The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 36: Jose's Captive

"You'd think these fucking rich pricks would learn to floss, eh, hermana?"

She laughed a little at Vaas, who walked with her slowly as they made their way back to his tent, holding the pliers in his hand, which now held a gold molar that she had pulled out of Gunther's mouth. As much as she hated to admit it, it felt good punishing him; after all, he did give her a black eye.

"He probably got that from all that liquor he drank." She said as Vaas continued to peer at the tooth, "Or from all that pussy he ate. He's a fucking philanderer."

Vaas chuckled, "We could get a few grand for this, you know." He said, looking at the tooth again, and she chuckled. "Maybe we should start pulling the gold teeth from the hostages, no?"

"I'm actually surprised you haven't done it yet." She said as they stopped in front of Vaas' hut, and she leaned against the door, before sighing, "Good God… that felt really, really good. I've always wanted to torture that asshole."

"And you did, quite brilliantly, too." He said, pocketing the tooth and the pliers, just as a commotion came from the other side of the camp, and Alex spotted Jose, dragging what looked like a Rakyat warrior. He looked a little worn, and he had a cut just above his eye with dried blood.

"Jose!" She called as he and Vaas rushed forward, and Jose threw the warrior to the ground with a grunt.

"I saw this man scouting outside the camp, boss." Jose said, wincing a bit, "I think he's doing recon for Citra."

"FUCKS!" Vaas shouted in anger, before bending over and punching the Rakyat, "FUCKING! RAKYAT! FUCKS!" The Rakyat warrior grunted as Vaas charged at him and headbutted him a couple of times, causing the man to fall unconscious and his nose to bleed. Vaas straightened, blood painting his face red again, and he whistled to his men. "Get him into one of the cages and clean this fucking shit up!"

The men nodded and dragged the unconscious man to the cages and Vaas went forward and lay a hand on Jose's shoulder, grinning at him, "You did very good, amigo. I am proud of you. Now get fucking cleaned up no?"

Jose smiled at him and at Alex behind him, and the man went off, tugging at his left sleeve. She thought she spotted something under it, but she didn't pay attention to it as Vaas started heading back to his hut.

"Fucking Rakyat…" He muttered as he watched Jose run towards the kitchen, and Alex saw Kidd pat his back in welcome, with the other man congratulating him for his catch.

She leaned back to her position against the door of his hut, "I guess they really want you dead, huh?"

"Si." Vaas said simply looking at the blood on the ground from the warrior, "Citra isn't going to stop until I'm dead, you know. It's either she dies or I do. Winner gets the fucking island." He smirked, "But what she doesn't know is, I already own this island. Fucking bitch."

Alex scoffed, "You sound so sure that you'd win against her, why the sudden burst of confidence, Vaas?"

At this, the pirate grinned at her before coming close in front of her and touching the tips of her nose, "Because I have you now, hermana. I have a great fucking sniper, and a great fucking military man." He said, looking at Kidd, who was talking to Jose as the man got his head cleaned up. "I could pretty much take over the Rakyat with you two with me now."

Alex bit her lip, and looked up at Vaas, "Then why don't you? Take over the whole island, I mean."

Vaas blinked down in surprise at her and she lifted a hand. "Citra is a threat to you. She attacks your men suddenly, and when I was shooting, I saw that her men tried to free your captives. So why don't you just finish it all and just kill her?"

At this, Vaas' face hardened, "Because I want to enjoy the time before I kill her, hermana." She shivered when she saw the hatred in his eyes, "I want her to watch me kill her people, kill her warriors. I want to pull every single fucking tooth in her mouth. I want her to suffer, like I suffered… before I put a bullet through her fucking skull…" He clicked his tongue again as he pointed at his temple, "Like she made me do with my father."

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