The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 28: RAID!

Alex stretched in front of her computer, leaning back her chair as she reached up, the muscles in her back stiff and aching. She'd been sitting for hours in front of the computer, with Jose bringing her food, water and coffee. With the help of Vaas, she was able to get all of the hostages account numbers, amounting to several millions, and she was transferring it to one of Hoyt's numerous accounts. Although she hated the fact that she was stealing, she knew that she was doing it to stay alive. If Hoyt or Vaas finds out that she would be useless, they'd be sure to kill her.

Not to mention she was enjoying teaching the men in reading. Some of them are beginning to respect her now, calling her 'Miss Alex' or 'Miss Steele' and coming up to her with small gifts that they scoured around the forest. Once Jose brought her some flowers he had picked from the forest, causing the man to blush a little, but she accepted it gracefully. The way the men gave her gifts of appreciation made her think of children that gave apples or fruits to their teacher, and she had to admit, she liked it.

Although, the shower of the men's affection for her seemed to irritate Vaas. When the pirate lord noticed that flowers or fruit had started piling up in her table near the computer, he scowled asked where the fuck it all came from. She told him about how the men gave her gifts in return for teaching them, and he scowled darker before leaving her hut and ignoring her for several days, which suited her just fine, since she focused more in getting the money from the hostages' accounts and teaching the men.

Her reverie was cut short when a blaring alarm rang throughout the camp, surprising her and making her fall of her chair. She rolled sideward as she groaned after her lower back hurt, just as Vaas entered the room. He looked down at her, seeing that she had fallen off her chair, and he laughed out loud, "What the fuck happened to you, hermana?!"

"Your fucking alarm surprised me, that's what happened!" She shouted back, because the alarm was really loud, "What's going on, Vaas?"

"Fucking Rakyats! They're attacking the camp!" Vaas said as Alex stood up. She blinked in surprise as Vaas pulled her out into the clearing.

"Do they attack you often?!" She said as Vaas dragged her to the edge of the camp, where a tower was erected.

"Yeah, they do. But they're too fucking chicken so it doesn't last too long." Vaas said, and she noticed he was grinning, loving the fact that he was about to kill some of his former tribesmen. He looked down at her as he handed her a sniper rifle, "You said you can shoot a rifle, no? Then make yourself useful and kill these fuckers!"

Alex took the gun, weighting it, but she swallowed at the thought of killing the Rakyats. She looked around to see Kidd, holding his rifle and a pistol in his hip, and Jose, who had just sheathed a machete to his side. She looked up to Vaas, "Okay. I'll do it."

At this, the pirate grinned, "That's a good princesa." Suddenly, he grasped her at the back of the neck and pulled her close, kissing her roughly and catching her gasp of surprise. She felt his tongue reach inside her mouth, and she was faintly surprised to find out that despite what the pirate looked like, he was actually a very good kisser… and that he tasted like cigarettes and wine. Unconsciously, she felt herself move, her tongue reaching out and tasting him in return, clutching at his shirt, and he groaned out as he wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her deeper, their hips almost grinding each other. She felt his hardness press against her, the thought of battle turning him on, and she felt herself go hot. He ground his hips against her one last time, biting her lips lightly, before pushing her backward.

"We'll continue this later, no?" Vaas said, grinning at her shocked expression, and she felt her face turn red. "Fuck, you make me so fucking horny." But he smacked her butt, before running off to the center of the camp backwards as he grinned at her, "Make me proud eh, hermana?!"

She blinked at the sudden departure of the pirate, still dizzy from his assault to her senses, but she swallowed and looked around. The Rakyat haven't infiltrated the camp yet, so she ran over to her tent again and grabbed her iPod, before heading back out.

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