The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 38: The White Wolf Peeks Out

She pushed the door open, and closed it as quickly as she could, before Kidd or Jose could react or comment. She huffed out a breath, before looking around the hut. It was dark, but she could see the outline of Vaas from the cot, and she could hear him groaning. She felt around in her pockets for her small flashlight, and turned it on, seeing Vaas' shirtless beside what looked like a bowl of red-colored pills.

"Vaas." She called out, coming forward the cot, and she blinked when Vaas curled up into a fetal position and whimpered.

"Vaas, what's wrong?" She said, putting a hand on his arm, but she gasped out in shock as Vaas suddenly rounded on her, and clenched both hands around her throat, choking her. She let go of the flashlight as they both fell to the floor, with Vaas above her, trapping her again with his legs.

"Fuck you, Citra!" Vaas shouted at her, and Alex saw that from the light that shone from her light that Vaas' face was contorted in anger, his eyes bloodshot with dark rings under his eyes, his pupils wide that the green color was almost black. "Fuck you, you stupid bitch! I'm going to kill you!"

Vaas growled out in anger, not recognizing her from the drugs' effects, and began slamming her head against the floor. She grunted and whimpered in pain, trying to get Vaas to let go of her, but he wouldn't, his hands still tight around her throat.

"Vaas…" She groaned out as her vision darkened, but she forced her eyes to stay open, "Snap… out of… it…."

"FUCK YOU!" Vaas shouted again as one of his hands turned into a fist and he landed a punch after punch on her stomach, "FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!"

His hand tightened around her throat again, and she could see Vaas' eyes staring at her, his pupils narrowing and widening. She could see the drugs in his slowly losing their effect, but she was also running low in air. She coughed, and put her hand out… and touched Vaas' face.

"Vaas… it's Alex." She said her voice hoarse, her hand gentle on Vaas' face. At the mention of her name, Vaas blinked, and his grip loosened. She coughed as Vaas finally let go of her, sitting up above her. She pushed him off her, crawling on her hands and knees until she was by the wall opposite him.

The pirate blinked again, looking at her, "Alex…"

She coughed as she massaged her throat, "Yes, Vaas. It's Alex. Alex… not Citra."

"Alexandria…" He said, his Spanish inflection making the 'r' in her name roll and causing an effect on her again. He looked down at her in shock, seeing the dark lines forming on her neck and her pale face as she coughed. "What did I do…?"

"You tried to kill me, that's what you did." She groaned out as she sat up, clutching her neck as Vaas kneeled before her, looking down at his hands. "Vaas… what did you take?"

"Just some… drugs the doctor gave me." Vaas said, still staring at his hands, "I… don't know… but I saw Citra… she was laughing… at me. I… tried to kill her…" He looked up at her again, shock still present at his face, "I tried to kill her… but it was you, wasn't it?"

She nodded, and she blinked in surprise as Vaas doubled over, his head on his hands, "I'm sorry…" He started mumbling out, and she watched as he started crying. "I'm sorry… I thought I… Citra… she…."

Vaas groaned out a sob, and all the fear in her at seeing a crazy drugged out Vaas disappeared, and she rushed forward, putting her arms around his shoulders as he huddled over and laid his head at her lap, "It's okay, Vaas. I'm fine now…"

"Fucking Citra…" Vaas muttered as he cried like a child in her lap, "I'll fucking kill her… I swear… I'll…"

Alex ran a comforting hand down his back, "I know. We'll get her someday, Vaas. I promise."

Vaas groaned out again as his arms wrapped around her tightly, "I'm sorry… I didn't mean to hurt you… I'm sorry…"

She couldn't help but be surprised. Vaas was apologizing, which she had to admit, she's never heard from him before, even from the men. The effect of the drugs must've been really potent to turn a hard-ass like Vaas into a bumbling man on her lap, but she was relieved that at least it wasn't something fatal. She sighed in relief, as Vaas melted, lying down on the floor with his head on her lap, his cries slowly stopping, but he was still breathing pretty heavily.

Alex ran a hand down his head, touching the roughness of his shorn hair, her fingers tracing the scar that marred him from his left eyebrow to the side of his head. Her touch seemed to have calmed him down, and he sighed heavily. "That doctor makes the weirdest shit."

She chuckled a little as Vaas held on to her pants, rubbing her leg through the fabric. "You didn't ask him what its effects were?"

"He said that it'll show us our worst memory." Vaas muttered, his eyes still closed, "I thought I could handle it… you know… I thought I got over it."

She sighed, as she continued to stroke his head, "They're just memories, Vaas."

He sighed again, "I know, bella. I guess I got too much shit in my head."

"Is this going to be a frequent thing, Vaas?" She asked, "Is this going to happen often? You taking drugs and being unpredictable and wanting to murder people?"

"My men know enough to stay away from me whenever that happens." Vaas muttered again, "I guess you're not used to it. Yeah, it's going to be frequent."

She nodded slowly, "Okay. I won't argue with you on that. I'll be sure to stay away when it happens again."

"Don't stay away." Vaas said, and she looked down at him, "Stay a little far off, but don't stay away. Stay where you can hear me, where you can listen to me. So you can stop me, whenever you have the chance."

She scoffed, "You want me to stay close when you're high and murderous? I'm sorry, Vaas, but I value my own life, too."

"I'm sorry I hurt you." Vaas whispered, and Alex noticed that his voice was getting quieter. "But you… you calm me down, mi corazon. Your voice… your touch… it calms me. You're the only one… who can stop me."

"Alright… I'll do what you say, Vaas." She said, and Vaas shifted in her lap, "Can you sing for me, Alex?"

She blinked and looked down at the pirate, "What would you want me to sing, Vaas?"

"Anything." Vaas answered, his voice a mere whisper, and Alex sighed before singing, her high voice filling the hut, and the pirate listened to her.

Vaas exhaled out loud, and Alex continued to stroke his head as she sang. Pretty soon, his light snores filled the hut. She had to smile to herself, seeing the pirate lord looking peaceful as he slept, the lines of anger and rage devoid from his face. He was rather handsome looking when he was asleep, and it delighted her that his snores were, at least, not that loud. She continued to smile as she stroked his head, the man enjoying the sensation, snuggling deeper into her lap.

Vaas cried on her lap, and even apologized to her. It was very unusual to the pirate, but it was like her mother had said. The black wolf in Vaas dominated his character… it shaped him and molded him to what he is right now.

But she was glad that Vaas' white wolf was still in him… and that he fed him a little today.

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