The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 26: Let The Black Wolf Out


Alex sighed as she stood up from her place in the ground, petting a pit bull beside her, watching Vaas' men burn the corpses of both Ricardo and the dog who bit him. She had taken a tour around the pit bull cages to look at the other dogs, which were fortunately not affected by the virus. The pitbull she was petting, who Antonio had named 'Beef', since it had a penchant for biting cows, even gave her a lick, after Antonio ordered the dog to calm down, since he had trained them all to attack on command.

"I'm right here, Vaas!" She shouted back as Vaas came out from another hut after talking to some of his men, "Jeeze, you'd think I'd be able to run away. Your men are surrounding the fucking place, you know."

"And they'd better. Because if you fucking disappear, hermana, I will fucking hunt you down myself and shoot you right in your pretty little head, no?" Vaas said pantomiming a gun to his temple. "Come on, we have a fucking job to do."

"What job?" Alex said as Vaas mentioned her to him, and she followed, with Beef following at her heels.

"Hoyt wants us to get the information about some of the fuckers' cards." He said, striding towards the cages, before looking down in surprise at the pitbull, "You got a fucking pet now, Alex?"

"His name is Beef." She said, scowling at Vaas, "And yes, I'm thinking about getting him as my pet. So that he can protect me from you or from your men."

At this, Vaas stopped, making her stop as well. Vaas stared at her, before laughing out loud, making her blink. He sank down to a knee and seized the pit bull's head, making her alarmed, thinking that he was going to hurt the dog. But she blinked again in surprise to see that Vaas was petting the dog on the head.

"There's a fucking killer!" Vaas said as he reached down and scratched at the dog's belly, causing it to roll over and loll out its tongue in pleasure, "Si… si… A fucking killer. One of my best dogs too, he can take down a guy in seconds, no? Yeah, yeah… you a good killer."

Beef let out a growl of delight as Vaas played with him a little, before standing up and looking triumphantly at her. She scowled, "Fuck. Talk about finding some decent help around here."

Vaas laughed out loud again as he whistled, causing the dog to bark and move away from them, heading back to Antonio. He grinned down at her as they started walking, "What you need to understand, hermana, is that people here fucking respect and fear me more than you."

She huffed out a breath, making him grin, before he bent down one of the cages. He kicked at it, before shouting, "HEY! AMIGO! WAKE UP!"

A man stirred from within the cage, and his eyes widened in fear when he saw Vaas, and he scooted at the far edge of his cage. But at the sight of Alex, the man looked confused. Vaas pulled something from his pocket, which turned out to be the man's wallet and a pad and pen. He gave the pad and pen to Alex before bending down over the man, "Good morning, motherfucker." He said, waving mockingly at the man, before looking down at his ID, "Clyde Summers, 54 years old… Bank Manager…. Ooohh, I like your profession, amigo."

Vaas grinned as he kneeled down near the cage, "So… hermano… here's the thing, we have a little problem here, no? You see, I only take people who I can ransom. But you, motherfucker, nobody can pay for you. So here's what we're going to do… you, moi, and…" He whistled as he pointed at Alex, "We gonna have a little bit of fun. You tell us your account number, no? If you don't…" He clicked his tongue again, "I fucking shoot you. You got it?"

The man looked up at Alex, shaking his head, "Don't please… please don't kill me, I beg you."

Alex blinked as she looked down at the man, feeling the dread creep up her body. She knew that if she helped him or displeased Vaas, it would mean the death of her. Her hesitation made Vaas stand up and look at her in anger, as if he had been expecting her to falter. She swallowed and looked up at Vaas, staring back at him, and she finally decided.

It's time to let go of her white wolf, and feed the black wolf in her.

She seized Vaas' gun, making the pirate jerk, but she aimed the gun at the man instead, and she scowled down at him.

"The codes, asshole." She whispered vehemently, and the man shrank in fear as the barrel pointed at him, "And don't think your puppy eyes would make me not shoot you, because I will. Now tell me the fucking codes."

Vaas blinked in shock, before grinning in pleasure, the skin around his eyes and mouth wrinkling in that adorable way she had noticed. The man started to mutter out the codes of his account as Vaas took the gun from her and pointed it at the man, as she took her pen and started writing it down.

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