The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 24: The Kingslayer Visits

Alex was busy setting up her network to hack into Nigel and Gunther's accounts… putting together the computer, fixing the GPRS signal so that she could connect to the InterNet, making sure that the transactions she made would be untraceable, as well as researching on ways to be able to teach Jose to read.

Vaas didn't visit her that day, or for the four days after that, which she felt was good, since the man's ways was beginning to affect her. He was ruthless and pushy, and there was something about him that… attracted her. She finally understood what all those women back in the city felt like when they see a handsome but dangerous looking man.

She busied herself with hacking into all of Nigel and Gunther's accounts, collecting several billion from Gunther, and with teaching Jose to read. The man was a fast learner, but she was shocked when she found out that the next day, Jose had brought four more men with him who can't read, and then three more after that. As it turned out, some of Vaas' men didn't study in school at all, since they were more educated by the Rakyat. Kidd had thought that it would be a good idea to set up a small classroom in the clearing outside of the tent she was working in, and the men she was teaching helped her by making a blackboard, made of a large piece of plywood and painted black, and they found chalk from one of the towns. And so Alex suddenly turned into a teacher.

She taught them to read and write, and do maths, since some of them didn't know how to count past ten at all. At the end of the fourth day, she had a total of ten 'students' in her class, including the cook, who can do maths, but can't write or read.

At the fifth day, while she was teaching the men, she was surprised to see Vaas and Hoyt walking towards the clearing. The pirate lord blinked in shock as she stood in the front of the men teaching pronunciation, but she averted her gaze and turned her attention back to the lesson. She snuck a glance at them as she wrote something on the board, surprised to see Hoyt smiling at her as Vaas glowered.

An hour later, she declared the class dismissed, and the men stood up from their seat on the ground, thanking her and saying that they'll see her tomorrow. Jose saw Vaas and Hoyt, before looking at Alex in alarm. She nodded reassuringly at the man, and he nodded back, before heading up to the kitchens to help the cook. She took a deep breath and pasted a smile on her face as she headed to Vaas and Hoyt.

"Mr. Volker." She said, her professional air about her, "I am surprised to see you here."

"Miss Steele." Hoyt replied, his face splitting into a smile, "I have just received word that the money from the accounts of Nigel and Gunther has arrived into one of my false accounts… amounting to 35 million in total." His smile widened into a fully fledged grin, "You have made me a very rich man, my friend."

She nodded back at him, and Hoyt looked around, "Although I must say, this amazes me more. Kidd is training the men at fighting, and you are teaching the men to read. It's almost like you were meant to come here to make a difference to these men, hmm?"

She blinked, "I do not think it's like that Mr. Volker. I am a librarian… providing information to people is my job. It just so happened that Vaas' men can't even read or understand the word 'flammable'."

Vaas' face darkened, and she was sure he felt like she insulted his men. But the pirate grinned at her, "That's actually very true, hermana. I've had several of my boys burned to bits because of that. They can't fucking understand 'off-limits' or 'explosives', too."

"Well, then it's good that she came into this island, right, Vaas?" Hoyt said, patting his back. Alex watched as Vaas looked a little angry at the man touching him, gritting his teeth so hard that the muscles in his jaw were bunching.

"Anyway, the reason I am here, Ms. Steele." Hoyt continued, "I've recently acquired several hostages... very, very rich and influential men… so it would seem. I would like to do the same thing you did… open up their accounts and transfer their money to one of my accounts. Do you think you could do that?"

Alex blinked in surprise, and she stole a glance at Kidd, remembering his words. Act like them. Fight like them. Even kill like them.

"I would need their passwords and their information, Mr. Volker." She said finally, "As well as any card they might have in their wallets… preferably ATM cards."

Hoyt nodded, "I'll have Vaas provide them for you." He reached out a hand, and Alex put her hand in his in a handshake, "Thank you, Ms. Steele. You have been very invaluable since you arrived. If you want anything, you tell me or Vaas, and we'll get it for you."

"Can I take a bath?" She blurted out, thinking of the one thing she had wanted ever since she arrived in Vaas' camp, which was true, since she hadn't taken a bath for ages. Kidd had even commented that she had started smelling like the men, and she had to chase the older man around the camp to smack his arm.

Hoyt smiled, "There is a waterfall not far from here, and I have some fresh supplies for you in my truck. I'll have Vaas take you there right now."

Alex couldn't help but close her eyes and sigh in relief. She's finally going to be able to take a bath. FINALLY. "Yes, I'd like that very much, Mr. Volker."

"Hey, Ms. Alex!... Oh."

The three of them turned to one of the men, who came rushing towards them, his shirt splattered in blood, and panting. Even Kidd was intrigued at the man's appearance, and he walked over the four of them, standing behind Alex. At seeing Hoyt, the man stopped and looked timidly, before looking at Alex. "Ms. Alex… if you don't mind, can you help us?"

Alex turned at the two men. Vaas was looking in confusion at his man, while Hoyt looked… bored. She turned to the man… Antonio… who she learned was in charge of the pitbulls of the camp. "What's the matter, Antonio?"

"One of the men… Ricardo…" Antonio said, "He's got a really nasty fever, and he's seizing up." He pointed at his shirt, "He bit his tongue and started spitting at me, too."

She blinked, and looked at Vaas, whose eyes widened at the man's explanation. She nodded, "Alright, lead the way."

"I'll come with you." Vaas suddenly said, and Alex looked at him, "Ricardo's one of my best sharpshooters. I wanna find out what's wrong with him."

"But what about Hoyt?" She asked, but Kidd already put his hand around the man's shoulders.

"I'll escort the Kingslayer back to his truck, Alex." Kidd said, waving her off, "You go look over the man, we're going to catch up a bit."

Alex nodded, before turning to Antonio. "Okay, take me to him."

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