The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 35: We're All Mad Here


Alex rolled her eyes as she walked towards Vaas, avoiding the protruding dead heads on the ground as she walked. Aside from spearing heads into poles, Vaas and his men found amusement in burying people up to their necks into the ground, before torturing them. At first, it appalled her, but then, she learned very slowly to tolerate it… after all; it was what Vaas wanted to do.

The said pirate now grinned at her, standing at one of the roads that lead into the camps… the Head Field, as some of men called it. He had one foot over what looked like an upside down bucket, and he was grinning at her.

"Glad you took the time to visit me, hermana!" Vaas said, grinning at her.

She rolled her eyes again as she stopped in front of the pirate and crossed her arms, leaning her weight on one leg, "Yeah, sure. I missed your sunny disposition, Vaas… that's why I visited." She said sarcastically.

Vaas straightened and grinned at her, before slowly coming forward, and grasping her waist with both hands, "And here I thought you just missed my cock, bella."

She scoffed, but she didn't push Vaas' hands away, "No. I don't miss it. At all."

Instead of being insulted, the pirate laughed before winking at her, "You will… in time."

She sighed heavily, growing annoyed with the pirate, "What do you want, Vaas?"

The pirate grinned again, before lunging forward and kissing her on the nose, making her cringe a little as he let go of her and stood by the bucket again, "Do you remember what I said, hermana? About that surprise for the one-time deal?"

Her eyebrow rose, "Uh… yeah."

Vaas grinned at her before kicking the bucket by his feet, and it made a clanging noise. She looked down and felt a small shiver of fear run through her, making her stand straight.

Gunther's head was popping out of the ground, his face bruised and dirty, but his eyes were still open, grimacing at the bright light that shone to him now that the bucket was gone. He looked up, seeing the grinning face of Vaas, before seeing her shocked face.

"What the fuck?!" Gunther shouted as he saw her, "You stupid, fucking, BITCH! You were with them, aren't you? You fucking tricked us into coming to this island! You bitch! Fuck you! You fucking twat!"

Vaas growled as he kicked Gunther's head, making her flinch as she heard the man's nose crunch from the impact, "Do you WANT me to slice you open like I did your fucking friend?! Shut the fuck up, okay?! I'm the one with the fucking dick. Look at me. Look me in the fucking eye…"

But Gunther remained moaning about his nose, and it infuriated Vaas. He seized Gunther by the hair and forced his face to his, "EY! YOU FUCK! LOOK ME IN THE EYE! You're my bitch. I rule this fucking kingdom. Shut the fuck up or you die."

Alex covered her mouth as Gunther's face crumpled, and tears started coming out of his eyes as he whimpered from Vaas' abuse, "Please no… please don't kill me… please…"

"Vaas…" She said, turning away from them, "Cover him up with the bucket again… please."

The pirate lord looked up at Alex, who seemed to be hunched over, covering her mouth and shaking. He looked down at Gunther's head, "Stay here for a minute, amigo." He said, as he grabbed the bucket and covered up Gunther's head again, muffling the man's cries. He rushed towards Alex, making her turn around to face him, as her head remained bowed and her hair covered her face.

"Alex? Hermana? What's the matter?" Vaas said, trying to make her look at him, as her shoulder remained shaking. He peered down at her face, trying to see if she was crying, when a small huff escapes from her, followed by another, and another.

He blinked when he realized… that she was laughing.

Alex's chest heaved with laughter, one arm holding her stomach, the other trying to cover up her mouth. Vaas blinked as he watched her laugh, tears falling down a bit on her face as she did so. Finally, she blinked and stopped laughing, looking a little shocked at herself, before covering up her mouth with both hands.

"Oh my God." Alex said, looking in shock at Vaas, "Am I going mad...?"

Vaas grinned down her, before taking her head in his hands and bringing her eyes to his. His green eyes clashed to her blue ones as he whispered, "Yes… you're mad. Bonkers. Off your head. But I'll tell you a secret… all the best people are."

She smiled a little, since he had just quoted something from one of her favorite movies and books. "I just…" She sighed, "Gunther… he was the first one to lunge at me… back there in the boat."

"And that's exactly why he here, hermana." Vaas said opening his hands and pointing down at the bucket with Gunther's head. "He didn't respect you, and he tried to fucking rape you. So we're going to have a little fun, no? We're going to do Gunther first, and then Nigel."

He kicked the bucket again and showed Gunther's face and he bent over him, "So, hermano… we going to teach you how to become a real man, no?" He took a pair of pliers from his back pocket and gave it to her. She blinked as she looked up at him before taking it from him and turning to Gunther, who scowled at her.

"Don't you try anything, you fucking shit!" Gunther shouted at her, and Vaas looked up at Alex to see her reaction, and he smiled when he saw her face harden, and her brows furrow in anger.

She opened up the pliers as she bent over Gunther, "Open wide, motherfucker."

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