The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 37: Concern

After talking to Vaas about his sister, the pirate didn't visit her for a week.

And what was strange is that she found herself getting… well… worried.

With the hostages' money sent off to Hoyt, she had a lot of free time recently, which she used to learn more from Kidd, who had started teaching her to shoot other guns such as handguns, shotguns and AKs. He also started teaching her knife-throwing and CQC with a machete, which scared her a little. Luckily, Kidd was careful, and they didn't have much of an accident.

But the men were still adamant about the victory party for Kidd and Alex, and she had to grin at the men, who seemed excited as they started putting up lights on the clearing. She helped Kidd and the camp's cook, Andre, with food for the men, seeing several bottles of beer and Argentinian wine, which made Kidd slobber a bit, since he loved his beer.

She was helping Andre with the barbeque when Jose came running forward with alarm in his face, "Alex! Alex!" He called out, stopping in front of her, panting.

"What's wrong?" She asked, alarmed at the man's state.

Jose panted again, "It… it's Vaas." She blinked and nodded, pulling on the man's arm to lead her, with Kidd following behind her.

He led her back to Vaas' hut, and from the outside, she could hear the man shouting and cursing. She came forward and grasped the door, but Kidd's hand stopped her.

"Alex, wait…" Kidd said, his face scowling, "I don't think you should go in."

She blinked up at him, and he looked at her worriedly, "I know what he's up to… I've seen it before. It's drugs, Alex. He could be high, and he could be dangerous. He could hurt you… or any of the men."

"And that's more reasons that he has to be stopped." Alex said, pushing Kidd's hands away, "Keep the men away. Tell them to get busy with the preparations, but don't disturb Vaas. I'll keep him locked inside until he's down from his high."

"I agree with Kidd, nona." Jose said, and she looked down at him, "Vaas… he experiments with drugs. I don't know what sort of effect the drugs have on him right now… he keeps testing stuff…"

"I'll be fine." Alex said, putting her brave face on again, making Jose and Kidd blink, "I have to keep him inside… away from all of you."

"And what if he hurts you, baby girl?" Kidd said, looking at her worriedly again, "What if he kills you?"

Alex stared at the older man before her, and she smiled gently before laying a hand on his cheek, "Then you have my permission to avenge me, Kidd."

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