The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 3: To the Rescue


The door flung open, its lock splintering into pieces as Kidd's heavy boot kicked the door open, his heavy frame filling the door. The two men looked up in fear at the man, and Kidd looked down at her. He blinked at the sight of her holding on to her eye, which was turning red. The rage on his face made his already scary appearance more intimidating, and he bellowed, "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU IDIOTS DOIN' TO HER?!"

The two men cowered at him, and Kidd used their distraction to grab her gently, and pulling her to his side. Nigel was about to protest, but Kidd merely grabbed his collar, lifting up the man off the floor, his legs dangling uselessly.

"You're drunk, man." Kidd seethed, and Alex almost giggled at the sight of Nigel cowering, "Sleep it off."

"Hey…!" Gunther exclaimed, but Kidd stared him down with furious brown eyes.

"SLEEP. IT. OFF." Kidd's voice was low, but the anger in them was apparent. Gunther stopped, and Kidd dropped Nigel to the floor before closing the door. He took Alex's arm gently and pushed her away from the cabin, towards the back area of the boat where he had kept his things. He moved rather quickly, and she knew he was furious.

"Thank you, Kidd." Alex said, sighing in relief, as the elderly man looked over at her face, before turning to his bag.

"You can thank me later, woman." Kidd said as he rummaged his back, grabbing what looked like a machete in a sheath, three pistols, an AK, a sniper rifle, some magazines for the guns, and a small bag. He stuffed it into a much larger bag, leaving out the pistols and the machete.

Alex blinked at the sight of the guns, and she realized that his quick movement wasn't anger. "Kidd, what's wrong?"

Kidd busied himself by strapping a belt with two holsters on his waist, and the machete on his back. He hoisted the bag into his back before looking at her, "Pirates. Lots of them."

Her breath came out in a huff of fear, and Kidd propelled her towards the side of the boat. "We're going to have to jump, you hear?" Kidd was telling her, "Swim towards that the other side of the shore, there… by the rocks. Stay away from the men."

Kidd pointed towards the shore of the beach, and Alex blinked. Men, wearing red shirts and bandanas and pants, stood by the shore, carrying guns like Kidd. She gasped in fear, "Kidd-!"

"I'll be right with you, kiddo." Kidd told her, lifting her up in his arms, "Stay as long as you can underwater, and swim deep! I'll be right behind you."

Alex nodded weakly, and looked up at Kidd's brown eyes. The older man smiled gently down at her, trying to reassure her. "Don't worry, kid. I won't let you down."

She wasn't able to shriek, taking a deep breath as Kidd threw her off the boat, and she kicked hard, doing her best to swim away from the boat, deeper into the water. She looked around as swam hoping that there weren't any sharks around. She heard a muffled splash, and soon enough, Kidd's large frame shadowed over her. She looked up, seeing the man, and he pointed for her to follow.

A few seconds later, they heard the muffled sounds of jet skis and gunfire, and Alex swam hard with Kidd away from the boat. Her lungs were aching, but she continued.

She ended up getting slightly dizzy, and she surfaced, gasping for air. Kidd came up beside her, also gasping, but he took her arm. "Come on, deep breath, kid. We're almost there."

"Okay… okay…" Alex said as she looked back at the boat. The pirates had gunned it down, and from the fires that raged on it, it looked like they blew it up to. The men who had jet skis were circling around it, wearing red colors, as they boarded the boat and started looking around despite the fire. Gunther was their pilot for the boat, so there were only the four them. She wondered if the pirates had gotten to them.

And she hoped that they would kill Nigel and Gunther for her.

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