaas, whose face had darkened and was staring at the man behind her, his hands balled into fists.

"That's what you get for being a horny toad, Craig." Kidd said, before turning to look at the circle, "Did any of you see what she did? She used a pointy part of her body… her elbow, and she used her speed to make the hit harder. The force of your hit depends on your speed and your mass. Now Alex here… she's a small girl, but she makes up for it in speed, agility, flexibility and stamina…"

But the man, Craig, interrupted the class by grabbing Alex's ankle, making her react again. She lifted her other foot and swiftly flung it forward, hitting Craig in the face, before she used the force to fling herself backward into a back flip. She walked backwards until she was in the middle of the circle.

"Looks like Craig is volunteering for an exhibition match." Kidd said behind her, before putting a hand on her shoulder. "You're up for it, Alex?"

Alex stared down at the pirate, and she seethed, "Oh, fuck yeah."

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