The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 21: Her Hidden Talents

The tent was in disarray because of the stuff Hoyt had bought for her, but at least there were a couple of chairs. She pushed Vaas towards one of the chairs before looking around in her pockets, looking for that first aid kit Kidd had given her before. She placed it on a table, grabbed a canteen of water that she had found, and used the corner of her cardigan to wet it before sitting in front of Vaas. The pirate king watched her, his eyes sharp, as she sat down in front of him.

"This might sting a little, Vaas." She said, but Vaas merely stayed silent. She raised the shirt and started wiping the blood away, being very careful with the wound. "Ow… that looks nasty."

But the pirate lord remained silent, watching her as she continued to tend to him. She wanted to speak to him, but she knew that in his rage, he'd probably doesn't want to talk to anyone. She sighed as she finished clearing the blood and took the antiseptic, and dabbed the wound.

The medicine probably stung like hell, but Vaas merely sat there, expressionless, watching her as if he didn't feel any pain. She continued to clean the wound as the pirate continued to watch her.

"No gauze, hermana." Vaas said suddenly, making her look down at him and she was about to reply when he spoke again, "Just slather some iodine there to seal it."

Vaas looked a little pissed, so she just nodded and did what he said, using some anti-septic cream and iodine to cover up the wound. When she was done, she leaned back and surveyed her handiwork.

"There you go. All cleaned up." She said, stowing the medicine she used back into her med kit.

"How long have you been fighting like that, Alex?" Vaas asked her, and she looked down at the pirate, before sighing, standing up and clearing up the bloodied cardigan and cotton balls.

"Ever since Kidd adopted me." She answered truthfully, "He figured that teaching me martial arts and close quarter combat might help me someday. And it did. I defended myself whenever he left somewhere, and it helped me when Nigel and Gunther tried to rape me, and when that fucker of yours Craig touched me."

"But you didn't fight back to me, hermana." Vaas said and she blinked, "Not like the way you just did."

Alex looked down at Vaas, surprised at the man's assumption, and she racked her brains for the reason why she didn't use her skills against him. "You… surprised me when you shoved me to the ground, and you pinned me under you, remember."

"Okay." Vaas said simply, "What else did Kidd teach you?"

She turned away from him, smiling as she remembered her past with the elder man, "Sniper rifles. Kidd was an avid outdoorsman, and he loved to hunt so much. Depending on the season, he would take me with him when he would hunt, and he taught me to shoot a sniper rifle by the time I was sixteen." Vaas nodded slightly, and she looked at him confused, "Why the sudden interests in my fighting skills, Vaas?"

The pirate lord stood up, staring at her as he walked, and she shivered. The same wanting look in his eyes that she had seen moments ago appeared again, and she swallowed as she took a step back away from the man. Vaas continued to walk towards her… slow, deliberate steps… stalking steps, before her back collided with the wall behind her, and Vaas trapped her with his body in front of her.

"Because when I saw you fighting, hermana…" Vaas whispered in her ear, making her turn away from the man as his breath tickled her, "It turned me on, no? You got such strong… powerful legs. I want to be between those legs, hermana." She grimaced as Vaas' tongue snaked out of his mouth, licking the sensitive shell in her ear, his hot breath against her neck making her shiver. "Let me fuck you between those legs, Alex."

But Alex's face hardened and she turned towards him, her eyes shining with a bit of anger and determination that the pirate drew back a little. "No." she said simply, staring back at him, trying to be brave. Vaas stared hard at her, seeing the fury in his eyes at being denied, but he merely smirked.

"You keep putting that brave face, princesa." Vaas said, separating from her and walking out towards the door, and she heaved a sigh of relief. "We'll see how long you last. I promise."

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