The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 31: Breaking Point

Alex's eyes widened and she yelled out in pain as Vaas painfully bit into her shoulder, his teeth ripping her skin a little, his arms still tight against her. At her yell, he stopped biting, and she couldn't help but gasp as he licked the spot where he bit her, licking her blood and moaning. Her breath got caught in her throat as the pirate began kissing her behind her ear, licking her, sucking her skin, and she felt her face grow warm. Her fingers clawed against his warm chest, making him growl a little bit as he continued to kiss her.

But when Vaas' hands moved underwater, his fingers pushing her underwear down, she stiffened and pushed a little against him, "Shh… shh… Alexandria…" Vaas crooned again, his rough, Spanish inflection making her full name sound exotic to her ears, making her shiver, "Don't move… you'll enjoy this, I promise."

She was about to retort out to Vaas, but she suddenly whimpered, as Vaas' fingers delved between her legs, rubbing the nub that ached. She couldn't help but moan out in pleasure as he touched her, his breathing hot against her neck, as his mouth travelled down her cleavage, licking the tops of her breast. She could feel herself getting hot and wet against his hand despite the cold water. His teeth bit down at her bra, pulling the fabric down and revealing a nipple, and he licked it, making her shiver and whimper again.

"You like that, don't you, Alexandria?" Vaas whispered against her breast, "You like that, don't you? You love my fucking tongue on you. I could feel you… oh fuck… you're so warm, bella…"

Alex clutched at his shoulder as he continued his ministrations, and he rubbed his crotch against her leg, and she felt the bulge in his shorts. She gasped at the sensation as Vaas pulled her underwear down and grabbed her legs, spreading her under the water, and his cock rubbed against her.

"Tell me." Vaas seethed at her as he pulled at her hair, "Tell me you want me, Alexandria."

Alex grit her teeth against the sensation, but Vaas rubbed against her roughly, and she gasped out, "I want you, Vaas…"

Vaas groaned, "That's it… tell me to fuck you, Alexandria."

"F… fuck me, Vaas…" She couldn't help but obey. The feeling of Vaas' hardness against her was driving her insane, and she had lost all sense of thought that she only wanted him inside her.

Vaas growled out loudly, his hand moving under the water to push his shorts down, before roughly entering her, making her cry out. Both of his arms wrapped around her, trapping her arms on his chest, as he pushed and pulled out of her, grunting in effort, making her moan. He was rough, but by the gods she loved it, his arms almost crushing her lungs as his hand reached back and pulled painfully at her hair. His thrusts were deep and sudden, pulling out of her until his shaft was only a few centimeters inside, before shoving up her again to the hilt. It drove her mad, and she couldn't stop the moans and whimpers that escaped her.

Vaas made her ride him hard, her moans mixing with his grunts of effort and his dirty Spanish language, but it excited her just the same. The force of his thrusts made her bounce on top of him, and he bit hard into her shoulder again, the pain of his bite and the pleasure of his hips making her mewl at the sensation. She could feel herself reaching her peak, her moans getting louder, and she dug her nails deeply into Vaas' chest, scratching the skin raw. Vaas quickened his movements, taking her hips in his hands and forcefully thrusting in and out of her.

"You gonna cum, Alexandria?" Vaas taunted her, staring at her face intently as he bit his lip, before licking the shell of her ear, his breath hot against her, "You gonna cum on my fucking cock, huh? Come on then… make your fucking tight pussy cum on my cock… come on my little bella… cum on me… like I'm going to cum into you… cum for me… come on…"

Vaas' dirty language and rough thrusting made her see stars, and her body seized up as she orgasmed, her pussy tightening around Vaas' shaft. At the feel of her muscles clenching, Vaas' groaned out and winced, delving into her deeply as he came, and she felt his hot essence burst from inside her, making her orgasm again. He thrust roughly a few more time, groaning out loudly, and Alex felt limp in his arms. White spots seemed to appear in her vision as the convulsions in her body finally slowed, and she panted.

The pirate king pulled her towards the shore, where he laid her down on the bank, and she flopped limp against the ground, staring off into nothingness. Vaas breathed heavily as he lay back, looking up at the stars, exhausted.

"Motherfucker…" Vaas finally groaned out loud, "I've never… had it… that good… before…"

Alex remained silent, panting like Vaas, and she swallowed. She had to admit, she never had it like that before, too. It was… amazing for her, the kind of sex she had always wanted but never really knew, and although it ashamed her that she had to do it with a murderer and a pirate, she realized that if that ever happened again… she would probably say yes… over and over and over again.

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