The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 30: The Waterfall

The waterfall Vaas brought her to was beautiful, even in the dark with the rising sun lighting up the sky. It was very high, its water billowing down into a massive pool below, drenching all the greenery around it… including her.

Vaas drove her to the waterfall, grinning like an idiot all the way, while she sat silent beside him, hugging her knees. He made it very clear that he was intent in taking her, and although she was a little bit frightened, she didn't want to flee and run away. Vaas was too unpredictable, and too crazy, that she was sure that if she tried to run, he would shoot her in the head. She wanted to run… she knew she had to run… but she couldn't.

Something inside her was tugging at her, wanting her to stay… wanting to know what it felt like to be with Vaas. She felt ashamed of herself when she reacted at feeling Vaas around her, and although she knew that what she was about to do wasn't wrong, since she wasn't in a relationship at all, her morals are telling her that sleeping with a crazy drug addict, human trafficker and killer was wrong. But her instinct in keeping herself alive was kicking in. She sighed, and decided that whatever Vaas was going to do, she might as well accept it.

Although, she couldn't help but be curious if she really was going to like it.

She stood by the edge of the pool, the bag of toiletries and clothes that Vaas gave her by her feet. She looked up at the pirate lord as he stood by his truck, smoking a cigar, watching her with intent eyes. She suddenly felt shy, but she felt icky and dirty. She sighed as she muttered out, "Fuck it." And proceeded to remove her clothes, her back turned against the pirate lord.

She removed her boots, Kidd's cargo pants, her shirt and her cardigan, dismayed as how it all looked now, considering she hadn't bathed in weeks. Her shirt was in the worst state of all. It was stinky and dirty, full of blood, sweat and dirt. In the end she tore it up, determined to use it as a scrub. Fortunately, her black bra and boy-cut undies were still pretty much intact, although they also needed a bit of washing, and she definitely didn't want to take it off in front of Vaas. She set her clothes and the stuff in her pockets aside, brought out the shampoo and soap from the bag, padded towards the pool, walking forward to keep the pirate lord from seeing her front, until she was submerged in the water, still wearing her underwear. She turned around to see Vaas still staring at her intently.

She kept her eyes on him as she scrubbed furiously, determined to get each and every inch of her skin clean, even if it meant she had to scrub her body underwater. She removed her underwear under water, washing them thoroughly before putting them on again. Vaas never removed his eyes on her, staring at her as she bathed, although the only movement he made was to take a puff of his cigar every now and then.

She shampooed her hair, and she couldn't help but sigh in relief as all the dirt got washed away from her scalp, rubbing the shampoo furiously to the ends of the strands. She dunked underwater to wash the rest of the shampoo away, making sure that there wasn't any residue left, before emerging. She wiped the water from her eyes and looked up, and she blinked when she realized that Vaas was gone.

Alex looked down by the rocks near the pool, seeing Vaas' shirt, pants, boots and leather holster on the ground. She looked around trying to find the pirate lord, when she suddenly got pulled underwater.

Something was holding her underwater, and she opened her eyes, the water stinging at them a little. Vaas was grinning at her from under, his hand clasped around her ankle, pulling her down. She struggled against his grasp, her lungs screaming for air, but the pirate lord continued to grin and hung on to her. Finally, she kicked, getting him good on the shoulder, and she heard him grunt a little in pain as he let her go, and she padded upwards to the surface.

She sputtered as she finally broke through the surface, and she quickly swam for the rocky shore, but Vaas was on her again, grabbing her ankle first and then her waist, pulling her back into the water. She collided with Vaas' chest as he wrapped his arms around her. He tightened his hold on her, bringing her body close to his, and she stopped struggling, clutching at his chest.

"Woooow, amiga… so you into rough shit to, eh?" Vaas crooned as he brought his face to her ear. "That's good, because I like rough shit too."

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