The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 34: A Talk Between Friends

The next day, Alex was working in getting more money for Hoyt when the flap of her tent opened, and Kidd came in, bearing a tray of food for her. Her brows furrowed, "Hey Kidd. Why are you the one bringing my food? Isn't Jose around?"

The bigger man shrugged and laid out the food on her table beside her computer, "I dunno. I haven't seen the kid since after the Rakyat attack." He waved a hand, "Nah, he's probably just around here. Vaas orders his men outside the camp as scouts whenever there's an attack."

She nodded, "Okay." She took her food as Kidd looked at her, his eyes looking at her face. She looked up at him, "What? You look like you spotted a booger at my nose."

Kidd laughed, "Nah, it isn't like that, girl." His face got serious, "The word around the camp is you've accepted becoming a member of Vaas' troops."

She shrugged, "Well, from what I heard, you accepted first and that you told Vaas to ask me." Kidd blinked, before looking at her guiltily, "Mind telling me about that, Kidd?"

"Sorry about that, kiddo." Kidd said, "But you know me. I like grand adventures. And I have to say this one is the best. I don't mind doing this, you know… Vaas pays me well enough, much more than the others who hired me, in fact. There's beer and critters to shoot…"

"Which includes humans, Kidd." Alex told him, "Are you really enjoying this? Killing humans?"

Kidd sighed, before looking sadly at Alex, "No, I don't, Alex. And you know that. But you have to understand… these men, baby girl, these men fight to the teeth against the Rakyat. If we had gone with the Rakyat instead of these men, maybe we would've fought with them too. But it isn't like that. Vaas found us, and he was the one who found a way to keep us alive. We owe him that much." Kid shifted in his seat, "And some of these men, girl, they aren't like Vaas. They have wives, families… they're Rakyat, sure, but the money they earn from Vaas provides for them well. Not all of them are bad."

Alex sighed, rubbing her forehead with her fingers, "All right. I get your point. But still, Vaas and Hoyt could kill us any second, you know. If they think we're useless-"

"I doubt that, girl." Kidd said, smirking at her, "I actually have a bit of news for you. Do you remember that time when you went off to see that sick guy with Vaas?" She nodded, "Well, I told you I'd catch up with Hoyt, remember? I talked to him about our situation, you know. And he was happy with our results being here. Vaas' men got smarter… battle wise and intellectually. And get this… the raid last night? No casualties. Even Vaas was surprised. He said there would be at least three or four people dead during the Rakyat raids."

She blinked, "Really?"

He grinned, "Yeah, really. Hoyt called this morning to ask about the raid, and he was happy that we're all alive because of our teachings and because of you." He thumped his chest, "Hoyt 'purchased' me, so to speak… to stay here and keep teaching his men, and next month I'll be heading over to Hoyt's island down south to teach his men, too. And Vaas-" He blinked suddenly and covered his mouth.

Alex's eyebrow raised, "What about Vaas?"

Kidd grits his teeth, looking guilty, before sighing and looking apologetic at her, "Vaas paid for you, girl. He bought you from Hoyt… he paid with his own money this morning."

She blinked, before scowling, "I am NOT a thing to be bought, Kidd."

"You tell him that, Alex. But to be honest, I was happy he did. Hoyt was actually thinking of selling you… even though I told him not to." He shrugged again, "You owe him more than you think, baby girl."

She blinked and sighed again, this time burying her head in her palms. Vaas bought her. With his own money. She could already imagine how smug he would look when she'd next see him. He fucked around with her. And now he bought her. Even though she could tell herself over and over again that she was not some sort of thing to be bought, the pirate isn't going to look at it that way. After all, he already sells humans along with Hoyt, what would make her any different?

"Okay, okay… I'll fucking thank him when I see him. Damn it." Alex finally said, looking up at Kidd as the older man grinned.

"Hey, it isn't that bad. At least you won't have to deal with that prick Nigel and his pathetic attempts to get up your skirt." Kidd said, chuckling.

"Yeah, right. But at least I could stop Nigel from fucking around with me." She said unconsciously, before she realized what she had said. Kidd's eyes rounded and he looked at her.

"What in… Vaas touched you?!"

She sighed, "Probably more, Kidd."

"He fucked you?!"


"Did you enjoy it?"

"KIDD!" Alex shrieked, scandalized that the man would even ask such a thing. He grinned at her, before laughing out loud and slapping his thigh in mirth, "God damn…" Kidd said as he laughed, "Somebody finally got into your panties. Maybe that's the reason why you weren't as uptight as you were before, Alex."

"Oh shut the fuck up." Alex growled out, making the older man laugh harder.

"You see that?! You're even talking like him now!" Kidd said, making Alex blush and smacking his arm. He flinched a little, but he continued laughing, and soon Alex found herself grinning a little. Kidd's laugh was actually a little infectious. It took for a while for Kidd to stop laughing, before he finally said, "I guess that's the reason why he wanted to talk to you."

"He wanted to talk to me?" She asked and Kidd nodded.

"Yeah. He's near the cages; he said he's got something for you." Kidd said, standing up from his seat. "He said you should come by when you're not too busy."

She looked down at her food, "Okay, I'll come over when I'm done eating."

Kidd grinned again as he headed out the door, "God damn… Vaas fucked you. I won't to be able to get that out of my head now."

The older man continued to laugh as he stepped out the clearing, just as a banana flew out from inside and hit his head.

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