The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 27: Beauty and the Beast

"I'm tellin' you boys, she could sing."

Vaas perked up from his place behind his hut, sharpening his knife, when he heard Kidd talking. He stood up and walked over to the side of the hut, seeing Jose, Antonio, Carlos and Kidd, talking by some of the crates, with Carlos holding a guitar and strumming it idly. He had found the guitar among the luggage of one of the hostages, and he kept it, since he had known how to use it.

"Well, do you think we could ask for a performance?" Antonio asked Kidd, as he used his knife to cut a slice of mango and eating it, and Kidd chuckled.

"Why don't you ask her? She's right behind you." Kidd said, and Vaas looked up to see Alex walking towards his… or rather, their hut, holding a pad of paper. At the sight of the four men sitting outside of their hut, she blinked, "What is this? From the looks on your faces, it looks like you're planning a mutiny."

Vaas bristled in anger, but the men laughed, "Nah, we aren't. I was just telling' these boys about how you know how to play the guitar, baby girl."

Alex blinked, and Carlos, Antonio and Jose smiled up at her. Her eyes widened, knowing what their looks are for, and she waved her hands. "Oh no… no! Oh jeeze, Kidd! No!"

"Aw, come on! Miss Alex!" Jose said, genuinely entertained at the idea, "Just one song, please!"

"Yeah, just one song, Miss Alex!" Antonio seconded, and he raised his fist, "JUST! ONE! SONG!"

The cry of JUST! ONE! SONG! echoed among the four men, each of them raising up their fist and chanting, while Carlos raised the guitar at her. She grinned shyly and chuckled, but when she looked around, she realized that the other men were looking at them, curious as to what they were doing. She waved her hands and shushed them, "Fine! Fine! Fine! Just shut the fuck up before my audience gets bigger!"

The four of them cheered, and Alex pouted mockingly before hitting each man on the arm, making them flinch and laugh. Vaas grinned to himself as he watched her teasing with his men, but he continued to watch her as she laid down the paper, before taking the guitar and looking at it.

"Oh, God… I haven't played one of these for ages." She said, running a hand through the strings.

"Just try, baby girl." Kidd said, grinning at her, before leaning back against the other crate to watch her.

She rolled her eyes and cradled the guitar to her chest, and she strummed and plucked the strings a little, before laughing, "Nobody make fun of my voice after this, you hear?!"

The men laughed, but soon silenced as she began strumming the guitar, its light sound filling their little circle, and Vaas listened as she played. He recognized the intro of her song as a Disney movie… Beauty and the Beast, as he remembered… and soon her voice drifted from the corner.

And he blinked… her voice sounded amazing. He looked up from the corner of the hut to look at her, singing with her eyes closed as she strummed the guitar lightly, her beautiful voice accompanying her instrument beautifully. Even the three men watched her with their mouth open in shock, while Kidd had his eyes closed with a smile on his face, listening to her voice in enjoyment. She had a high, lilting voice that was very pleasing to the ear. Even he himself found his eyes closing as he listened to her, her voice causing him to shiver a bit, the hair in his arms rising into goose bumps. He loved music like that… the kind of music that feels like it goes through your whole system and makes you shiver in delight at the beauty of it. He had always been a hard core rocker… listening to Guns and Roses, Metallica and other bands like that… but this… this was exquisite.

It was beautiful.

He smiled to himself as he continued to listen, her voice making him forget the time, but soon her song ended, her voice drifting to a silent pause… before his men started cheering on her. He grinned to himself as he stood and went around the hut behind the men, watching them as they applauded her, cheering on her. She smiled down at them, her cheeks blushing before her eyes lifted to him, and her smile faded, her cheeks turning into a deeper shade of pink in shyness. At her fading smile, the men turned around and found Vaas leaning against the hut with his arms crossed, and they stood up hastily.

"Uhh… hey there, Vaas…" Carlos said, getting the guitar from Alex, "We were just… uhm…"

But Vaas raised a hand and whistled, "Get the fuck back to work." He said simply, not shouting or angry, and the men looked at each other before scurrying off, leaving Alex and Kidd. Kidd grinned as he pulled himself up, patting Alex on the shoulder, before heading to the kitchen.

Alex watched as Vaas stared at her, a little surprised at the man's look. His face looked… serene… if she could describe it right. There was no trace of anger on his face, and he simply stared at her. She had to admit, without the anger on Vaas' face; he looked handsome, with his eyes glinting against the darkness of his skin. He continued to stare at her, making her swallow, before she blinked and stood up, getting the pad she put down.

"I… uh… gotta get to work." She muttered, but in her head, she berated herself. Her stomach was doing somersaults inside her and she felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. The sight of seeing Vaas in one of her more vulnerable moments… when she's singing made her a little afraid. But the look on his face… so serene and at peace without a hint of anger or rage, made her just want to run up to him and kiss him until she's dizzy. Being around the dangerously crazy pirate was having an effect on her…

And she was beginning to like it.

"Alexandria…" Vaas said, his Spanish inflection having an effect on her again when he said her real name, making her shiver again. "You didn't tell me you could sing."

She kept her back to him, afraid to let him see her blushing face, "You didn't ask, Vaas."

"Hmm… "The pirate nodded in assent, and she could hear him walking closer to her, "You were singing Beauty and the Beast, hmm? From Disney?"

"Yes." She swallowed, trying to force her heart to stop beating so loudly.

"I like that song, too, hermana." Vaas said, and she stiffened when she felt his body against her back, "But only if you sing it."

She huffed out a breath, "I need to get back to work, Vaas."

She was about to step away when Vaas seized her from the back, wrapping his arms around her tightly, and burying his face to her hair. Her hair smelled of dirt and her sweat, since she hadn't taken a bath lately, but the subtle hint of flowers were still there like the first time he smelled her.

"Alexandria…" He whispered, almost reverently against her ear, "Do you have any fucking idea… that the things you do, hermana… makes me want you even more?"

Alex remained silent and unmoving as Vaas groaned against her hair, his hands running up her neck and the other wrapping around her waist. She blinked when the hand on her neck tightened a little, but he wasn't intent on choking her, merely forcing her body closer to his. She felt the hard planes of his chest and abdominals on her back and the hardness of his cock against her butt. She looked around, hoping no one can see them. Fortunately, Vaas had pulled her on the dark side of their tent.

"Alexandria…" he crooned again, and it made her shiver again. He must have felt her shiver, because she felt him smile against her neck, "Stop resisting me…"

But Vaas' arms loosened and Alex used the opportunity to push away from him, almost staggering back, before looking accusingly at him. He felt a pang of anger run through his veins, and it showed again on his face, but at Alex's blushing face and angry but confused look, his anger waned, and he grinned at her as he lowered his arms.

"Resistance is futile, hermana." Vaas said again, and her eyes widened. "Maybe just a few more days, no? And then I show you how much of a fucking beast I can be."

Alex's face filled with anger, before she stomped back to her tent, forgetting whatever she had meant to get from their hut. Vaas chuckled as he watched her, before silencing and watching her walk away.

By the gods, he wanted her. And he was beginning to think that she wanted him, too.

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