The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 33: The Two Wolves

After the Rakyat attack, the men started clearing up the camp again, burning the bodies of the dead Rakyat warriors. Alex was too busy tending to the wounded, stitching up the wounds they got during the battle, which included Antonio's arm wound and Carlos' lip, since he had used his head to bash a Rakyat's head in.

When she was done, she headed over to where the men were burning the bodies, and she covered her nose at the scent of death, blood and burning flesh. She watched as two men hoisted a dead Rakyat, and pitching it towards a giant pyre full of wooden logs and other burning bodies. It sickened her, but she knew it was the proper way to dispose of them. She had given warnings to Antonio and Carlos about the flies and mosquitoes in the area, and they knew that she was telling them this because she was worried about them, so they obeyed her.

She walked closer to the pile of bodies, and she blinked in surprise when she saw a boy, not even fifteen years old, as one of the dead Rakyats. He was strikingly handsome youth, with dark skin and a lithe body, his arm covered in unfinished tattoos. His brown eyes were open in death, and blood had coagulated from his neck wound.

"How can he… but he's just a child…" She couldn't help but mutter out loud as she bent over the dead Rakyat boy.

"My fucking sister sent him."

Alex looked up to see Vaas, smoking and looking down at her. From the almost flowery scent that came out of his smoke, she knew that it wasn't tobacco he was smoking. "Citra lets boys go to battle?"

Vaas scoffed, and crossed his arms as he threw the butt of his joint to the piles of bodies, "That's my sister's way of telling the Rakyat to man-the-fuck-up." He said, glaring down in anger at the bodies, "When we were younger, hermana, our parents trained us to be warriors by sending us into the forest and killing animals. But no, no, no, no, please… Citra changed that. She told her fucking warriors that the only time they can prove to be Rakyat warriors is if they kill one of my men… or me." He chuckled, "What she doesn't realize is… the fucking Rakyats are screwed if they keep it up."

She blinked and looked down sadly at the Rakyat boy, feeling pity for the youth and anger towards Citra. She bent closer to the body and used her fingers to close the boy's eyes, before leaning back and putting her hands together in prayer. She heard Vaas huff out a breath of annoyance at her actions, but she didn't pay him any attention as she prayed. Finally, she sighed and stood up, just as the men burning the bodies picked up the boy's carcass and threw it in the fire.

She turned to Vaas, who was scowling at her, waving out a hand. "Why do you keep fucking do that, hermana?" He said, his face looking angry, "You heal the sick. You pray for the dead. What the fuck are you, a fucking saint?"

She scowled at him, "Vaas, did I ever tell you about the story of the two wolves?"

Vaas scoffed again, "I don't have time for your fucking stories, perra."

She shrugged, "Well, you're here. So I might as well fucking tell you. The story goes that there are two wolves inside every person. One wolf was black as night, and represented all the evils of man… anger, envy, sorrow, regret, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, lies… and ego. The other wolf was white as snow, and he represents the good in us… he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The two wolves fight each other every day inside every one… inside you, and inside me… inside all of your men. And the wolf you feed is the one who wins…"

The pirate grinned evilly at her, before bending over to her and whispering, "I've been feeding my black wolf then, hermana. And my white wolf? He's dead."

"I don't believe that." Alex said, looking straight at him without fear, and it irked him. "I believe he's somewhere in there, weak… but he's there."

Her bravery annoyed him, and he reached out and grasped her neck, tightening it. She didn't flinch… she didn't even show that she was in pain, and she continued to stare at him bravely, her ocean blue eyes clashing with his light green ones. He tightened his hand more, hoping she would show some sign that she was in pain, but she merely blinked and continued to stare at him. Finally, he let her go, and she stood her ground. He chuckled, "Good luck finding my fucking white wolf, hermana. Because I believe I chased him away."

Alex merely scowled at him, before turning her back, looking back at pyre. Vaas chuckled again, "So the fucking things you do, perra? You trying to feed your white wolf?"

"I've been feeding my white wolf all my life, Vaas." Alex said, still looking at the burning pyre.

"And your black wolf? It's not there?"

She sighed, before looking back at Vaas, looking a little angry… not at him, but at herself. "Oh, he's there..." She sighed as she started walking back to her hut, but she couldn't help but mutter.

"And ever since I came into this island, I feel like he's getting stronger."

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