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The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 2: Assault

Immediately the scent of Cuban cigars and liquor greeted her, and she covered her nose with her sleeve, squinting against the smoke. The two men were lounging at the couch telling jokes, smoking and drinking, the map of their expedition in front of them.

"Ahh! Alex! There you are!" Nigel cried out, and Alex seethed internally at his use of her nickname. "Gunther here had some questions about our little expedition here. I was hoping you'd like to enlighten him."

She posted a fake smile as she went forward, "Certainly, Mr. Miles. What would you like to know?"

"Sit here in front of us, Alex." Nigel said, and Alex walked towards the seat in front of the table, eying the map.

"So… Ms. Steele." Gunther said, leaning forward and grinning at her. The lecherous grin made her shiver a bit. "Tell us about the Rakyats… the locals inhabiting the island."

"Very little is known about the Rakyats, Mr. Miles." Alex said, watching the two men warily, "They tend to stay in this island rather than travel the world. They are deeply devoted to their tribes and to their religion. Although they speak Bahasa Indonesia, they have come to learn English as well as some other languages."

"Such as?" Gunther asked, leaning towards her. Nigel mirrored his friend's action and leaned as well, and Alex smelled the scent of liquor in both their breaths. She leaned back from the stench.

"Some of them have knowledge of Japanese, and some Spanish." Alex said, her eyes darting from one man to the other, "I… I believe it is because of the invasion of several nationalities on the island… which included the Japanese during World War 2, Mexican-Americans and… the British."

Nigel chuckled, and Gunther continued to grin at her, "Really? Well then… tell me something else, Ms. Steele."

"And what would that be, Mr. Miles?" Alex said, looking at the door nervously.

Gunther laughed, "When was the last time you had fun?"

Alex blinked, before Gunther lunged forward to grab her arm. She shrieked and pushed her chair backward, making it topple to the floor a split second before he got her. She scrambled off the chair and headed for the door, but Nigel blocked it before she could reach the knob.

She took a step back as the two men had started walking towards her. She swallowed, "Let me out."

"We will, Alex, don't worry." Nigel said, grinning drunkenly at her, as he and Gunther walked slowly towards her… stalking her with bloodshot, drunken eyes, "Just… have a drink with us for a while."

"No, I don't think I would." She said, backing up some more, her eyes darting around the room, looking for an escape, but Nigel had the door guarded, and the cabin was too cramped, "You've had way too much to drink already. I suggest you sleep it off."

"Then… how about helping us get sleepy eh?" Gunther said, before lunging at her again, catching her shoulders, his grip painful. She pushed at him, but his grasp was too strong. Finally, she reared her leg back, and kneed his stomach, making him yell in pain.

Gunther stumbled back, grunting in pain and Alex took the moment of weakness to run to the door, but Nigel grabbed her by the hair, making her whimper in pain.

"Told you she's a spitfire, eh, Gunther?!" Nigel laughed as he pulled harder at her hair, making her cry out, and she raised her fist to hit him, but he merely captured her wrists. Gunther grunted and straightened, glaring murderously at her.

"Stupid little bitch!" Gunther explained, rearing his fist back and punching her in the face, making her fall to the floor, she whimpered as she touched her eye.

"Oi!" Nigel shouted, pushing Gunther back, "You're not to leave a mark on her! I like my women bruise free, wanker!"

Alex looked up at the two men as they argued, and realized it was her chance. Gathering up all the air she could, she shouted with all her might.


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