The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 32: One of Us

"Come on, bella. Time to go."

Alex groaned out loudly from her position on the ground, still exhausted from her session with Vaas. The pirate lord has obvious gathered her strength again, but she was still tired, her legs aching like mad, but the tingles of pleasure were still there. She could hear him putting on his pants and his shirt, hearing the buckles of his belt as he put everything on again, before she heard him chuckle and walk towards where she lay.

"Come on… up and at 'em. Alex." Vaas said, and he pulled at her upper arm, making her sit up and look at him. He grinned down at her as she groaned and stood up, her legs still wobbly. He bent down and took something from the bag, "Here, these might fit you, I think."

Alex nodded numbly and started putting her underwear back into order, before opening the package that Vaas gave her. She blinked when she saw what was in it, before looking up at the pirate king with a scowl, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

The pirate looked up at her and scowled, "No. I am not fucking kidding you. Put it on, hermana." He reached down at his belt again and unholstered his pistol, "Don't forget that I still have a fucking gun."

Alex seethed, but she removed what was in the bag, which turned out to be camouflage pants, a red shirt, combat boots and red underwear. She growled when she saw it, but when Vaas aimed the gun at his head and made the clicking sound with his tongue again, she sighed and resolved her fate. She didn't bother turning around to hide her body from Vaas as she put on the underwear before slipping the pants on. It fit her body rather well, the pants were loose enough to allow her movement, and the shirt fit her torso well. She huffed annoyed, before looking up the pirate again, whose hungry eyes roved down her body again.

"I swear, if I wasn't so drained, I would fuck you right now." Vaas said candidly, and she felt the heat on her cheeks again, but she just rolled her eyes and stuffed her old clothes back in the bag.

"Oh, just shut up, Vaas." She said scathingly as she walked up the path again and to his truck, carrying the bag and the boots, making the pirate laugh out loud. She entered the passenger side and slammed the door, waiting for the pirate as he got in and turned the ignition.

"So what's this party for?" Alex said as he drove, "You kill plenty of Rakyats and hostages every week, so why give a victory party?"

"This isn't just a fucking victory party, hermana." Vaas said as he stuffed a cigar in his mouth again as he drove. Alex got the lighter from the dashboard and lit it up, reaching it over to Vaas. The pirate blinked at her, before lighting the cigar as he was preoccupied with driving. He took in a deep inhale of the smoke as Alex bent her leg to put on the boots, "The men, no? They come up to me. They say, 'Miss Alex saved us, Vaas. She killed lots of fucking Rakyats. She's one of us now.' And Hoyt, eh? Hoyt increased our pay, too. The men were happy about that. So, since you don't have any family, the men wanted you to be part of our little group of pirates."

Alex stopped from tying her boots, blinking up in surprise, before turning to look at Vaas, "Wait… what? You want me… to become a pirate like you?"

At this, Vaas scoffed, "Not like me, hermana. You can never be like me." He laughed at his little private joke, but he continued. "Kidd accepted, you know. He said, 'there's nothing for me back out there. I think I belong here now.' He said to ask you, too. So I did." He waved a hand, "And as a bonus for joining our… little club, you going to get a surprise. A special offer for accepting a one-time deal."

She stared out of the window, watching the greenery pass by them, as she thought about her answer. Kidd was right, there was nothing for her back to her old life. She had no job anymore since Nigel is being held hostage by Vaas, and Kidd was with her here on the island. She had very few friends back in London, that they probably would not miss her. She found her purpose here… teaching the men, and getting money from the rich using her knowledge. Although, the constant fear of being around a dangerous man like Vaas would nag at her, the thought of living her old, ordinary… boring life day after day after day back in London caused her to tremble.

"Yes. I accept."

Vaas grinned before he took another drag of his cigar and exhaling smoke, "Oh, by the way… I told you so."

She blinked and looked at the pirate, "What?"

The truck stopped suddenly as Vaas stepped on the brake abruptly, making her fling an arm out and catch herself before her head hit the windshield. As she got flung backward back to her seat, Vaas suddenly seized her, grabbing her at the back of the head with his other hand around her throat, and kissed her roughly, his tongue slipping in her mouth. She gasped at the sudden intrusion, but before she could push him off, Vaas let her go, and went back to driving, grinning beside her.

"I told you I was going to make you want me."

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