The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 20: Exhibition Match

She stepped back and got into a battle stance, fury raging inside her from Craig's disrespectful attitude. Kidd grinned before turning to Craig.

"Stand the fuck up, and fight her, Craig." Kidd said before turning to the circle, "Now everybody watch, and learn, yeah? Because this little girl right here? She going to show you how to fucking kick ass."

Alex grinned and cracked her knuckles, getting into a fighting stance as Craig scrambled up to his feet and started walking towards her.

"You stupid bitch! You're going to fucking pay for that!" He yelled, before lunging out an arm to punch her, but Alex shifted aside, grabbing his wrist in mid-air with her left hand and using her right to punch directly under his armpit. Craig yelled in pain, but she moved under his arm and twisted it, pulling on his palm forcefully. She kicked at the back of the man's knees, making him kneel on the ground, at the same time pulling at the arm.

"You see that?" Kidd said to his audience, "She's twisting the shoulder backwards, pulling the elbow upward and the wrist backwards. Three weak points. Do you think you can do that?"

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Craig yelled in pain, "I'm going to fucking murder you!"

Kidd laughed, "Let him go, Alex. Looks like he wants some more."

Alex laughed out loud before letting go of Craig and moving a bit backwards, getting into a battle stance again. Craig grunted as he got his arm back, before growling as he charged at her again. She ducked down low, flinging out a leg, causing him to trip and hit his face on the ground.

"YEAH! You go, Alex!" She heard Jose shout, and she turned to him with a grin, but she was seized from behind by Craig, who had his arms around her neck.

"Gotcha you fucking whore!" He shouted as he tightened his grip on her throat. Kidd raised his panicked eyes at her, and Vaas pulled out his gun, but she just grinned before rearing back her arm, and driving her elbow into his ribs.

Craig grunted in pain, letting go of her for a little, and she continued by forcefully stepping on Craig's foot before rearing her head forward. She flung her head back, hearing the crunch of his nose again and making him yell as he let go of her. Finally, she drew her leg forward and flung it back as well between his spread legged stance, and hit him in the groin.

Several "ooohhhs" of pain echoed throughout the crowd as she hit him hard on the crotch, causing him to roll down on the ground in pain, whimpering as he massaged his pieces. Alex stood beside Kidd, her hands on her hips, turning to her friend's audience.

"And that, guys… is called the S.I.N.G. method." She said, grinning as Kidd laughed out loud beside her, "Solar plexus, Instep, Nose and Groin. One of the most effective moves when you're being held from behind. "

Kidd's eyes watered with tears of laughter, "And that people… is why you shouldn't take this girl lightly." He bent down in front of Craig, "I taught her for twenty years, man! You got some balls disrespecting a woman like this."

"And you got some fucking balls to disrespect my ORDERS!" Vaas shouted from outside of the ring, walking towards Craig briskly. Alex felt the fury in him as she and Kidd stood aside. The pirate king grabbed the man's shirt, and kneeled above him, trapping the man.


Vaas continued to headbutt Craig, the other man's nose breaking into several pieces by now. Blood had starting painting Vaas' forehead red, his bright green eyes wide in manic anger. Alex was surprised at his ruthlessness against his men. Sure, Craig assaulted her and that he was just getting what he deserved, but there was something strange about how the way he fought with Craig. It was almost like he hated the fact that she got disrespected.

Like he had cared.

Alex reached out a hand and gently put it on Vaas' shoulder, afraid that he might fling her back, but the pirate king merely stopped moving, and looked down at the hand on his shoulder. He was breathing hard, but he had stopped.

"Vaas, it's over. He's blacked out." Alex said, as she looked around, "You can stop now."

"Motherfucker didn't listen to me." Vaas said as he stared at her hand, "NO ONE DISOBEYS MY FUCKING ORDERS."

"I know." She said, before looking down disdainfully at Craig, "Get him caged up… or something. We're disrupting Kidd's class, so it seems."

Vaas looked around at his men, seeing them looking at him, but he just grinned, "And that's another method of close quarter combat, no? Head butt them until they fucking black-out."

His men laughed out loud, cheering at their leader, and Kidd grinned. Vaas stood up from his place above Craig and mentioned to his men. "Somebody cage this motherfucker up, no? I'm going to chill, hermano."

"You got it, boss!" Jose said eagerly, and he and three other guys went forward. Alex pulled on Vaas' hand, and he looked down at her, blood painting his face. He was scowling at her, looking menacing.

She swallowed and raised her hand up, touching his forehead gently. The pirate blinked at her touch as he looked down at her, his raging look fading a little. "You've got a cut on your forehead, Vaas." She said, seeing a gash on his forehead, probably when he smashed his head against Craig's teeth.

"It's nothing." Vaas said, waving his hand and smacking it against her arm, keeping her away. He looked at her warily, but she sighed and looked at him sternly.

"A pirate leader can't lead when he's got an infection. " She said, "And with the conditions here, it's bound to get infected. Come on, we'll clean it up."

But rage entered Vaas' features again, and he reached out and grasped Alex's neck, choking her. "Are you trying to disobey me too, hermana? Huh?" He seethed, bringing her face close to his, "Just because you can show these fuckers that you can kick ass doesn't mean you can fuck with me, okay?"

"Fine then. Get a fucking infection." Alex angrily replied back, "Get sick, and get fucking gangrene on your head so that it can go to your brain and destroy it. And then maybe someone else from your men would lead instead of you. Maybe Citra could hang your head on a pole instead. Did you ever think of that, hermano?!"

Vaas stared hard at her, panting in anger, but she was right. If anything happened to him, his army was bound to be taken over by the Rakyat or do something incredibly stupid. He took a deep breath and let her go, and Alex stepped back from him, breathing in deep, before taking his hand and dragging him towards the tent where her equipment was.

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