The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 29: Killing in the Name Of Vaas

A battle cry came from behind her and she reacted, bending down just as a machete swung past her head. On instinct, she reached down into her boot and pulled at her combat knife, before she swung backwards, the knife slitting the man's throat, spraying her with blood. She blinked in surprise as the man fell down dead beside her. She looked down at her hands, now tinged red with blood… and she felt herself weaken a little. She had just killed someone, a Rakyat…. A human. She felt the tears sting the back of her eyes, but she swallowed heavily and headed back to the tower, climbing it with the rifle at her back.

She breathed in deep as she made the top and grasp the rifle, before putting her eye in the scope and putting the iPod's earphones to her ears, and she pressed the button randomly, hearing the intro of Rage Against the Machine's 'Killing in the Name of'. Well, this is ironic, she thought, Killing in the name of Vaas.

Looking down through the scope, she could see some of the men fighting, including Jose, Kidd, Antonio, Carlos and Vaas. She could see Vaas enjoying the battle, his face and body splattered in blood, as he used his pistol and a knife to fight the Rakyat. "Whoo!" She heard him yell, delighting at the adrenaline rush, "I love the smell of Rakyat blood in the mornin'! Hahahaha!"

Vaas was too preoccupied fighting the people in front of him that he didn't notice that some Rakyats were coming up behind him. Alex set the Rakyat's head on her scope and pulled the trigger, her finger moving in instinct at the song's beat. The pirate lord looked up just as the Rakyat she shot fell, and she saw him grin widely through her scope.

She saw more Rakyats coming in, and she started shooting, using the beats from her music to time her breathing, her shots and her reloads. She lost track of Kidd and Jose, killing Rakyats that attacked the other men instead, or those coming too near the hostages' cages.

A few minutes later, everything went quiet.

She looked down with her scope, and she saw several of the Rakyat fleeing the camp, some carrying their injured. She could hear Vaas and his troupes shouting in victory, as she lowered the gun from her shoulder and breathing a sigh of relief.

But soon it came. She killed so many Rakyats… more than ten to her, it seemed, and she felt the revulsion for actions come up her stomach, and she moved over to the side of the tower, hurling out her dinner and whatever contents of her stomach. She wiped her mouth when she was done, before collapsing down at the floor of the tower. She could hear somebody coming up the ladder, but she didn't care who it was, she felt weak from vomiting.

"Alex?" Kidd's gruff but gentle voice sounded from the ladder, and he pulled himself up, finding her on the floor. The man's face widened as Alex's face crumpled and tears started falling from her eyes, and he scooted beside her as the girl clutched at his chest.

"Aww… baby girl. Hush now." Kidd crooned as he comforted her.

"I… killed so many, Kidd!" She couldn't help but mutter against his chest, "I've… killed… so many."

"Baby girl, you had to." Kidd said, running a hand through her hair, "If you chickened out and these men knew about it, they would kill you, you know that right? Vaas… he saw you shooting. I think he liked that. He's bound to keep you alive now." He smiled gently at her as he raised her face and wiped her tears with his sleeve, "You got really clean shots, you know. All head shots. I know this is the wrong place to say it, but I was damned proud of you."

Alex sniffed as she sat still while Kidd cleaned up her face, "But… I killed people…"

"To survive, baby girl. You killed to survive." Kidd said, putting both of his hands on her face to bring her gaze to him, "This isn't London or Los Angeles or any civilized area, peaches. Out here, you kill to survive… even if it meant shooting another human. If you value your life, girl, then you have to put it above all else, including me. You hear?"

She nodded, and took a deep breath; just a Kidd smiled at her. "Come on, dry your tears. If Vaas finds out you've been crying, he's going to kill you."

She nodded again, before heading towards the ladder, with Kidd behind her. As she headed down, she could hear some of the men below, cheering. As soon as she put both feet on the ground, Antonio came up and pat her back, with the rest of the men coming up and patting her too. Kidd grinned and put an arm around her as she looked up at him, confused. "What's going on?"

"These men, baby girl… they saw you shooting and saving them from your perch up there." He said, grinned at her, "You were a damn fine shot, you know. Straight to their damn skulls. These men appreciate that."

The men cheered again as she smiled uncertainly, pulling on the strap of her rifle. She grinned as the men started chanting 'A-lex! A-lex!' with Kidd taking up the cry. But pretty soon the crowd parted and Vaas came up, putting an arm around her shoulder.

"Alright! Alright! Shut the fuck up, hermanos!" Vaas cried out, quieting the men before grinning down at her, "So, Alex here… she just proven herself worthy no?!"

The men shouted their assent, and Vaas waved them down again, "This woman, no? She didn't just give us a pay raise, but she killed the fucking Rakyat, too! Isn't that fucking awesome!?"

The men shouted again, and Vaas continued, "So what do you say, amigos?! What about we have a party tomorrow for her, no? And give her a fucking reward, too!"

"YEAAAAHHH!" The men shouted again as Alex grinned uncertainly at them and Vaas cleared them off by saying, "Now somebody clean this shit up, no? We can't have a fucking party when the camp is a fucking mess!"

Kidd grinned down at her before winking, making his way back to the men to clean the camp up just as Vaas started pulling on her hand. The pirate lord was dragging her towards one of trucks, "Where are you taking me, Vaas?"

"Giving you a reward, hermana." Vaas said as he looked back and grinned at her, "You wanted a bath, no? So, as a reward, I'll take you to the waterfalls to clean up." He pointed down at her bloodied face, hair and shirt, "You've got fucking blood all over you."

She looked down at herself in revulsion, seeing the blood of the Rakyat she had killed and she swallowed again, "Yeah. I guess I could use a little cleaning up."

"And besides…" Vaas continued, before pushing her roughly towards the truck, and she collided against it with her back, making her gasp in pain. He pressed her against the metal with his body, and Alex felt his warmth again, over-whelming her senses and making her short of breath. "As much as blood turns me on, hermana… I want to see every fucking inch of your skin clean."

"And why is that, Vaas?" She whispered out, making the pirate smirk seductively her before planting a kiss on her neck under her ear, making her shiver.

"Because after tonight, hermana… I can't take it anymore, no?" Vaas whispered back, his breath hot against her neck, "You get your reward, and I get mine, too… I will fuck you, hermana, and I know you will like it."

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